Seed Minting Improvements

From our recent discussions around Seed minting, its obvious we need to up our Seed game.
There are essentially two upgrades that we need to make, imo.
But obviously, the thread is open to any and all improvements & discussion thereof.

More minting discussion

Previously, minting was publicly discussed only after the initial calculation & initiatives were added. Y’all are requesting more transparency in the whole process, which is totally fair at this point.
There will be a forum thread about Seed minting started before each mint, where people will be able to ask for initiatives to be added, things to be balanced, bugs to be fixed etc.

Regular minting cycle

For people to depend on Seeds, Seed minting cycles need to become regular.
In part, we will do this by discussing minting way in advance so there’s less back & forth waste of time between the first calculation & the minting.
In other part, we’ll do this by getting @METADREAMER to commit to doing it on a regular basis, eg. first Monday of each month & report if he won’t be able to & having someone as backup when he’s not able to.
He already recorded a SoureCred AMA which will allow other people to do the calculation & push the mint and @alec has already shown interest in jumping in if MD is not able to.

Other than that…

We should go through the discord channel weight sheet & review it, make sure things are rewarded as they should be.


I still think we need a separate process for reviewing and discussing the monthly seed mint for players, from over arching initiatives/debts/payments. This way even if we get bogged down discussing a controversial new initiative (which will eventually happen) Players’ monthly seed allocation isn’t held up.