Suggestions and comments from #better-onboarding (Discord Sync)

Summary suggestions from @DecentralizeMe777with comments from @peth

Link to beginning of message on Discord here

  1. Overload is a real factor and the rabbit hole gets deep quickly!
    I’ve been meaning to ask @Vanilladelphia.eth :octopus: to add “category select” to the #:question:-role-select select channel.
  1. Definition of SEED for the uninitiated (Is it community building, is it financial, a commodity??)
    I’d say its all of the above + money and think that we shouldn’t even bother trying to define it in traditional terms. Seeds are our token of appreciation. :upside_down:
  1. First page needs more elevator pitches for what happens, why, how? (Examples would help.)
    Great point! Adding to my Notion. Also planned on adding a “testimonies” sort of section - what do you think?
  1. Remove the “Explore tab” it is somewhat distracting and promotes rabbit holes.
    I think it promotes exactly the kind of behavior we want :man_shrugging:
    For people to fall down the rabbit hole, and if they find it interesting enough, they will dig through & find the “join MetaGame” page.
    Kind of removes the need for a good vetting process, which 5. is about
  1. No vetting process per se, and refining the steps in the process will make things more efficient.
    I’m not sure we need a better vetting process, at least not yet.
    The people who found us & shown the want to join, have generally been the right people.
    Everyone is given a test period where they either start contributing or they don’t.
    Then they are given a choice to move over to Patrons by buying Seeds. If they refuse, they are removed.
    Eventually, quests will have a staking mechanism, where a person needs to stake money to guarantee they will deliver a satisfactory outcome.
  1. Why test people trying to join by asking if they really want to join (friction)?
    Isn’t this kind of contradicting no.5? These frictions through the landing page & the onboarding basically serve as a vetting system
  1. At the end of the typeform onboarding could it be automated to send you to pick your role?
    Great point!
    The role select will be integrated into the MyMeta profiles selection - which should be made a part of the onboarding.
    Thinking once the profiles are ready, the onboarding should start through profile creation, which you then use to “apply” to join without filling any additional forms.
  1. Pinned messages to ease the process in every channel for reference. ( I think this may have been addressed already, but not implemented fully?)
    Yeah, I think @Uranus is working on these descriptions in Notion - what’s the status?
    If its ready, I’ll do an editing run then @ innkeepers for somebody to pin them.
  1. Going back to set-eth-wallet could be streamlined and explained a bit better…ie; !ac space your name space etc., is not outlined anywhere that I am aware of and non crypto natives will need this simple step defined no question.
    Agreed! The whole #set-eth-address channel was kind of a hacky solution to what we wanted to do. I think the idea is to do everything from MyMeta by just authenticating there with your Discord login, but not sure how far away are we from that @METADREAMER :octopus:?
  1. Why is the onboarding document in Notion rather than on Discord…navigating away from the Game can create room for distractions?
    Mainly formatting, there’s no way we can do a proper onboarding flow in Discord - I tried, and still using it for things like #:question:-quests but really looking forward to migrating it to the platform.
    Which should also include Notion…
    A band-aid solution would be to have a channel with all the important links - which is what #:vertical_traffic_light:-signpost is, but nobody even notices it because its all the way up there in the “noob non-member channels”
  1. List of Emojis and their corresponding value?
    I believe @Misanth :octopus: solved this with an infographic recently
  1. Once you are a player a detailed explanation for how to make an impact would be very useful.
    What did you think about the Welcome to MetaGame page on Notion & the Builder Path? If you were a builder, would you be happy with that flow? (though I’m not even sure the builder path is linked in the main welcome page yet - which I promised I’d update & branch out last week :sweat_smile:)
  1. Where does it explain the @ player function?
  1. Is it possible to link Github, Discord, Twitter etc. to Metagame directly?
    Kind of. You can link everything through 3Box which is what MyMeta is built on. And you can link Github, Discourse & Discord in #set-eth-address
  1. An Onboarding Quest would make sense and seed!
    Do you think there should be general onboarding quests? I was thinking more in the direction of that Builder path document, where the onboarding quests are based on roles selected?
  1. Once someone inputs their Eth addy a bot could notify your referral/affiliate to help complete the onboarding process!?
    This is a great idea! Not everybody has a referral, but that’s what we have Innkeeper & Guild Navigator (still 0 players) roles
  1. A Discord tutorial would be very useful for non Crypto natives as well.
    Good point. I included a little bit of that in the Welcome to MetaGame post, but I didn’t want to go deeper because the document was getting longer and longer and I was afraid nobody would want to read it :joy:
    But now that its all on Notion, it can easily just branch out into optional knowledge buttons, fits right into what @Misanth :octopus: is preparing on this page

And one thing I’d add is that I think this should all be going onto the forums.
Because whether we want it or not, people will use this channel as a chat channel which it is, and important information will eventually get buried & lost