Shillers Guild Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes from 2021-06-22

Shillers Guild Meeting 2021-06-22

Monday 2021-06-21


Metaverde, Tommy, Bagsy, Chair, Penguin, Fearless, DavidDYOR, Misanth, Peth, Tatey180, Rootdraws, Lahcen-KH


  • Reviewed Previous weeks notes
  • Discussed Developing an official submission process for content
  • Discussed Scheduling and Timing tweets
  • Misanth: Open Office is coming we need to Shill it

Review of Past Weeks Notes

Previous weeks’ notes
Group review of last weeks notes. Clarifications and discussion.
Items highlighted for further discussion:

  • Twitter stream into discord
    • Create curated list community can add to

Developing Submission Process For Content

  • Do we want to have a shillers dump? Shillers guild is attracting the wrong energy, MG isn’t influencers for hire.
  • People are asking to tweet things or cover subjects that aren’t necessarily aligned with MetaGame. Metagame isn’t an influencer shop.
  • If we have a process for folks to follow it would lend to better conversations about the content.
    • OneHive: Uses a social curation channel, people submit and upvotes/downvotes dictate if official accounts will use the content.
      • WalkThru: Example, Bagsy wants onehive to shill. Bagsy links to a tweet to the social curation channel. People thumbs up/down. People with (curator) role are allowed to vote. Quorom is hit and can officially be shared.

Scheduling Posts and Content

Developing a schedule and posting at “keystone” times

  • Examples:
    • Tweet out a weekly message right after champions ring
    • Example: Describe and invite people to an event happening within the game (meetings, etc)

Group Feedback: Good idea, lets do it.

  • We need a centralized dump spot for content
  • We need to create a pool of resources for MetaGamers to reference when creating content. We can create “evergreen” content for usage when creativity is low. Mapping out intentions/strategies to have a clear voice is important.
  • Currently a few core members have access and tweet from the account, there is no playbook structure currently followed.
  • Fearless’ idea: Podcasts, Meetings, other scheduled things can be banged out in 1 session.
  • Penguin’s Idea: Build the content around specific hashtags. “Meme mondays hashtag”. “Midweek hack hashtag”.
  • What type of content are people interested in?
    • Shilling is different when the market is foooooked.
    • End of week might be more ideal
    • Consistency of posting is key, single day approach might not be the best.
    • Fridays are good days to invite people to come join the Discord. “If you’re reading this, gtf in here.”
    • Perhaps build a swell leading into the event.
  • Consistency in messaging/voice, Scheduling and timing, Commuinity Members engaging with the the content all key.
  • This can become a fulltime job for 1 person, is this a WE thing or one person thing.
  • Fearless: We can examine what our strategies were at different periods and what the results were, and use that to inform the strategy moving forward.
  • Bagsy: Start with 2 days a week, every week at a specific time.
  • Which two days whould we start with?
    • IF we can get this rolling on an ongoing basis we should do this.
    • We must commit to maintaining focus before we begin.
    • Monday/Friday ?
  • Fearless: We should look at past analytics to get a sense for what has been successful in the past.
  • CryptoTwitter evolves constantly, the language, the vibe. We need to keep up to date with what is happening, the jargon and flavor changes a lot.
    • This can have its own meeting or special task force

Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, What other socials should we be on?

We can potentially get a big result if we focus on TikTok as a team

Youtube Videos

  • Bogie is ready to start working on Vids
  • Bagsy highlighted that he hit a wall in terms of motivation for the past week or so, as resolved to push through today :).
  • We need a template for video descriptions and tags that can be used in the future. Fearless mentioned they have a template that can be used.
  • The Video Lords channel will hold this content

RootDraws on Content

There is a DAO project outside of MetaGame, with MetaGamer founders and members, how does MetaGame fit into the picture in terms of shilling?

Content needs to be specific and self-driven.

Active Raids are organically motivated to shill themselves.

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Video Descriptions -

Starting Videos this weekafter the Gitcoin Memeage & working Groups are active. - We had some real thoughful outcomes from SHiller Strategy Call recently… We’re having people list their Aspirations, Needs & Drives. From which we can attain some narratives across different players & high quality players - So far it leads to Content Ideas/Strategy.