Season 5 Innkeeping -wip


Well, the community roadmap for this season was made a couple weeks ago.

It can be found here Season 5 Roadmap

To support the community scope set there, I will be deputy for @peth in Bridgebuilding. I think a clear focus on inner outer keeping will need to be constantly developed this Season.

It would be wonderful to find a deputy for Innkeeping, I’m not sure @tenfinney is available. @Rankko.eth is not. @Misanth sort of is by championing onboarding.

Helping with Onboarding and Bridgebuilding, I will push for Atlantis World integration with @c0mput3rxz @_Anna and @Misanth.

Same goes for Cryptovoxels with @tenfinney. And Neos with @Musashi13.

Having an interactive flow in these worlds, I believe, can greatly increase engagement and make onboarding fun. I don’t believe they compete, as they each have their perks and accessibility.

As a deputy and part of the Doing Good crew, we will reevaluate if and how we are allocating our remaining 300 seeds in the multisig Doing Good fund.

This Season will need to reevaluate our Necromancing, and reengagement of players. @eowulia Considering where our efforts of onboarding are placed, and what a core MetaGame team looks like. As recently discussed by @Bacon

One of my main focuses will be on Workshops. Bringing in web3 workshops and other workshops skimmed from interest in Brain-exchange on our discord. @Bacon and @P_V_F showed interest in this process as well (there is now a board in the Innkeepers Guild Notion)

For Bridgebuilding, I will be working with @HBesso31 to rep MetaGame at local events in our area. We will planning an irl event ideally before the end of the Season.

We are pushing for MetaMerch, printing stickers and QR code’s for irl shilling. @c0mput3rxz @HBesso31

For onboarding, @Misanth
@Bacon and expressed interest in helping the flow


Thank you, looking forward to collaborating on this!

Idk why is it so hard to find people for pretty much the only role that doesn’t require any hard skills lol
I’m not sure what’s the state of the Innkeepers role page but it might be worth updating with the minimal requirements/responsibilities for a deputy to make it easier for people to pick up

We’ll need a house of metaverse at some point to have a place for these at some point lol, we already have CV, Neos & Atlantis.

Haven’t we concluded that we shouldn’t be donating any more of those Seeds at least until after the fundraise? Don’t think there’s a way to donate them without expecting people to sell them…

Maybe we could make a form specifically for the players that have been here for a while but aren’t engaged, focused on figuring out exactly why aren’t they active & what would it take to get them active. :man_shrugging:

I’ll shill it in the next newsletter & would be good to @ players & engaged in there to get some fresh requests & offerings

We need to do this for ETHDenver as well, prob time to make the promo package template… Talked about it on the shillers ring yesterday

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Ok, yes alright, it has been decided. :slight_smile: