SourceCred Technician Quest 🧰

Do you want to use SourceCred in your community ?
Do you consider yourself a SourceCred attribution expert ? Do you want to learn what’s possible with SourceCred today ?

It all starts here :bulb:

This is a WIP collaboration between SourceCred and MetaGame


I’d like to get involved in this, so I can get more in-depth knowledge about it. I’m currently experimenting with SourceCred + AraCred DAO so it can be used 1) within the Ocean Collective community to incentivize participation/contributions, and 2) to distribute prizes/grants within my hackathon team.


Awesome initiative, but how is this a Quest? What’s the quest/goal? What are the steps to get there?

Yes, so it’s not a quest “yet” but it could be, the idea stemmed from the last SourceCred team call where we discussed the idea of people becoming SourceCred ambassadors for their own communities via this “Technician” program. My idea was to make it a MetaGame quest where any players from other communities could come and learn the SourceCred system, get rewarded in SEED tokens funded by SourceCred team.

Just thoughts !

Oh that’s super cool. I kind of had similar thoughts, but in a more salesy way lol

Right now SourceCred has 2-3 pilot programs. There is more demand than the capacity SourceCred has to provide. In short, SourceCred’s onboarding and support proecss doesn’t scale because they’re in dogfooding mode with the CredSperiment. Anyone who wants to use (or even understand) SourceCred needs someone on the inside to help them out.

Traditionally, when people need help using a product there’s an account executive who owns the relationship with a lead/client and provides white glove service to make sure they’re happy. This is great, but sales has historically been an opaque industry. To create a more open permission-less sales/BD model we could have Partnership Champions. The way this would work is that the champion of a partnership would create an initiative for that relationship. It would have dependencies of all the modules/plugins the client uses for their SourceCred instance. In a post-boosting world, the champion would then get Cred based on the amount that the partnership Initiative is boosted. It is expected that, if the partnership is creating real value, the SourceCred community as well as the partner themselves would boos the Initiative to keep the relationship alive.

This way it would be easier for people interested in SourceCred could find awesome projects, sell them on the idea of using SourceCred, help them set things up for their community, and provide support to ensure their ongoing happiness. The amount of Cred that flows to the Champion would be dependent on the value of the partnership (direct boosting as well as connections to nodes within the SourceCred graph). This way anyone can organically create partnerships and provide support, and anyone can support that support, and it can be done in a way that is (hopefully) more meritocratic and postive-sum than a traditional sales cycle.

Not sure how you would transfer championship if the project wants to get a new Partnership Champion, but otherwise it could be cool. I dunno, just a few thoughts lol

Note: cross-posted this idea to the SourceCred forum as a SourceCred “Sales” Model, so there might be more interesting discussions around this idea over there as well


I’ve been thinking of this exact thing over at RaidGuild. That’s the perfect place to start thinking about offering “Managed SourceCred Instances”. MetaGame quest is the open source tutorial where people can read and self learn SourceCred, and then the RaidGuild offering is more for the higher budget clients that don’t care about or have the time to figure out the nitty gritty but still want to implement it for their organization. We offer both.

Now that you’re a part of RaidGuild, we can build this out! Even the “pro” offering would involve a proper docs site to begin with, and I already volunteered to champion the “sourcecred docs” initiative to create a high quality guide / tutorial to running sourcecred similar to the I just setup. Would you be interested in raiding with me to write content for those docs? You’re good at explaining this stuff in understandable way, and I can focus on the more technical docs.


Yeah for sure! Started working on docs/guides for SC a while back so it would be great to pick that up again, esp since so many people are asking about it. Would be awesome to package stuff up in a way that’s actually accessible.

We could even setup a Docusaurus that syncs docs from other repos (like SC docs, AraCred, etc…) and displays them on a wiki on the main website. This way as people build SourceCred plugins and features they can all by synced into a central place and displayed in the theme of the Docusaurus. This is how Aragon has the setup and it’s great because then the docs update whenever the maintainers of a thing update their own docs, vs needing a “docs person” to constantly stay on top of everything.

@santteegt Welcome! Didn’t even see your post earlier. Please reach out and/or post in this thread if you have any questions or if we can help in any way :octopus: :ocean: