Season 5 - Playbooks

Objective One:
Help navigate the Wiki to MetaOS journey for completed Playbooks. This may require a stop-gap user-interface for all Playbooks that have been final-edited and are ready for publishing. A few solutions have been discussed between the Builders Guild, however there is no firm commitment as of Jan 17, 2022 (currently Iceboxed)

Objective Two:
tenfinney (Scott) is exploring a version of the open source Datalax website that has a lot of Web3 functionality, yet may be prove to be too complicated for what the public-facing interface needs. Playbooks content creation may require a fully-built application, or we may continue to support the current: (1) Markdown editor of the writer’s choice (2) Playbooks Gallery (3) Pass the final content file to public facing site process.

Objective Three:
Continue to participate in all Thursday Playbook calls that are scheduled in the Events section of MetaGame Discord and are help at 5:00pm UTC. These sessions include looking at each In-Progress Playbook and allocating resources to help move the playbook to a finish queue. As the Champion, tenfinney is also available for the hour just prior to the Playbooks meeting to discuss administrative, roadmap, and internal objective of the Playbook initiative.

Objective Four:
Once Playbooks are ready for publishing, a merge-authorized Builder will take the Playbook mark-down file and publish it to the pre-approved front facing website.

Objective Five:
Assist the Writer’s guild in finding reliable help in working with the Playbook Gallery and assisting in the editing process. This includes facilitating the implementation of a Playbooks filter that all in-progress playbooks will pass-through. This allows writers to have see their content aligns with MetaGame’s ethos and make sure it follows some general Playbook guidelines.

Objective Six:
Empower and encourage Playbook Deputies to look for overlapping skills to move the Playbooks process to be a wholly managed and and championed construct under the Writer’s Guild.

Key Performance Indicator:
The number of vetted, edited and published Playbooks.


Sounds great, thank you!

No firm commitment yet but @vid seems interested in tackling Playbooks after Quests. The first chunk of “Quests” is almost done but not sure how long the second one will take.

I added you to the organization, should have that ability now.

Right now this number is set to 18. Should we keep this as the north star even if we know we’re unlikely to reach it or do you think we should lower it to make it more realistic?

Hey, great job outilining it like that.
Just have a quick question: Is this initiative replacing the Playbooks UI previously asked to RaidGuild?

It appears no one at RaidGuild picked up the challenge/offer. I think the RG cohorts, for the most part, were probably just trying to navigate the RG system and an outside project the MG Playbooks that wasn’t managed by RG proper may have been too daunting for a freshmen class. But I really don’t know, for I was in the first cohort and much could have changed since then.

I think the number is fine. There are a lot of Playbooks in progress and I will try to facilitate the movement, but this initiative will really comes down the the finishing capacity of the original writer and/or the Writer’s Guild in general. My real goal for Playbooks is to have the system as automated as possible where a Playbooks Champion’s role (me for now) is to run the meetings and do the workflow demos but the majority of the work will be writer(editors) helping writers.

That should help. I assume you mean I can merge a playbook to master in the Wiki? Lux has been pretty gracious saying he would merge them in on an occasional basis or when we tap him to do so. I feel pretty good that once they hit the Queued for Publication line in Notion, the merging is imminent but not yet immediate (which seems fine to me).

Excellent news. I also see that Vid has posted about a Quest system maybe with the Meta-Collab thing. I see something good in there. Quests champion proposal

As a playbooks deputy, I will be working on Objective Five by finalizing the editorial framework and applying it as part of the playflow process.

I would add these two quests to the roadmap:
a. Make a playflow explainer video that is shared among newly onboarded writers and clear time in the Playbook calls for specific questions and working on playbooks.
b. Make a dework board for playbooks and find how to utilize it as part of the playflow (outsourcing unclaimed playbooks, bounties for proof-reading playbooks, help onboard professional writers).

For objective two I would also add: creating a meeting agenda in Notion for each call and specifying which playbooks to tackle for each meeting (and maybe adding a goal of finishing x number in each call). Might be able to also write the agenda in the hour before.

I will also make a proposal for stepping up as Writer’s Guild Champion so as to replace Gnomeski until his comeback. If it is officially accepted, I will work on a proposal for writers divisions (e.g. grant writing, essays, research) and try to figure out if some of the currently unfinished playbooks could be repurposed as part of other raids with more specific objectives in order to clear the playbooks board and make the content more cohesive.


Could you elaborate more on that?

This related to my belief that Playbooks fit squarely int he Writers Guild domain. Playbooks is more like a tool to help get cool content published in a proper format. My mention of a Playbook deputy is less necessary the more the Playbook pages in Notion are semi-self-explanatory and somewhat automated. As you suggested, I will prepare a video clip walking newcomers through the process so our Playbook time on Thursday will mainly be a Writer’s Guild event where we look and progress each of the in-progress playbook.

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Please make sure that the Recorded Video is short and concise. You can send the recording to me afterward to do some editing so that it is more digestible.

For that reason make sure that you make an outline of the video first.
For example:

What are playbooks (1m)
Playbooks Home Page Tour (2m)
Playbooks Gallery Intro (1m)
Notion technicals/ Creating a Playbook (2-3m)
Playflow Walkthrough (2-3m)
Collaborations, Facilitation and Editing (1m)
Related Channels (30s)
List of resources (20s)

It would be good to take pauses between sections of the video. Also the duration I’ve outlined is not final. It is up to you how long you wish the video to be but always try for less.

If you have any questions you can also tag me in the :closed_book: playbooks channel

Interested to know what’s the status of the Playbooks UI creation. Do we still plan on making progress on that this season or should it be removed from the roadmap?

The whole editorial process & all should stay on Notion imo (at least for the MVP) except for actual publishing & filtering.
Vid said it shouldn’t be hard to build it in the same way as Quests since Quests already have user-created page-adding with rich text editor & filtering but doubt he will have time to work on that any time soon…

Would really love to see it, it was one of the most wanted outcomes of the Season 5 design sprint & its been on the roadmap since S4 - but I don’t think anybody else is going to push it forward so its totally up to you @tenfinney

I have the Digitalax UI that I started with but based on my availability I believe there is a better chance for the Docusaurus Wiki to get revamped or for it to get gobbled up into the MetaOS.
I don’t think it needs to be removed from a roadmap, but it’s fallen out of my top slots.
Once several Playbooks are done we can look to getting them to at least show nicely in a blog site at the very minimum. The Digitalax site is pretty Web3 cool but also a heavy lift and might not make any difference to the “value” of Playbooks. They are just short articles after all.

Last I spoke to builders, the docusaurus is not flexible enough to be worth extending for such purposes.
I can’t speak for Digitalax because the only feature I know it has is turning things into NFTs.
Based on my limited understanding, building it into MetaOS seems like the lowest hanging fruit because:

  • Index page exists
  • There are filters
  • User-created pages through a rich text editor
  • Even has the “about author” section

So, on the surface it looks like it all already exists designed & built, theoretically would just need to be duplicated & renamed. :thinking:
The only “critical” feature missing would be upvoting…

But I’m not a builder, so what do I know. :man_shrugging:
What are your thoughts on the amount of effort needed for the Digitalax fork integration?
What are your thoughts on the amount of effort needed for the above “Playbooks out of Quests” idea @vid?