Proposal #6: Sponsor a set of Blockchain Academy Mexico's courses in exchange for students working on our projects as part of their graduation requirements

Proposal: Onboarding Web 3 academic communities to MetaGame

Type of proposal: Soft.

What is proposed: Sponsor a set of four (4) Blockchain Academy Mexico’s courses in exchange for running a specialized Bootcamp of five days with graduates from BAM to work in MyMeta. This will kickstart a long-term partnership for enabling BAM’s students to work on our projects as part of their graduation requirements.

Abstract: Students from Web 3 schools get the theoretical part, however they miss the practical side. This proposal is about offering the practical side to specialized knowledge centers such as Blockchain Academy Mexico (BAM) while getting the benefit of accelerating our development through a gamified approach using MyMeta, Raids, Quests, XP, SEED, and Discord integration as the base of the students’ participation.

Why is this important to MetaGame:

  • Tap into fresh talent: We will receive a considerable number of Engaged Octos that can immediately put their hands on building/shilling/bridge-building/writing/designing the world we want to live in.
  • Better onboarding: the on-boarding will be structured since the BAM’s students will follow a predefined path from zero to being a successfully engaged octo in a guild
  • Higher retention rate: since the engaged octos are going to follow a structured path of quest solving, and the quest solving will be a requirement for them to successfully graduate as engaged octos, the retention rate will be higher.
  • Higher engaged octo activity: provided by the structured quest solving path connected to their course at BAM
  • Acceleration of (building/shilling/bridge-building) development: due to the higher number of engaged octos, but also due to the connections created by the collaboration with Blockchain Academy Mexico
  • Increased reach due to the popularity of Blockchain Academy: the format is present in many countries of Latin America, not only in Mexico, counting more than 3000 students

Additional positive impacts of approving this proposal are:

  1. Start covering the Spanish speaking side of MetaVille
  2. Accelerating our current roadmaps while helping positioning MetaGame on the minds of Web3 enthusiasts.

Final summary of actionable tasks:

  1. Get approved 4 scholarships from MetaGame to BAM (650USD*4=2600USD)
  2. Get Blockchain Academy Mexico’s curricula and have a call with MetaGame’s interested Players to turn them into Quest Makers, Guild’s Innkeeper, and General Innkeeper for participating in this strategy.
  3. Define Quests for MyMeta from the Shillers’, Designers’, and Builders’ guilds.
  4. Start co-organization of Bootcamp’s logistics with BAM

-Reference links/docs:

Notion page with the explanation of the whole project (go to section "Blockchain Academy Mexico & Other Schools):

General information about Blockchain Academy (Mexico):

Blockdemy | Aqui aprendes las habilidades del futuro


I really like the idea of sponsoring students and collaborating with them. Would be cool to see our limits in that regard. :mechanical_arm:
I guess my questions in relation to MetaGame would be the following:


  • Would their graduation process be unique?
  • Do we create a scholarship questline to be used going into the future?
  • Would they follow the current progress flow?
  • Is it 1 group, 4 courses or 4 groups 1 course


  • Is your proposal looking for a team of people that will be focused on onboarding, organizing and tutoring them, like a traditional course?
  • Are there going to be any “officials” (professors or guides,…) from BAM checking in, joining or helping coordinate?
  • Is there anything that they require us to focus on in terms of their curriculum and its underlying skill application?


  • Is the proposal suggesting 4x5 = 20 days?
  • Is it raw 20 days or effective? (effective would be only counting working days)
  • What happens after the proposed timeframe?


  • Is the goal here to collaborate with BAM, expose and educate students on WEB3 opportunities in the form of this Raid?
  • Are they expected to become players upon completing the Raid?
  • Is the payment expected at the end of each course or bundled?
  • How will the money flow go? MG>BAM>STUDENTS, MG>STUDENTS, …

PS. try adding to the title: Proposal #6

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I give full support, I think tailoring the quests towards maybe onboarding the next BAM cohort would be good…

Alternatively, I also like these areas for Focused Quest:-

  1. Builders - Focused Github Issues
  2. Shillers - Create a Marketing Campaign for BAM
  3. Designers - UI for METAOS Features
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Thank you for the reply and support, @Misanth and @FearlessThompson! I hope I am answering your comments/questions correctly:

a) Process

The goal is to start integrating MetaGame into all Web3 knowledge centers, adding the practical part to the theory taught at schools. With this, we aim to standardize the graduation process of web3 schools through MG quests as the Onboarding Machine to Web3.

Definitely, @Misanth. That would be the best road to walk. With that, MG not only provides direct experience into the Web3 world but facilitates everyone to onboard regardless of their financial situation.

Yes. They will start with the 7 warm-up quests, then with available quests made by Players.

1 group, 3 courses (Dev Pro, Blockchain 4 Business, Blockchain 4 Lawyers). BAM is going to open new courses/certifications soon.


Yes. The aim is to have MG Players and Engaged Octos to commit onboarding, organizing, tutoring, and quest giving to the students coming.

We have not talked about that, but they might be interested in joining too!

We have asked the curricula of subjects within these three courses so MG Players can issue quests that are within the skills taught. Anna and I will share them as soon as we get them.


5 days of intense Bootcamp, so like a hackathon specialized in MetaGame.

5 effective days

On the one hand, to have engaged students so good to have them as active Engaged Octos prooving their way to becoming a Player.
On the other hand, to start reviewing the integration strategy of MetaGame into BAM’s graduation process. Now, the Bootcamp will be a way to show BAM the value of MG’s onboarding machine.


Yes. And two more things: Put MG into the minds of the Mexican/Latin American blockchain professionals, and put our builds (MyMeta) directly into the hands of a maker community.


Scholarships would be given to BAM so they can allocate them. A shared Shiller campaign will be created so MG gets attention from the scholarship giveaway.

Scholarships: MG->BAM->Students. SEED and XP: MG->Students completing quests as we all do.

I would just suggest having Shillers issue quests regarding Web3 builds such as MyMeta and/or any other important event within the Metaverse. We can add #BAM @Blockdemy tags to anything shilled by them so BAM gets attention from their students’ contributions.

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Would love to setup a meetup with inns and others interested to discuss this in voice as the main topic
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Yes please. I don’t agree with full proposal. Scholarships…maybe. But this sounds like four things shoved together, and I have questions. A call would be nice to schedule before this urgency.