Proposoal #73: Funding The Public Goods Warhead

Public Goods Warhead

Objective: To reach a new audience who have an interest in the problems MetaGame aims to address short/mid/long-term. Onboarding highly skilled/educated participants // youth, retired & unemployed people through a public good media platform on TikTok.

What I’ve done so far for PGW

Collected videos surrounding issues of centralisation, Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Societal Pressures.

These have been clipped into 1 min segments (Thanks FFMPEG & Minitool) - now they need reframing and subtitles added to them… I estimated it will take me around 120 hrs to complete 240 videos for posting → I’ve gone onto Fiverr recently to shop for a costing for this particular part of the process.

Next Steps

It costs around £6.22/$7.50/video best price or around £1,492/$1798/month not including scheduling with many freelancers pricing closer to $10-20/video.

At the lower end it works out to around $15/hr as an hourly wage but I don’t currently have 4hrs/day to create this section of the project. It’d be more efficient to outsource.

Then I can schedule 8 videos/day for a month and we see what kind of traction we get.

Given this is an unproven project though… Potentially that money could be used for:

Questchainz or MyMeta but as we have no TikTok Presence, this could increase the level of interest in MetaGame as a community and onboard talent to raise our potential as a DAO.

Total Cost

$1798 for this experiment. I think 4 weeks will give us enough time to gage the ROI.

50% Capacity experiment costed at: $899

25% Capacity experiment costed at: $449.5

Proposed Alternatives

  1. Reduce the outlay by 50% process 120 videos and only post 4 times per day as a Test
  2. Reduce the outlay by 70% process 60 videos and only post 2 times per day as a Test
  3. Another player wants to take on this part of the process, I transfer the video content for transcription on say Descript and they reframe and add subtitles. This is a big commitment and I kind of want it done to a certain standard consistently.
  4. I take it on - I have limited time currently. Otherwise would love to
  5. We sit on the project til I me/someone has the capacity


(Cost per video $10+)

Cost I’ve Found ($7.50/video):

Also would like to say that this would be about results, I think as an exception outsourcing part of a process isn’t inherently bad. I do think this could be seen negatively but we may gain more than what we lose & its important to remember that.

If I could pay for this currently I would, I’d have loved to come here with actual numbers but I’ve seen these style accounts with tonnes of followers with no solution and thats where we differ.

Additional links:


Hey @FearlessThompson! I’m happy to see someone bring up this subject. From the beginning I’ve been thinking our social media game could use some more love, but there are so many things going on and not enough hands to even get together and align on tactics, and assign tasks required. Currently b0gie and me are working on a template for social media to share clips of the community gathering calls, where we have pretty cool guests and since a certain amount of effort goes into scheduling and hosting them, it’s a good idea to generate even more value out of them (reuse the recordings we get during the calls in this case).

What I’ve learnt from others and also observed from running tests, is that the ideas and the way they are currently shared in MG, do make sense and attract people, and I see them spark their curiosity, want to know more, make them able to see how web3 isn’t just crypto bros and scams… And clearly people are realising and talking more openly about the issues you mention nowadays. So if done right, we should be able to get a decent audience growing there. I can imagine some people won’t like the idea of using TikTok for several reasons, but when you operate in between 2 worlds because your goal is to onboard people into this one, you gotta meet them halfway…

I’d love to see examples of the tone and style of the tiktoks you envision we could make, and more detail on the content strategy. If the clips already exist, could you share one as an example? Just wondering what the current state is. Also, what are the sources of these videos? Concerned we’d get in trouble for using them…

In terms of quantity, I’m thinking 8/day would be overkill, 4 should be good, especially considering this is a test. I this proposal goes, I can take care of reframing and subtitles, and I’d be happy to do it for 60%.


I’ll be in contact Cami :smile:

yea. hyperregenerating all of our old podcast/community call episodes that have already been posted to YouTube into small vertical clips will be crucial as well as generating new content like @FearlessThompson proposes.

i think we ought to make a quest chain for just FINDING all these clippable moments in our old stuff and clipping them within YT + sharing link as proof submission for quest, then i can sift through those submissions and make them into subtitled/vertical format videos to post.