Season Ⅹ Technology Plans

In the last month or so I’ve been a bit aimless. I’ve started and left to languish several projects for lack of time to see them to completion. For the next season, I want to pick something specific to focus on and reduce the amount of scatter in how I spend my time.

There are several potential projects on my plate:

  • Continue the existing work on incrementally improving MetaGame’s properties largely taking my direction from the open issues.

  • Develop a system for continual development where teams of pair programmers pass off control one to another such that there is always a pair actively working.

  • Formulate a sufficient description of an alternative black market that I can submit proposals to the various funding sites.

  • Flesh out the existing work on a collaborative filesystem backed by a graph database.

  • Finish the refactoring of ’Chievemints to remove Chakra UI & add desired features like batch and gasless minting.

  • Create an interface for reweighting SourceCred scores and better tracking contributions.

I have long believed that the right piece of software combined with the right narrative could kick-start viral adoption, drive funding for other projects, & ultimately spark radical social change. Of the systems above, the one I think has the most potential to take off is the filesystem: 𝔐𝔦̈𝔪𝔦𝔰.

𝔐𝔦̈𝔪𝔦𝔰 has been difficult because I need to use a language called Cypher to interact with the database & it is a completely different paradigm than any I’ve used before. I grasp some of the basics for what it should be doing, but my understanding is decidedly shallow.

For the coming season my plan is to continue to do code reviews and minor improvements to MetaGame, but to devote the bulk of my efforts to learning Cypher and developing this filesystem.


^^ 100%. I too believe that the formula for social change (and a project’s success) is: Right Software + Right Narrative = :confetti_ball:

I’m excited to see your progress on the filesystem and (very importantly!) on the improvements that you make to payroll. (Not to mention the the day-to-day tasks that you pick up like code reviews, etc.) Keep trucking along :slight_smile: