Suggestions thread: I think we should... 🤔

This is a general ideas thread for all of you lurkers with crazy ideas!
You could:

  • Suggest something we should build
  • Suggest a project we should integrate
  • Suggest people or guilds we should onboard
  • Suggest new quests
  • Suggest an area we should explore
  • Suggest a new quest
  • Suggest a whole new direction for MetaGame
  • Suggest something we should STOP doing
  • And even brainfarts are welcome!

Don’t be shy now :slight_smile:


Here, I’ll start!

I think we should seriously start trying to pierce out of this crypto bubble & connect with other real world communities that are into building alternative economies.
Build a knowledge hub on alternative economies and a global community of some-of-them-are-from-crypto people, teach local communities how to start their own currencies etc.

Same as you concluded @pet3rpan, more focus on community & less on technology.

I thought we could play around with these technologies for a few years still, but seems like the world will need us much sooner than expected :joy:


If I may contribute to this debate… Agree with the fact that crypto(bubble) is interesting and needs focus (and that’s why a lot of crypto developers don’t peek out of it even if you threaten them :).

So this thing is a real and promising question: how crypto in its current form can help other communities unrelated to crypto which are doing future-sustainable work.

As per this Meta community, just by coincidence I’m watching a video now and some guy is talking about how broad visions should be set, I was immediately reminded of MetaGame and MetaCartel: (after 32:18min mark) , so both @pet3rpan and @peth are thinking in similar regard as this Licklider guy was supposedly thinking (can’t really compare but you can).

But Vision without actions ultimately fails… Lately I notice the concept of dualities a lot… Theory vs. Practice, Virtual vs. Real world etc. So, I hope these great crypto communities manage to influence the outside world and I intend to help as much as possible (and that is very little but still more than zero :).

What I am currently doing to influence the outside world: writing to a few big companies in Slovenia and offering them .eth domains registered for them in 2017. I will teach them about ENS and how to test MetaMask and then I will transfer them their domains free of charge… @peth since you are from Croatia and I also have a few great croatian .eth domains, maybe we can collaborate in contacting these companies?

This last thing maybe fails under “peeking out of crypto bubble” but I actually fear it does not enough… but can’t do everything at once. And btw just to mention: Did you see ? Crypto websites are already popping up (under Discover tab).

Maybe something practical for this community: Should there be some guide process on how to simply make a website on .eth ? Like a CV etc. This is also missing from this community – who are actually all these people ? A handle is not enough… At least I who joined a bit recently and I’m also a bit too old for collecting points and actually playing the game, I don’t know others… So: some people will play along with points and I hope some are free to choose not to and still be valued.

Please see this:


Dissolving Big Data with P2P Knowledge Economies

An older concept which failed to gain traction… maybe now it’s a better time?
Simple Web3 personal websites could embedd some kind of “curiosume protocol”.

I find this much more valuable to think about currently than about Tokens of any kind (at the moment).

I’m very much aligned with this.

If I may add a large braindump of what i’ve(and friends) have been thinking about for a long time here. If it has legs I’ll happily start a new thread or move to a tangential Metacommunity to discuss deeper.

Follow through to the end if it seems like I am going in different directions because I will tie it together. Meaningful contributions to this will be greatly appreciated and serve to inspire me more because I care deeply about this.

On really helping the world, alternate economies and local physical communities.

There has been many concerted efforts(in my city and others) to do local currencies but a lot don’t seem to get the foothold they need.

All my rabbit holes goes back to “we need to capture/empower the generated value first”

Its all flakey unless there is a baseline and mechanisms to empower generated value at it lowest point on the human neediness specturm.

Generated Values of a Physical Community roughly ordered by how far they are abstracted away from basic needs. (feel free to suggest additions, but this is more for context)

  • Natural Produce (Food, Herbs, Hemp, Wood, Etc.)
  • Clean water (if it rains, Rainwater)
  • Safe Spaces to live, sleep and do things
  • Healthcare
  • Time spent on doing things that other people value
  • Craftsmanship & Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Art

Of those, produce of the earth is where I believe we should be starting if we want to “feed as many birds with as few scones as possible” on the mission to reshape society in a meaningful way.

