Scripture Quest πŸ“œ MetaGame Lore

MetaGame has a great story but it’s not been summed up in an eloquent way yet. I propose making MetaGame Lore a section on our README.

See the MetaCartel README for inspiration.

Here is the issue on our Github repo.

I’m willing to give 40 SEED :seedling: to any who submit a compelling narrative that sums up the creation of MetaGame, the heroic actions of the early founders, and the overall historical actions of the project.

Must be familiar with all the articles on

Ping @Yalortackson if you want feedback on your work !

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Is there anything more eloquent than :octopus:?

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@Yalortackson this would now go in the MetaGame Wiki rather than GitHub right?


I like facts more then stories. i like timelines links to the sources. I would like to see a history timeline of metagame with stats and documentations where i can build my picture of metagame histroy myselfe.