Purpose of Metagme

I have two questions "What is metagame? " & “Why do user want to join a metagame community?”. Would be interesting to know how the metagame community answer this questions.

My answers:

What is metagame?

  • As I understand Metagame is a game tamplet for a community to acchive goals/milestones in a gamified way.

Why do user want to join a metagame community?

  • User in metagame join a Metagame community because they like the goals of the community and want to help them acchive their goals.
  • They want to meet/chat with interesting people virtually or locally.
  • They are searching for help
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What is metagame?
An attempt in bringing the magic back.
Aligning of people around a higher purpose of making the world around them a better place by becoming best versions of themselves and working on things that matter, while experiencing the most fun, meaning & connection possible.

Why do people want to join?
Depends on who they are, but generally because they like being around like-minded people, trying to change things & become a part of something bigger than themselves, but also making a little extra money over the weekend.

Really looking forward to seeing what other people write :slight_smile:
Will also be writing a full “value proposition” blog post soon.

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Whether you call them digital collectives or raid parties, in the end they are just ad-hoc cooperatives in the gig economy. A book " Everything for Everyone: The Radical Tradition that Is Shaping the Next Economy" talks about it countering the exist economic feudalism (aka platforms as corporate towns extracting rent without benefiting the workers). The gamification is just a visual metaphor (or consensual reality) for the skills and badges from Web 3.0 development as the core is communications and multi-party formation with a bare modicum of trust (fairness enforced by prior agreements)


What is Metagame?
Well, I am still trying to come up with a brief description of what it is. I can feel what it’s all about but can’t get the correct combination of words to describe. So, this is what I think it is.

Metagame is not a community alone, not an alternative social economy alone, not a metaverse alone, not a place to work distributed, remote & decentralized alone, not a group of like minded people alone, not a place to bring up your ideas to life alone, not a place to learn and collaborate alone, not a place to earn alone, not a place to be a part of something huge alone, not an another silicon valley alone…

but it’s a game that co-ordinates all for the betterment of the whole or each person it has along with itself.

Why do people wanna join?
There’s something for everyone to get from and contribute to Metagame depending upon what one’s upto. It’s all about him/her to forge down the path to greatness.


did you draw that?

Would be nice if this would be a community bottom up approach. I think its good if not a “authority” is writing a full “value proposition” but instead publish this post as a community member. It would be interesting to try to write “authority” post in a wiki style so its the current view of the community majority not a few community members.

If i want to explain Metagame to someone who is not in crypto i would tell him its a reward game tamplet for communities to achieve goals together. like a Nintendo for communities to play/work together. Metagame is the Nintendo and the community projects are the games.

that came out of a review for the book …