Recruiting Service as one Path to Sustainability

As commented before on Path to Sustainability we need to explore ways to make our own raids and guilds self-sustainable. This proposal is a functional example of how to do it, as it is already in operations.

Pallet offers us a way to monetize the recruiting efforts currently done exclusively for MetaGame by enabling other DAOs and organizations to pay for:

  1. Posting their jobs with us.
  2. Accessing the curated community of value-aligned individuals that MetaGamers and MetaAlliance members are.

This is a service that previously was only offered by hiring-specialized orgs like Now, we can leverage our own name to access income sources:

In the spirit of exploring and testing post-capitalistic business models we will stream the income from Pallet to MetaGame.

How? Not yet defined, might it be better to do it buying SEEDS, donating to Giveth and Gitcoin, directly streaming it to the treasury, or a combination of all? I would like to get your input here.

This service will be offered by the Recruiting subGuild, composed of two HR experts and the Recruiter Champion of MG.

This Recruiting team will begin with this part, but will work simultaneously on improving our onboarding experience through the help of ResearchN’DAO, Doug Kirkpatric, and the Onboarder Champion, Misanth. A more detailed proposal on that joint endeavor is available here.

Finally, it is to be said that this effort is a cross-guild thing. We would need to include within our Newsletter and Podcasts a brief space for promoting the open roles within Pallet. This way, the recruiting service is already connecting with two other raids and showing a potential way on moving forward for other initiatives.

Hope to get the community approval, as next steps are:

  1. Sharing the Pallet with the MetaAlliance (Giving them 100% of discount to post their roles for those doing it within the next 14 days, then we can have a 50% discount for MetaAlliance members as part of a value sharing with them).
  2. Sharing the Pallet through the official MetaFam twitter.
  3. Improving the experience of recruiting through the HR experts.



I have been failing, because am no expert in the matter. However, now we have 2 HR Directors with more than 20 years of experience combined, should make a difference.
Having them for bringing in people only to MG was the initial idea, however, when interviewing ppl I’ve found some that do not fit with MG but perhaps for others, and well this is part of the onboarding machine idea and an added value for the MAlliance.
And as we have Pallet available we are now able to directly monetize the service, bringing value to everyone and experimenting a path to sustainability.

We cannot wait until everything is finished. We have the resources to make it happen, when other pieces of puzzle are complete, we can put them together.

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My point was more so that we’re not a service DAO like Raid Guild or d0rg & we are building a platform which is way more expensive to get started, takes longer to start producing money but is more scalable.
I’m sure we could make money by offering services like that, but that’s not a scalable approach & it cannot produce enough revenue for the platform + would distract current members from building the platform & focus on offering a service instead.

If we can hire enough people to help build the platform, we can start offering scalable solutions. But if we start offering hiring service for other DAOs while we’re still struggling at finding contributors to MetaGame… I don’t think it would help :man_shrugging:

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Got the point of not being a service DAO, but then what are the options for us to bring income from our guilds and subguilds’ work if it is not through a service?
Thinking out of the box is what we need, help me get there.

I agree on that some efforts might distract us from reaching our goals of finding people. However, I thought offering the service as there are some people that have been attracted by the recruiting postings but, they do not fit within the MG style, thus, these people can be guided to the DAO that suits best their style. Just for that.

I’ll wait for Dalila and Murillo. They know the goal of recruiting them is recruiting the people we need in MG, and after that to others.

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