It is the most universally applicable, can be run/tested at many scales and approaches, it can be standardized(for functions of efficiency) and at the same time diversified, decentralized, local and global. Obvious I know right, its produce we are talking about here. Also see Vinay Guptas recent tweet storm in line with how urgent this could be needed.

So here I’ll lay out the Vision. and to @david 's point, my theories on how best to condense it into baby steps and put it in practice.

Big Vision: "The LionTurtle DAO"

Lion Turtle taken from Avatar the Last Airbender because the Lion Turtles were what gave the first avatar access to all of the elements earth air, water and fire. And the Avatar is the one who restores balance. There’s a lot of cool branding/memeing to be done there.

This DAO’s objectives would be to develop/invest/partner with projects and products that

  1. Increase the accessibility of rich earth based produce.
  2. Increase the resilience of our (good quality) food supply chains.
  3. Contribute to the “re-earthing” of lands in a meaningful way.

^^^ Thats a pretty robotic way of saying developing a distributed agriculture network and tools whose (high quality) produce can be used locally or sourced to flagship products that people buy, such that by purchasing will develop the reliance and circular economics of local food supply chains.

Here are two examples of what I mean (In implementation there would be more work to do to better understand exactly how to approach going 0-1)

We all know we need Bees :honeybee: right? There pretty important. They’re dieing all over.

Bees make honey, honey makes mead. People love to drink alcohol. Craft beer, cider, and mead is an exploding market. People will pay premiums.

It turns out its not that hard to have bee hives and there are setups now that make it fair to the bees and easy to extract the honey in a sustainable way.

(Requires more research) But by the looks of it, its also not that difficult from a regulatory standpoint to sell your local honey. I buy local honey a lot where I live, and drink drinks that use the local honey from here.

And do to the influx of hipster craft breweries, it 1. might not that be hard to partner with someone(fairly well connected to the micro-breweries in my city) or 2. good standards for (eventually) operating microbreweries.

Product Idea A - "Bright Wine"

Bright Wine is what you drink when you are toasting to the fact that your actually helping the world. Bright Wine is to celebrate life.

Bright Wine sources local bee honey, and(through some TBD and tested mechanisms)
uses a % of the revenue to support.

  1. The re-population of bee’s by way of easy-to-setup and maintain hives
  2. Storage of reserves of honey in case of global crisis.
  3. Developing and supporting decentralized agriculture supply chains.

I know your probably thinking, alcohol is not what the world needs right now. You’re right about that. Although mead in particular has a degree of nutritional value, infusability with other herbs, shelf life, etc that differentiates it.

Product Idea B: "Circle Meal Pack"

Circle Meals is a placeholder name for a wholefood bar(think of like the army MRE’s) that is created and distributed in a way that accomplishes the following.

  1. Uses easy to grow foods with a relatively decent nutrient profile (think sweet potatoes, moringa, etc)
  2. Longer shelf life (in order to store reserves)
  3. Can(eventually) be produced and distributed in independant food kitchens.

% of the revenues go to

  1. Development and distribution of “easy to grow” urban ag kits, education, testers, etc…
  2. Maintaining a reserve of Meal Packs, seeds, soil for crisis.
  3. The development and support of a decentralized agriculture supply chain.

You get the idea. These are two ideas but Its all about developing products that can replace what people are already consuming, but are designed to develop a better food supply chain infrastructure.

With this generated value, currency systems can be added and overlayed to community in many ways that can be developed over time(think about trading hours for food packs in local farms, rights managements for new recipes, etc.)

The basic premise is though to start with easy to create, standardize and ship food-based products that are function of efficency for the network to get from 0-1. Serve them at enough of premium that the revenue covers costs for the other functions of sustainability(diversity, decentralization, autonomy, etc) so that the network itself can mature to a anti-fragile point.

The possibilities on top of something like that foundation are endless, but It needs to start with an intelligent transitional approach. But for brain candy LionTurtle DAO could do things like.

