Proposal #74: UX Squad 0.1: Power Duo

As I’ve been pointing out for months (& most of you know from your own experience), is plagued with small & big UX issues.
While this is true of most crypto projects, in our case, the additional issue is that we have literally nobody focused on these usability issues that are crippling our otherwise great platform.

So, let’s solve that?


  • Form the “UX Squad”, a small group focused specifically on solving problems around usability
  • Come up with a set of issues
  • Fund the group with $5k worth of Seeds to solve them

Well, this group already exists & so does the list of issues.
I’ve talked to @vid & @Dave who both thought its necessary & formed the initial group.

Going forward

We’ll see how this experiment goes. If it goes well, there will be another proposal to fund the experiment for 3-6 months.

To make sure money is spent wisely, this experiment will be a lot more data driven than our current initiatives - we’ll be doing a lot more user research, surveying & tracking of the analytics to figure out the next set of issues for coming months.

Why tho?

This builds on the “Compensation 2.0” ideas laid out in a thread a few month ago, except more focused on specific outcomes & goals.

Why do I think it’s necessary to fund this group with $5k worth of Seeds? 2 reasons:

  • There is currently no mechanism for incentivizing builders to choose issues that hinder adoption vs issues that they find more fun to work on
  • Bounties proved themselves super effective at getting people to complete important work
  • Stable pay is how we get stable work