Proposal: Add Wooden and Stone Fams

Currently there are five leagues of ten people apiece which enjoy a boost to the XP that is distributed for their actions: Diamond: 1.5×, Platinum: 1.25×, Gold: 1×, Silver: 0.75×, & Bronze: 0.5×.

Players all enjoy a 0.25× boost over those without the role, and all League members are also Players, so the responses of a Diamond Founder carry seven times the weight of a mere Player.

My proposal is that we make things more egalitarian by adding two new Leagues to the bottom of the totem pole: Wood and Stone. The membership quotas would be, Diamond → Stone: 7, 7, 7, 7, 14, 14, 21 for a total of 77 League members. That’s still less that ⅓ of the 300 total that would be in a League.

Additionally, I think we should reduce the grade at which a boost is given for League progression switching the weights to: 0.2×, 0.3×, 0.4×, 0.55×, 0.7×, 0.85×, 1×, so that a Diamond’s actions are approximately three times the weight of a Stone’s, and the overall weight of long-term participation is lessened.

It is important to real that these weights aren’t rewards but are meant to increase the realism of SourceCred’s approximation of the value added by our miscellaneous contributions.

This proposal would make the boosting characteristics of XP progression more gradual and available to a larger group of Players.