Season 5 Doin-Good - wip

Think we are slowing down our “Seed Giving” initiative’s and collectively refocusing.

Funding needs to be done and a Greater Focus has been put on spreading the good news of My-Meta!

We are still trying to connect to the permaculture Action Network, but that will be our last Multi-Sig sign and Funding we promised to do in Doin-Good from a past Champions initiatives.

I think it will be in good Order with me as a New Champion to take this time away from more… “Tense” matters, and try to build a different imagination around the “Game” of Doing-Good.

Going to try and synch with team and community Memebers to discuss further!!



I’m still learning to use and Utilize this part of meta-games game…

Please Feel free to @Tag me and remind me to play and utilize this space!

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