  • Continue to develop & source whole-food products sourced from the network left and right.
  • Invest in creating/partnering/distributing efficent urban ag kits.
  • Run “Stampedes” which are like taz assemblies for setting up gardens (if you have ever heard of “Permaculture Blitz” that is what I am taking that from)
  • Crowdfund/source shipping container farms. Franchise them?
  • Develop localize currency models in partnership with communities that overlay more of the generated values of their area.
  • Etc. Etc.

I could keep going, but i’ll stop there and seriously appreciate anyone who took the time to read through that carefully. If you feel the urgency like I do for something like this then please reach out.


What is the status on this effort? I was just about to post about this. I think a good strategy could be to simply start by conducting interviews with community leaders. I think it would be wise to start without a solution, and simply try to understand their needs, so that we can tweak our approach and question assumptions we’ve made so far.

Whoever’s interested in this, shoot me a message on Discord elihanover.eth#0534


Who do you think we should interview?


I read through most of the wiki yesterday in one sitting yesterday (I won’t go into the details how it made me feel and stick to my feedback).

One tiny thing that I thing could be improved (as I think it would have a positive effect on newcomers like me): in some places, ‘Ethereum’ could be replaced with ‘Blockchain’.

I understand the nuance here. Ethereum at the moment is the practical choice. It’s a vibrant ecosystem. I don’t mean to get stuck on philosophical qualms.

In some places, Ethereum is exactly the right thing to mention, example:

Then I found Ethereum, and it blew my mind.

This is your story and so it’s completely appropriate here.

However in other places, like here:

We have good reasons to believe Ethereum is a game-changing technology

or here:

ETH is money, Ethereum is a State, dApps are public utilities; we are global citizens.

This can give the impression to newcomers that this is an Ethereum cult, or Ponzi scheme to get rich on ETH**.

It took more reading to figure out that y’all are wayyyy to smart to be married to a single specific technology, and that if one day Ethereum didn’t fit the stack anymore, or a better technology was available, then MG may migrate to it.

Again, just being transparent about some feelings I had while reading the wiki for the first time.
I have nothing against Ethereum, quite the opposite. I just think ‘Blockchain’ would be more appropriate in some places.

** I now realize that it doesn’t matter if this is a Ponzi scheme. If MG works, then I would be in fact happy if the founders became extremely rich. Their wealth would be fair compensation for the contribution they made to society. :wink:

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That makes a lot of sense. I’d go one more level abstract and say that it’s not even blockchain, but trustless computing. A blockchain is useful because of properties that it has—but again, the mission would be the same even if a new data structure, consensus algorithm, and protocol was used.

What enables us is the ability to agree on shared state and computation.

Why thank you, good sir!
I’ve thought a lot about this as I was writing it and there’s multiple reasons why I chose to write Ethereum specifically and not just “the blockchain”, “trustless computing”, “decentralized ledger technologies” or something like that…

  • Firstly, it’s because I really try to be as precise as possible, and unfortunately, there is no lack of vague statements on our wiki :sweat_smile:

  • I wanted to avoid people coming along and asking “What about Tron?”, “Should I build on EOS?” or any of the other 20 “ethereum killers”.

  • Same for the promoters of these other technologies, I would rather they think we are an Ethereum-specific cult and avoid us, than come in here promoting their technologies and causing confusion.

  • We really want to put together one cohesive ecosystem, and if we want different pieces to really interoperate with each other, we need them built on the same platform. (until Cosmos?)

  • I believe that when starting something, it needs to be really clear what the niche is so that it really appeals to that one crowd rather than making it general and trying to make it appealing to everyone which ends up meh to most. We believe in Ethereum, are a part of the Ethereum community and all of our networks are in Ethereum so I thought that’s a great starting point.

That said, if it ends up making more sense to abandon Ethereum and build on something else, we’ll probably just do that. Ethereum only currently seems most fit to be that part of the puzzle.

Some day it will probably just say “we are global citizens”, as “the blockchain” is just one of many technologies that will enable us to outgrow the old systems :man_shrugging:


That makes a lot of sense when you put it that way. Thanks for the clarification @peth.

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