Social Media Domination

Last updated: 14.9.2020

As part of its shilling strategy, MetaGame needs to be present on social media.
We’ve started with Twitter as that is where Crypto lives.
We can get into any other mainstream social media, like Facebook or Instagram, maybe some less mainstream like Steemit or Hive, but we should probably focus more on Twitter first.

I’ve been running it and tweeting occasionally but tbh haven’t done a great job as there are tons of other things pulling me in other directions. This raid could really use someone dedicated to it.

Join the raid

  • Post in this thread or contact @petheth

I think instead of Shilling engage in communities directly and ask yourself and them in their community chats and forums what services metagame can offer them. Users / metagame players who successfully converted other community members playing metagame earn xp

I agree but this is different from getting into communities. This is about getting into other broadcast style networks. For getting into other communities we should definitely use your approach of seeing how can we be useful to those communities.

I don’t believe in shilling or marketing if you want to attract users who care for something and are not there because of hype or any other shill stuff. I think the real sustainable marketing is P2P marketing where you individually connect with users and try to understand them.

Depends on what you mean by marketing or shilling. You can always attract the right people if you do it in the right way.
P2P marketing = marketing = shilling
P2P marketing is much better, but its important to have a presence on broadcast-style social media as well.