Season 5 Bridgebuilding - draft

Following the Guild Onboarding Why & How guidelines laid out in the doc, I plan on onboarding 10 new guilds this season.

This means focus on the:

  • Projects that working on interoperable building blocks
    • Focus on those whose building blocks can be integrated in MetaOS
  • Projects that are offering services to the above
  • Projects that are generally doing something useful
  • With a strong focus on projects that are DAOs.


  • I will continue inviting projects to present at our community calls
    • And exploring other ways to collaborate
    • Shill MyMeta!
  • I will start getting us invited to present at theirs
  • I will continue pushing forward the MetaAlliance chat (where all the guild reps are) & finding ways to improve comms between the communities as well as to the wider ecosystem.
    • Eg. by including their news in news/letters
    • Some podcast interviews
    • Maybe reinviting them to community calls when they have something big
    • Posting them in shillers guild to help amplify (though probably more effective to create a follow list that has only guilds)

Still looking for a bridgebuilding deputy so I can focus more on the rainmakers guild.
Also still looking for feedback & ideas on this, how to improve bridgebuilding etc.

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Just to put my words into text:
The Bridgebuilder should be a cross-DAO PM. And a Junior PM can handle it. The experience of cross-DAO coordination is huge but manageable by a junior professional. Successfully delivering a cross-DAO product gives the enough XP to lvl up into a Mid MP.
It should be a requirement for deputies and champions of this role.

I agree but it’s easier for me to keep on PMing it myself for now as I have contacts to most if not all the projects that are listed on the DAO Bridgebuilding board…
As we start bridgebuilding with more projects that others will be reaching out to & bridgebuilding more with existing ones on some initiatives besides MyMeta, it would definitely be great to have somebody PM so I can focus on outreach & fundraising.
Are you interested in joining Tommy & I on this?
EDIT: I think it would be super complementary to your headhunting efforts as you’d be connecting with different communities & spreading the word, also feels more aligned to search in that way vs job boards.

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I have my plate already full. I am working with CCA in developing a film series about transitioning to post capitalism and with the UBI Blockchain Collective for the UBI hackathon. Sorry, mate. However, I will keep contributing every moment I can.

No worries, thank you for being realistic & upfront!
But if we’re doing MyMeta adoption, then you’ll be bridgebuilding regardless :smiley:


I am excited to be Bridgebuilding deputy. This more aligns with what I can offer, than churning the wheels welcoming newbies to a server while constantly changing the welcoming process.

I would love to dedicate much more time to Bridgebuilding than buddy systems, onboarding flow, or channel mazes.