Shenanigan x MetaGame: The Meta-Colosseum

Let me begin by saying a bit about Shenanigan so we are all on the same page.

Shenanigan Intro

Shenanigan is a DAO focused on changing the world for athletes. We want to remove the need to sell out to sponsors and advertisements, and instead, help athletes harness the great power of crypto markets to supercharge themselves as “cewebrities”. We are coining the term Dathletes. We do this through two mediums:

  1. DAthlete Markets and Fan Clubs
  2. Livestream w/ integrated prediction market

For this proposal, I’m going to focus on 2, however, I think their is more to be said about MetaGame’s SEED token model and Shenanigan’s athlete markets being compatible. I’ll save that for another post.


The Meta-Colosseum a.k.a the Metasseum, Metanasium, or MetaArena

This collaboration crux falls directly on one statement.

Athletes should have a space within the MetaGame.

I’m going to skip why I believe this, and just explain my vision and why I think it would work.

The Vision

I envision MetaGame integrating Shenanigan’s API’s and being the host of a virtual colosseum for these athletes. We can implement the livestream, live chat, predictions, and any other elements from Shenanigan in a MetaGame style frontend. Imagine metagame players having a place to go and watch their favorite sports, wager their SEEDs, and cheer on their favorite athletes. Almost like a Roman colosseum.

On top of that, Athlete’s can generate SEEDs through their success. Currently, Shenanigan escrows donations and a percentage of the prediction market for the athlete until they succeed. Upon success, athletes are released these funds and given a small amount of Cred in Shenanigan’s SourceCred instance. We could integrate some form of Cred reward as well for Athletes in the MetaGame that is relative to the amount of SEEDs staked in an athlete’s escrow. Or return SEED for viewer numbers. I think has some serious depth that needs to be explored. Again, I think this deserves its own post.

I also like the idea of training your metagame character. We could have an “gladiator” class (pending on better name" with Chievs from Chievmint and all.


For one, I think building this should be completely on the Shenanigan team. MetaGame has a lot to do and playing with another companies API and design shouldn’t be one of them. Shenanigan can handle building the MetaGame style frontend, integrating the remote-schemas, making Gladiator Class and Chievs, etc. I see this integration as being Shenanigan’s web interface, as we aren’t building one right now and have no plans to build one. I also see this as mutually beneficial, so the SEEDs earned should be more than enough payment.

@peth had the great idea to integrate a Discord bot as an MVP to remind you to do your challenges, give you player info, etc. I think that’s a good scope for an MVP. Shenanigan alpha releases at the end of this year, so we are looking to do this somewhere in 2021.

Let me know what you think