Role needed: MyMeta Steward


The features that make up MyMeta / MetaOS have been almost entirely specified by one person (Peth) over two years ago. Many of these features have been diligently built and deployed, but we have put almost no effort into attracting external (meaning outside of MetaGame) users to use the product. This lack of market validation puts the product at high risk of being unnecessary, unneeded and / or ignored by the greater web3 community. At the same time, many similar projects have sprouted up with similar aims.

The Opportunity

MetaGame is well-known in the Ethereum community as a prominent spinoff from MetaCartel as well as from a number of highly-attended events such as MetaFest in Spring 2021. The Discord community is active, vibrant and relatively diverse. Overall, the brand is generally highly regarded and trusted.

MyMeta has grown into an impressive piece of software with useful functionality:

  • Users can connect their Eth wallet and create / edit their profile
    • This profile data is stored in Ceramic under the “basic profile” schema, allowing for widespread reuse in other dApps
  • A user’s profile displays the following information, allowing viewers to get a sense of the person’s skills, personality, and affiliations
    • Skills, location, and availability for additional work
    • An NFT gallery
    • Evergreen Guild and DAO memberships
    • Personality clues
    • Social identities (twitter, github, eth address)
  • When connected, a user’s dashboard pulls in the latest content from MetaMedia as well as their status in MetaGame
  • Users can learn about MetaGame and web3 in general through the landing page and by following links in the MegaMenu

The Role

MyMeta / MetaOS needs an external-facing steward. This steward would be responsible for driving MyMeta adoption as well as identifying and pursuing collaborations and integrations with other organizations.


  • A strong belief in MyMeta’s potential for contributing value to the greater web3 ecosystem
  • The ability to keep up to date on MyMeta’s product status and roadmap, through the various MetaGame internal guilds working on it (e.g. Builders, Designers)
  • An ability to creatively synthesize MyMeta’s vision with partner organizations’ products to identify exciting partnership opportunities
  • Strong written communication skills to relay external conversations to the core team working on MyMeta
  • Either a well-established personal network within the web3 community, or a strong motivation to build one
  • Hands-on technical skills are not required, beyond having the context to understand various web3 orgs’ products

This can be a part-time role. Like any other role in MetaGame, compensation will be determined by the community’s perception of the value of your work.


This is exactly what I wanted to get at with my MyMeta x Proposal Inverter post.

Funny thing is I have already been stewarting MyMeta adoption in the 0mega group in TEC and have already spread the word to other DAOs and even non-web3 communities that have shown great interest in it, so I was already in that role but informally. What is missing is a more official way of reporting progress and having a more direct channel of communication with the builders.

Great! Any proposals for relaying your efforts back to the MG community?

There are various ways: the Champion’s Ring Guild Reports, did-a-things, monthly forum reports that go into the newsletter or even tracking progress in notion. The thing was that I didn’t know that what I was doing was something that could be reported and be considered a role in itself till now.

What I need to figure out now is:

a) What raids are associated?
b) Who are the points of contact?

The surest thing is that I will have to be in contact with the builders and attend the building calls. I will also have to keep a close eye on the github action and the current issues.

Is there a current MyMeta-specific roadmap available?

I can serve as the technical liaison / MyMeta project manager for this effort. I actually wrote this post originally to better scope what I felt needed to be done and after I finished came to the realization that I am probably not the best fit for a lot of it!

If we are going to align on this we should formalize it. Perhaps starting a MyMeta raid, which would be responsible for:

  • product direction (mostly what that initial post is about)
  • project management
    • task prioritization, roadmap upkeep
    • keeping the lights on (i.e. the production instance running and stable)
  • coordinating with other raids, e.g. vid’s quests raid
  • …

At that point we can define who is taking on which responsibilities. None of these are inherently technical but they do require certain skill-sets.