Rolling into Closed Beta

“MetaGame is not a place where you can come in and just passively consume other people’s thoughts & brainstorms - that was Web2. MetaGame is about getting actively involved in building the future. It’s a movement, not a statement - if that makes any sense?”

This doesn’t make sense for me. What are you afraid of? That someone steals YOUR ideas? Where did you get the idea from? From your priority access to god or just from the network of thoughts you where mostly passively consuming. I think closing up is an act of fear not of freedom of thoughts and democracy. When ideas and thoughts are open the feedback loop works a lot faster and better than if you are closing up. So you are hurting yourself in the long run.

"More importantly, we’re closing it because we want to focus on making the community tighter & the connections within stronger. "

The people who want to stay stay and the one who don’t don’t. Are you going to create an open source tool or more a cult?

Its not about the fear, its about creating a culture of active co-creation rather than just consumption.
People will need to contribute in one way or another (pay or work) to be part of the community, and this is part of the transition to that.
The tool is always open source, but access to the community is something else.

First you need to consume. Like a child learning stuff. Then you can contribute.

Community and open source tool are one. You can’t have the one without the other.

What if I want that my thoughts are open source? Am I not allowed to post in discord?

Open source tools but closed source community, closed source communication?

Yes, that is why people are able to join before they contribute.

Sure you can. The tool can be free, access to the community doesn’t need to be.


Please explain what I can do if i don’t get invited?

What can I access, what can I read?

Wiki & the forums, or at least most of the forums.

so if I want that my thoughts are open source I should post on the Forum not in discord. But even there I don’t own my thoughts because at any time the Meta closed community can at any time make my thoughts closed again and hide it from the forum. I don’t like this.

I don’t understand what you mean. Nobody can own your thoughts & ideas :man_shrugging:

Why don’t you want that other people passively consume other people’s thoughts & brainstorm?

I agree in an open source world this is true, but what about patents? People all the time try to own thoughts & ideas and make money out of it. You can only fight patents and greedy people trying to own ideas and thoughts via open source and this starts with the community thoughts and ideas. I have no problem having private conversation but a open source community shouldn’t have a closed source communication channel this is for me a contradiction.

I want a tool thats helps me to manage all my data i post in the internet. If I write something in a forum or in a chat then those post will be saved in my personal account (e.g. mymeta) and can only be deleted or changed by be. Also all replies/comments to my posts/chats will be saved at the other persons account and only us both have access. If one of us put it on private then its private. both need to put it on public so all can see it. At the moment if i post something here then the admin can delete my post and its gone.

Oh you can passively consume all you want, as long as you’re contributing in some way.

It’s not an open source community, its a community building open source tools.
If you’re contributing to the advancement of the open source tools, you’re automatically made a community member.
If you only want to use open source tools, you can freely use them but if you want additional support from the community, you’ll need to give something in return - which is a fairly standard open-source monetization model.

If you want everything you write to always be publicly available, you should probably self-host a blog or something. You’ll be able to do that with MyMeta too, nobody can touch what you have on MyMeta.
But forums are always susceptible to moderation, in which case its your choice whether you trust the mods will not be exercising censorship or any other form of tyranny.

What does one needs to do to be able to passively consume other people’s thoughts & brainstorm?

yes sure if you want that they actively help you, but just passively consume other people’s thoughts & brainstorm?

Not if i own the data and the forum just display my data. similar to steem blockchain and steemit the blog which shows the content. if steemit delets post its still on steem blockchain.

Contribute to MetaGame in any of 10000 ways. Helping build the tech side, share posts, pay monthly membership or whatever.

Yeah, no.