Proposal #74: UX Squad 0.1: Power Duo

As I’ve been pointing out for months (& most of you know from your own experience), is plagued with small & big UX issues.
While this is true of most crypto projects, in our case, the additional issue is that we have literally nobody focused on these usability issues that are crippling our otherwise great platform.

So, let’s solve that?


  • Form the “UX Squad”, a small group focused specifically on solving problems around usability
  • Come up with a set of issues
  • Fund the group with $5k worth of Seeds to solve them

Well, this group already exists & so does the list of issues.
I’ve talked to @vid & @Dave who both thought its necessary & formed the initial group.

Going forward

We’ll see how this experiment goes. If it goes well, there will be another proposal to fund the experiment for 3-6 months.

To make sure money is spent wisely, this experiment will be a lot more data driven than our current initiatives - we’ll be doing a lot more user research, surveying & tracking of the analytics to figure out the next set of issues for coming months.

Why tho?

This builds on the “Compensation 2.0” ideas laid out in a thread a few month ago, except more focused on specific outcomes & goals.

Why do I think it’s necessary to fund this group with $5k worth of Seeds? 2 reasons:

  • There is currently no mechanism for incentivizing builders to choose issues that hinder adoption vs issues that they find more fun to work on
  • Bounties proved themselves super effective at getting people to complete important work
  • Stable pay is how we get stable work

Hey, I wanted to leave a comment here to give an update as to how everything went this month with UX Squad, and what my role has been,

First let’s discuss the budgetting and compensation for the UX Squad, we decided on 5000$ USD in SEED tokens as compensation for working on UX tasks that have been prioritised by the builders, designers and octagon members.

The three participants of this round:

Dave: UX designer is entitled to 50% of the total compensation or 2500$, he received 33% of the total in advance (800$ in SEED), and he worked on providing the designs for 4 features and managing the outcome for those designs.

Sero: Developer / PM support (Peth was main PM this round), is entitled to 1500$, I received 33% of the total in advance 500$ in SEED. I completed 3 development tasks, cleaned up stale github issues and helped with the logistics of the process.

Sero’s completed tasks:

  1. Integrate substack mailing list form into UI: PR #1568: (can only post 2 links /: )
  2. Improve megamenu by re-organising nav links and improving styles: Improve MegaMenu - Ready For Review by Seroxdesign · Pull Request #1571 · MetaFam/TheGame · GitHub
  3. Add who-we-are section to landing page, showcasing metagame elders, players, guilds and Patrons:
  4. (NO PRs but can be verified by Peth): Closed out stale github issues, organised Notion in preperation for next round.

Vid: Developer is entitled to 1000$, he received 33% total payment in advance 333$ in SEED. Vid was on vacation, but still has a few tasks he’s agreed to finish on.

Given that Dave, and I have completed much work and have prioritised next months compensation, we will be requesting the remainder of our compensation of:

Dave: 1640$ in SEED
Sero: 1000$ in SEED

If you have any questions. I’d be happy to answer.

In case you still search for members, I like to do UX and UI, from design thinking to wireframing and I can jump in whenever @Dave needs some helping hand with designs.