Season5 - Shilling

This shilling strategy is based on the Miro board collectively created during the mapping sassion for the start of the season.

First of all, we’ll start with some questions and answers to define what we are doing and why want to do it (related to the Shilling strategy):


  1. What should be the products/services/projects in progress we have to take and develop for the shilling strategy of Season 5?
  2. Why? Because we want to find the best ways to shill MetaGame.
  3. Why? To get people know MetaGame, raise awarness about what it is and what we are building.
  4. Why? To bring “clients”, new members and patreons to MetaGame
  5. Why? To get funding and enable the community to continue working and developing
  6. Why? Because we want to build the society of the future.

1. What should be the products/services/projects in progress we have to take and develop for the shilling strategy of Season 5?

We need to identify the products/services/project in progress we need to track and be updated on, so that we can create marketing deliverables and choose the best strategy and channels to shill them. The ones identified in the mapping session were the following:

  • PRODUCT: Playbooks UI +
  • PROJECT: Storage of profile information in Ceramic - MyMeta
  • PRODUCT: Questing system
  • PRODUCTS: MetaOS - MetaMenu, Dashboard, MyMeta, MetaSys (What else?)
  • PROJECT: Getting full-time people
  • PROJECT: NFTs as source of funding +
  • PRODUCT: Seed Eduction (composed by projects: use cases for seed, seeds page) - thread about seeds
  • PROJECT: Onboarding experience as a game / Full web3/ DAO onboarding
  • PROJECT: Developing a DAOverse ecosystem (NEOS Cryptovaxels)
Products Projects
Proposal UI Profile storage in Ceramic
Playbooks UI Getting full-time people
Achievements system NFTs as source of funding
Questing System Onboarding experience as a game
MetaMenu, MyMeta, MetaSys (What other infrastructure do we have?) Full web3/DAO onboarding
Seed Education (composed by projects: use cases for seed, seeds page) Developing a DAOverse ecosystem (NEOS Cryptovaxels)

What is needed regarding this:

  • [ ] A project/product board with information of who is in charge of the project, when the project will be done (approximation)
  • [ ] Hashtags for every project and product, so that people can post screenshots

Products and projects of interest for DAOs, members and patrons


  • Relates to the “Journal” idea that’s about putting in one place all the quests that players accept as well as allow them to add their own goals & notes to it
  • Offer mainnet Ceramic hosting for organizations wanting to leverage it for their projects.
  • Feedback from other DAOs - strategy for feedback

:point_right: WHAT PRODUCTS/PROJECTS OF METAGAME WOULD BE OF INTEREST TO NEW MEMBERS? (Why would they be interested in joining MetaGame)

:point_right: WHAT PRODUCTS/PROJECTS OF METAGAME WOULD BE OF INTEREST TO PATREONS? (Why would they be interested in investing in MetaGame)

  • Taking Haier’s model of sponsoring entrepreneurship while getting a ROI from successful endeavors

  • Asking DAOs to hodl SEED

  • Keep track of work done


    To be able to track easy the progress of a project, we can use the following tab (as a way to know who are the contacts for a determinate projects in order to be able to track updates

    Project/product Contact person Status
    Playbooks UI
    MetaMenu, Dashboard, MetaSys
    NFTs as source of revenue
    Seed Education - thread about seeds
    Onboarding experience as a game
    DAO onboarding
    DAO follow ups Anna On-going
    Developing a DAOverse (NEOS)

🦤Twitter evergreen topics

The topics that we will cover on our Twitter during this Season will vary a little from the topics posted until now. We will be more open to tweeting/re-tweeting about other projects/DAOs as well. Since we understood, with past posting, that shitposting, and memes work very well on Twitter (people really seem to like them), they will be moderately included as well.

The topics we plan to cover during this Season, not necessarily distributed by the days of the week, are the following:

  • Newsletter
  • Playbooks (covered in more detail underneath)
  • Memes & shitposting
  • Podcast shilling (cover in more detail underneath)
  • Video content - Pvublic Vuniversal Friend
  • Community calls announcements
  • Community calls recordings
  • Doing good fund efforts
  • Open roles and quests
  • Player of the month
  • Projects where our community members are contributing
  • News and articles from other DAOs that we have onboarded
  • News from the world that have an impact on the crypto space as well
  • External podcasts (external material could be covered in the bucket) (link here).


A need for a better shilling of the podcast was detected, therefore the strategy for doing so is:

:white_check_mark: Shill the new episodes with a short thread - based on meeting notes:

  1. First tweet with podcast topic and short video presentation
  2. A couple of tweets extrapolated from the meeting notes
  3. Retweet the whole thread a couple of times

- Shill the old episodes:

  1. Publish the old podcast in video format from YouTube
  2. Add a tweet or two related from the meeting notes

:books: PLAYBOOK SHILLING (Chair - can u add more about playbook writers hunting please?)

  • As well as “get paid to write a playbook”
  • “Looking for writers” Twitter shilling
  • Maybe along with some category examples?

:handshake: COLLABS

By now, we have two active collabs that we are working on:ž
Responsible person for these collabs: Anna

  • ATLANTIS WORLD: find out more about the collab HERE
  • WITNET.IO: collaboration just starting, more about it will be written asap

SHILLING MYMETA: find more about it HERE


:phone: Internal Communication

We need to keep everyone updated about what is going in the community, that’s why the internal communication plays also a big role in the shilling strategy. We can achieve a better internal communication by:

  • [ ] Setting reminders about community calls in the Event’s channel (Anna)
  • [ ] Shilling internal events like calls, workshops and so on
  • [ ] Setting reminders about upcoming calls (like Builder’s Align, Shiller’s Align) on time (this should be probably responsibility of the respective champion

Where is the live doc of this? The tab you posted above needs to be updated with the contact persons. Do we update them here?
I, @HBesso31 am the Headhunting contact person.

DAO onboarding seems like Bridgebuilding. That is the domain of @tommy
CryptoVoxels is the domain of @tenfinney

Hey! Thank you for the point.
Here is the Notion link, so for adding people to the table, would be good to use this one:

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Looks great, thank you!

There are a bunch more in the pipeline on the bridgebuilding board.
On the shilling side, I’d say there are 2 things needed:

  • Keeping track of new collabs happening & shilling, obviously
  • But also regularly retweeting things posted by existing guilds, made this follow list to make it easier
    • And maybe, similar to how we will be highlighting new collabs & guilds that join “XYZ joins MetaGame, they are a great projects doing useful things blah blah”, we should be doing this with existing ones as well?

Yes Bridgebuilding is @peth and I. There is a Notion board for Followups and Bridgebuilding with templates for info (total board structure mid rehaul). I see Anna listed as followup, but not sure that is being communicated between bridge builders.
There is a bridge builders guild channel in discord now.

MetaFest planning would be me and Tenfinney atm. With collaboration on the headhunting event aspect by Hbesso

Cryptovoxels is @tenfinney
Playbooks UI is @tenfinney and @vid ?

Neos would be @Musashi13 and @Misanth and @Apeiron

Achievements would be @luxumbra
Onboarding as a game seems to overlap with Atlantis, Cryptovoxels, and Neos

myMeta would be @alec and @Michiel ?

Metamenu, metasys?

I think is MetaOS?

Which would probably also be @alec @Michiel and maybe @vid as well?

ATM I’m taking care of the quests UI and i’ll start working on Playbooks UI as soon as I’m done with quests.

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Yes, MetaMenu, Dashboard, MetaSys = MetaOS

I can be the contact for MyMeta.

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Thank you for the suggestions Peth. Will be adding them to the Shilling strategy!

Thank you for the comment Tommy! Will be updating the table.