RFC: Rabbit Hole of the Week

This is a proposal (and a request for comments) for a group activity to spice up our weekly community call.


Every person is a universe. We live full lives, and accrue many experiences and stories (good, bad and everything in between). We all spend hours on the internet absorbing all kinds of information and knowledge, learning about the most disparate topics.

But the conditions are rare for any one of us to share these little treasures with others. They tend to get stuck in our heads. As worthy as they may be, it takes active effort to propagate them and share them with the world.
Writing a book or an article is no small task. Sharing a link with a friend (or talking over a beer) is a bit more approachable.

I’d like to try something in our community call that will:

  • Artificially create good circumstances for this kind of knowledge to be shared
  • Make it easy for beautiful and useful things to spread
  • Make it easier for us to get to know each other by discovering common interests


At the start of each community call (currently Friday) one person (scheduled in advance) shares a “nugget”:

  • A topic/subject/area they’re into OR
  • A random rabbit hole they fell into, and found fascinating OR
  • An AMA-like Q&A on an aspect of their lives

Pretty much anything goes, as long as we’re not talking raids and quests and project updates.

This is not supposed to be a presentation. It should require little or no preparation.
Other than maybe putting together a few links for interested people to dig into later.
The whole thing is supposed to be 3 to 15 minutes, plus maybe a few minutes for questions.

After the nugget of the week, we move on to the regular community call free-for-all conversation.

Examples topics

Consensus protocols

  • Intro to the topic, high-speed overview of scientific literature (5 minutes)
  • Example applications: from banking to blockchain (5 minutes)
  • Links for people that want to go down the rabbit hole (Paxos, Nakamoto consensus, Leslie Lamport, Zookeeper, …)

Art // Design

A friend shared with me some of his favorite design studios. I spent 2 hours with my jaw on the floor. Here’s my favorites for you:

My years at EvilCorp

For years, I worked on AI products at EvilCorp and Umbrella Corp. Ask me anything.

:bangbang: Important

Seeing other people share, may make you think: “Holy crap that’s cool. I have nothing that cool to share!”

And you are wrong.
Other people’s stuff always seems cooler because it is exotic to you.
Your interests and passions are cool AF to everyone else, because they are exotic to them!.

Every week you stumble upon hundreds of interesting things that are worth sharing.
You’ve lived thousands of experiences and situations that are foreign and novel to others
They want to know about it.

Guaranteed, or you money back. Give it a shot.


If we decide to try this out, I volunteer to organize the schedule.
So we have one or two every week.

If you have been looking for a role in MetaGame, and organizing this sounds fun. I’m very happy to pass this role to you. Hit me up.

Duties include:

  • Pinging people, or adding people to some sort of spreadsheet that tracks <name, date, topic> for a couple of weeks in advance
  • Remind people the day before they are on the schedule
  • Remind people after to share links (if appropriate)

In conclusion

Let me know what you think about this proposal.

If you usually attend Fridays calls, I might ping you and ask you if you want to present.
It’s ok to say no.



I love the idea! I’d love to learn from you weird-smart-loving people! :slight_smile:

An idea to max the fun and limit conversation scope:

  • Share 1 photo/graph/meme only to guide your presentation (no text)
  • Next level alternative: Pick 3 images and talk max 3 minutes about each one.
    If feasible; automatically skip to or post the next image to help manage speaker time, like a mini Pecha Kucha event.


Love the other suggestions too. Maybe we can assemble various format suggestions for inspiration somewhere, then each “speaker” can choose.

This sounds both fun and interesting!

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Oh I really like this idea.
It allows us to share without the overload of absorbing a dozen people’s stories all in one meeting.


Was thinking an Evergreen Quest for Innkeepers can be to find someone for a rabbithole segment and schedule with you…

That would be great.

The schedule is in Notion, take a look at the ‘Community Gathering’ page.
Anyone can put their name down to organize or host at anytime. I’m more than happy to share the glory.