Rika Goldberg to Champion MetaMedia

Update January 12 2023

After reading comments on the proposal (thank you @Web Three Prophet🐙 @katerinabc @:octopus: peth), talking to @Cami, and to Yalor (from MetaCartel & MetaGame), I’m hearing that there is a BIG need for more collaboration, energy, and excitement.

Personally, I am feeling a push to work on something impactful – work that can impact thousands of people – and, in the spirit of MetaGame, work that will help people’s lives and their communities. In order to achieve this, we need to get clear on who our audience is and what they need. We need to create playbooks that will be extremely useful and will help people solve real problems in their lives and in their work.

Now for the fun part, the HOW. How do we create extremely useful playbooks that will help people solve real problems?

We need to COLLABORATE. (We can’t do this alone). We need to generate A LOT OF ENERGY & EXCITEMENT. We can do this by creating a PLAYBOOKS COMPETITION. The winners will be given grants to write Playbooks but the competition itself will be to conduct user research and understand what Playbooks are NEEDED. (We can craft details later).

Okay, now for the VERY fun part: collaboration! Because, remember, we can’t do this alone. So we will work with other DAOs (Gitcoin, Bankless, etc.) to MATCH grant funds. Let’s really up the ante here and incentivize HIGH-QUALITY playbooks!


The overarching goal is to grow and evolve MetaMedia. And, very importantly, to set it on a path towards sustainability. We have identified Playbooks as a critical component of the MetaMedia system that can help us to achieve growth and sustainability. Our plan consists of three subgoals:

  1. Fund creators outside of the MetaFam ecosystem by giving them grants to write Playbooks
  2. Provide Playbooks-as-a-Service to DAOs
  3. Secure sponsorships

The expected impact of each subgoal is as follows:

  1. Grow audience i.e, most people who write Playbooks today already have large audiences. This means that writing for MetaMedia is an opportunity for MetaGame to reach a new audience (the writer’s), and for the writer to reach a new audience (MetaMedia’s).
  2. Generate revenue i.e, MetaMedia will charge $X to write a DAO playbook. A % will be used to pay the
    writer and a % to pay the Ops team.
  3. Make the sustainability flywheel possible i.e, Sponsorships will provide the $$ to make (1) and (2) possible.

Of course, there are already “DAO media machines” out there that write playbooks, but our unique value proposition is that Playbook writers will have the option to turn their Playbook into a micro-course on MetaGame, unlocking additional benefits.

What I want to achieve over the next Season (3 months)

  • Develop content strategy to keeping moving MetaMedia forward
  • Source new contributors from the broader DAO ecosystem (outside of MetaFam) to contribute content to MetaMedia (newsletters, videos, playbooks)
  • Generate revenue (sponsorships, selling ad space, Mirror NFTs)

Moonstone #1 - (first-month milestone)

  • Establish relationship with 2-3 independent content creators (outside of MetaFam) to source their content in newsletter
  • Work with Playbooks pod to help source Playbooks content creators

Moonstone #2 - (second-month milestone)

  • Establish partnership with 1-2 DAOs (e.g., Bankless, A Guild in MetaGuild) and source their content in newsletter
  • Work with Playbooks pod to publish 1-2 playbooks (e.g., work with A Guild in MetaGuild)

Moonstone #3 - (third-month milestone)

  • Secure 1-2 new sponsors
  • Secure 1-2 ad space sales

Why this is important for MetaGame

  • Peth has expressed the need for MetaGame to scale up to meet the needs of a growing, evolving DAO audience and to get MetaMedia on a path towards sustainability
    • This requires sourcing creators from the broader DAO ecosystem (outside of MetaFam)
    • This requires building relationships and entering partnerships with DAOs outside of the MetaFam ecosystem
  • Peth will be focusing on fundraising so he needs help with the above

Why am I the right person for it

  • I’m a content creator and contributor to several DAOs. I am also a MetaCartel member.

How might I fail at it

What might go wrong, how I might fail or why I might give up…

  • Strategy and forming relationships is hard. The tasks at hand are nebulous and the work will require lots of micro adjustments to achieve the goals.

What I’ll need help with

  • I will need help from bridge builders (Peth, MG’s Bridge Builder Champion, & others) who have experience forging relationships.
  • I will also need a mastermind/brainstorming partner to help me think through content strategy and making $$$

What I hope to get out of it

  • I want to get better at content strategy & dao relationship building.
  • Pay is TBD

I pledge…

  • I am currently able to commit roughly 16 hours per week to MetaGame.
  • I pledge to regularly report my progress, let others know when I can’t & gracefully step down from my championing role if/when I have to. (this part you can just copy paste instead of writing your own)

Glad to read this proposal. Just some points:
-AFAIK, there’s no estimable $ to propose to content creators. They would need to be onboarded to MG so they participate in our game.
This is key to the philosophy of MetaFam. We are experimenting an alternative path of living, contributing, rewarding.

Telling someone you do X and we pay u Y is not what we are looking to explore. Unless MG decides to throw away years of experimenting with this path…

It sounds difficult, but the content creators will win a great experience in being part of the MetaFam. I vouch for that.

I think the idea of Playbooks as a service to DAOs is explorable. That would enable to test your strategy. Maybe that was your thought since the start and it was not clear to me :person_shrugging:

Getting a fixed amount from a DAO, then distributing that amount within a unit of business within the MF would be interesting. I suggest that CoordinApe could be used within the team that gets the task. AND that a % goes to MF’s treasury, so that it keeps the whole machinery running.

Those are my 2 satoshis. Looking forward to what others think about this.


During the content align call on Tuesday the point was made that there are enough content writers in MetaFam ready to contribute, if the workflow for publishing content is working and not constantly (?) changing. Hence, I’m wondering if you need to establish new relationship or rebuild old ones. Both are hard to do.


I highly doubt this tbh, people like to say “we have everyone we need here” but every time I try eg. @writer, crickets :joy:
I think we should try to activate some of the people we have but also that we should be collaborating more with other DAOs, eg. PageDAO, PubDAO or Wordsmiths from Raid Guild.

I disagree, from day 1 the goal was to build a “Decentralized Factory”, meaning we should be collaborating with a lot of other DAOs & not just trying to force everyone to join MetaFam.
Also, collaborating with someone on their own terms is a good way both for them not to disappear as well as onboarding them to MetaGame later. :person_shrugging:

If MetaMedia (or other working groups) finds a sponsor, they should be able to allocate $ however they want, to distribute through Coordinape, to put up fixed amount bounties or whatever.
But Seeds themselves should go through Coordinape, unless a specific proposal to use them otherwise is put up.

I understand some of what I just said goes against what I was saying a year ago but I’d say the years of experimenting with this path led us to conclude telling people “join us, start contributing & you’ll eventually get paid but we can’t tell you how much” is not an effective strategy for getting contributors :joy:

I still believe “give first” is a great philosophy & the above strategy is great at getting people who are exclusively intrinsically motivated (or just have nothing to lose) but, in crypto especially, people need some trust before they can take that leap of faith & not fear getting scammed. Having fixed bounties & contract should allow us to build that trust with “external” contributors before getting them to join MetaFam…


Hi Katerina! Sorry for my delayed response. I wrote up my thoughts on Strategy here MetaMedia Playbooks Strategy - HackMD

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