Task list

Is there a list of task you can do in metaGame for XP ? I know there is this category “Quest & Raids” but it’s still messy for me. I was looking for an excel sheet or so sorted by required skills and level and XP amount.

I think it would be interesting if you do a task which require certain skills and level and your job get approved then you will get the XP and also the skills + level which were required. so instead of putting your skills and level into your profile by yourself you can only get more skills and level up in skills when you do new task. Also I think it would be nice if metagame XP reward engine would incentivize users for doing task which require new skills and higher level. so the reward engine pushes users to learn new stuff.

if you can’t do this new skill then there is the metagame skill academy where users can exchange skills and do courses.


There is no way for us to do this right now. SourceCred has plans to have skill-specific creds at some point but no idea how soon. Even so, I think people should definitely be able to manually put in their skills & skill levels as most people coming here will have non-zero skills & we won’t have enough things to “officially” level up everyone in everything. Would be unfair imo.

I love the idea of having a list of possible tasks though

I agree. Perhaps we can have both, so you can type in any task you want and if you do a task then you get 1 Star next to your task with a link to the task you did.

So a task list where I can see how much XP I will earn and what skills are required?

A Milestone Aragon App would be helpful where you can vote on Milestones the community discussed on the Forum. You then can use Aragon Connect to implement the App into Metagame.

There is a Metagame DAO on Aragon but its expensive to vote. Perhaps Metagame could have a DAO on cheap chains like:

I also like connecting brightID with Metagame. I think this is a nice fit!

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There is no knowing how much XP a task brings until after it’s done unfortunately.
The main task system we’ll have until we have the website up will probably be the navigation board, which should, starting next week, have more detailed tasks written on it vs just what initiatives are there.
Didn’t understand the part about the milestones app.

We’re looking into using xDAI but it breaks our Seed market system, so not sure. The mainnet is getting insanely expensive, but every other option also has pretty big drawbacks :confused:
Integrating brightID with MyMeta is definitely also something we’ll need to look deeper into. We talked to Philip briefly about it but that was before we even started building the profiles.

Why is that?

I imagine the milestone app as a one big community roadmap where the users in the dao can create (by staking a certain amount of Seeds) and vote on milestones (voting power a combination of one person one vote (brightID) and earned XP). If milestones get highly voted by the community the creator can earn Seeds for that (e.g. distribute Seeds based on the most popular milestones from the Seedbank). Each milestone has a link to a thread in the forum to discuss it. the more upvote a milestone the more important the milestone for the community. Each milestone is made out of tasks, which are linked to a forum post within the certain milestone thread. Users can create new tasks by also stake a certain amount of Seeds, but instead of only voting on the task, users also predict how much XP this task will earn. Milestones and Tasks have dependencies (e.g one needs to exist before the other can be worked on) which need to be set by the creator. If the dependencies are wrong or missing then user can flag it by staking Seeds and can earn part of the staked Seeds from the creator, if the metagame court voted in favour. I think XP should be linked to the time and energy a task cost. So the more time and energy a task cost the more XP it should generate. XP is a universal unit of measurement unlike Seeds which are money and fluctuate based on supply and demand.

This is kind of how Sourcecred will work soon. People will be able to stake their cred/XP on certain initiatives & tasks, then later get reimbursed + extra if the initiative is deemed successful by the community. As for the actual roadmap, this map is the closest thing we got