Proposal #4 (10): Proposal split and format

Proposal 4a:
It is proposed to add soft proposals in the process.

Proposal 4b:
It is proposed we follow a general format when posting a proposal.


4a) Soft Proposals
Soft proposals will be minor proposals which go into effect immediately, not having to wait if the vote will go through. This is reserved for small changes that should be as friction-less as possible and provide an element of report while reducing friction.

4b) Formatting
We should follow a general format when submitting proposals. Making sure consistent labeling of proposals will make it easier to recognize, index and flow.


4a) Start reporting
4b)The Following format is proposed:
Title: Proposal #X: Name
-what is proposed (very short and concise)
-abstract (explain what and why)
-final summary of actionables ( what needs to be done to follow up )
-reference links/docs



I think adding a process for this makes sense & will allow others to feel theyโ€™ve been heard throughout our change making.