The 4 Rings & The Octagon

This post builds on the old 4 Domains of MetaGame post & the new MetaGame DAO 2.0 - Governance, Rings & Rewards, going into more detail & responsibilities of the domains.

WTF are the 4 Rings & the Octagon

The 4 rings are the 4 main domains of MetaGame:

  • Community
  • Content
  • Technology
  • Growth

And the Octagon is the replacement of the Champions Ring except no longer scaling to infinity but capped to 8 participants focused on reporting progress of the 4 domains &

This makes it more centralized & more decentralized at the same time.
But that is less important, what’s important is that it makes it actually scalable.
It makes it more effective & allows for the focus to actually be strategy rather than 15 people talking over each other & dragging out a 1 hour call to 2h without actually accomplishing much.

Here’s what it’d look like:

Here’s how it would work:

  • The Octagon is made up of 8 members, 4 champions & 4 deputies representing the 4 domains
  • Each domain ring is made up of 8 of the most active players in that domain
    • As new members want to join beyond 8, the ring champion decides whether an existing member should be removed or whether the ring should split into 2
  • Each raid & guild can eventually become their own ring when/if needed
  • All 4 rings & the Octagon would also be Coordinape circles, meeting on a weekly basis
  • People inside these circles decide how to allocate funding within their ring
  • People inside the Octagon decide how to allocate funding between the rings
  • The community decides who gets to be in The Octagon via informal processes or a bi-seasonal vote

A call of The Octagon champions!

If we’re adopting this new structure, which seems likely, we’ll need 4 new champions to step up.
It will work similarly to the current way of championing but the responsibilities & stakes will be higher.

General Responsibilities

The main responsibility of The Octagon champions would be:

  • Come up with an overall strategy & roadmap for their domain
  • Set priorities & manage the Dework board
  • Report progress from their Domain Rings

Specific Responsibilities

Pretty much as the map above outlines…

Content Ring:

  • Newsletter
  • Podcasts
  • Playbooks
  • Writers Guild & Artists Guild

Community Ring:

  • Community Gatherings & workshops
  • Player & guild wellbeing
  • Rewards (Seeds & Chievmints)
  • Innkeepers Guild & Bridgebuilders Guild

Technology Ring:

  • MyMeta
  • MetaOS
  • Chievmints
  • Builders Guild & Designers Guild

Growth Ring:

  • Subscribers & followers
  • New players, patrons & guilds
  • Shillers Guild & Rainmakers Guild (+ Bridgebuilders Guild)

General superpowers

Any champion has full autonomy to add & remove contributors from their circle and manage their circle as they see fit.
Contributors are free to escalate their unhappiness to The Octagon & the wider community.

Specific superpowers

  • Content champion: Refuse to publish content deemed to be of inferior quality
  • Community champion: Suspend people for misbehavior & delete messages deemed toxic
  • Technology champion: Refuse to merge requests with inferior quality code
  • Growth champion: Refuse to onboard guilds & patrons who don’t seem to be a good fit

Champions are also free to delegate these powers to other players, guilds or raids that are a part of their circle.

General requirements

  • Think about the above
  • Write a reply to this post outlining why you want to champion a ring & what you would do over the next 6 months


Who’s in? :upside_down_face:


So would it make sense then to have dework spaces that are

Community>Innkeeping>Event-planning>Community Gatherings



Growth- -Headhunting>Shilling>Rainmaking>etc

I feel the structure of the circles can use some reconsideration. Where are we on updates on the conversations and feedback you’ve received from all the calls?

The OctoGon, who is in it? Why? Who are our current champions and deputies of each raid? Seems like the starting point before deciding who the octagon is. Or where is this first vote as proposed as the process?

If we are voting on our circles forming, why not have that vote on-chain and form the dao first? What makes you choose this order of operations instead?

Two weeks have passed since this was proposed here. What is your re-evaluated
update? Where is it documented for us to see?

Up to date I think, can always be further updated.

Octagon*. Nobody, it doesn’t exist yet. Champions & deputies are the same as before. Alec stepped up to champion Tech Ring & Lux to champion the Community Ring. There are no votes nor will there be unless there are multiple people running for the same position.

It all only officially starts at the beginning of the next season, after everybody writes their championing proposal.

Why yes?

This was not a proposal & its all pretty much here. If there’s anything missing or unclear, lmk & I’ll expand on it.