The 4 Rings & The Octagon

This post builds on the old 4 Domains of MetaGame post & the new MetaGame DAO 2.0 - Governance, Rings & Rewards, going into more detail & responsibilities of the domains.

WTF are the 4 Rings & the Octagon

The 4 rings are the 4 main domains of MetaGame:

  • Community
  • Content
  • Technology
  • Growth

And the Octagon is the replacement of the Champions Ring except no longer scaling to infinity but capped to 8 participants focused on reporting progress of the 4 domains &

This makes it more centralized & more decentralized at the same time.
But that is less important, what’s important is that it makes it actually scalable.
It makes it more effective & allows for the focus to actually be strategy rather than 15 people talking over each other & dragging out a 1 hour call to 2h without actually accomplishing much.

Here’s what it’d look like:

Here’s how it would work:

  • The Octagon is made up of 8 members, 4 champions & 4 deputies representing the 4 domains
  • Each domain ring is made up of 8 of the most active players in that domain
    • As new members want to join beyond 8, the ring champion decides whether an existing member should be removed or whether the ring should split into 2
  • Each raid & guild can eventually become their own ring when/if needed
  • All 4 rings & the Octagon would also be Coordinape circles, meeting on a weekly basis
  • People inside these circles decide how to allocate funding within their ring
  • People inside the Octagon decide how to allocate funding between the rings
  • The community decides who gets to be in The Octagon via informal processes or a bi-seasonal vote

A call of The Octagon champions!

If we’re adopting this new structure, which seems likely, we’ll need 4 new champions to step up.
It will work similarly to the current way of championing but the responsibilities & stakes will be higher.

General Responsibilities

The main responsibility of The Octagon champions would be:

  • Come up with an overall strategy & roadmap for their domain
  • Set priorities & manage the Dework board
  • Report progress from their Domain Rings

Specific Responsibilities

Pretty much as the map above outlines…

Content Ring:

  • Newsletter
  • Podcasts
  • Playbooks
  • Writers Guild & Artists Guild

Community Ring:

  • Community Gatherings & workshops
  • Player & guild wellbeing
  • Rewards
  • Innkeepers Guild & Bridgebuilders Guild

Technology Ring:

  • MyMeta
  • MetaOS
  • Chievmints
  • Builders Guild & Designers Guild

Growth Ring:

  • Subscribers & followers
  • New players, patrons & guilds
  • Shillers Guild & Rainmakers Guild (+ Bridgebuilders Guild)

General requirements

  • Think about the above
  • Write a reply to this post outlining why you want to champion a ring & what you would do over the next 6 months


Who’s in? :upside_down_face: