Proposal #37: Compensation (draft)

The problem

If we want people to take MetaGame more seriously,
we need MetaGame to take people more seriously.

Right now, there is no incentive to become a Champion & lead an initiative in MetaGame.

  • The more you contribute, the harder it is to report in #didathing & the less you get paid compared to how much you work.

As long as people can’t depend on MetaGame for income, we won’t have more people picking up & actually leading these different raids & guilds - or at least not without me spamming them. :joy:

To recap, people in MetaGame being intrinsically motivated has generally worked out but the downside is the snail pace of the project & nobody stepping up to lead.

Wat do?

Simple, come up with proper compensation mechanisms.

The proposal essentially defines 3 tiers:

Tier 1: Sourcecred

This is currently all there is but maybe it should be just the first step. You join MetaGame & you start by being compensated through the Sourcecred system. This is for casual contributors & newcomers.

Tier 2: Coordinape

Use the same number as distributed through Sourcecred, but distribute it through Coordinape. This would be for more active members of the community.
It would start with the 8 most active members then fork into multiple circles as more people get active.

Tier 3: Stablepay

A tier reserved for top contributors only aka the core team; used to make sure people are properly compensated regardless of the ups & downs of the market. If Seeds go down, they get more Seeds.

More options

Besides the tiers system, a few more options…

Option 1: The above

Option 1 is simply the above described tiers for members.

Option 2: Bounties

Having bounties for pieces of work we either need completed urgently or want to use for getting new contributors; having bounties could be good for attracting new people to MetaGame.

Option 3: Contracts

Besides climbing the tiers system, people are always free to submit funding proposals for whatever they want. This can be used for one-off projects but it can also be how internal guilds & raids get funded.

Note: Neither option #2 nor #3 would make people players or yield XP.


  • We discuss the above & finish the proposal
  • There’s a proposal to ratify it
  • We put it into piece by piece, implementing Tier 3 only after we get at least $50k.

Questions and clarifications:

  • I’m aware of Sourcecred and Coordinape, but not fluent. What would distinguish the two types of contributions other than who contributed? Would Players be eligible to earn both ways, or would it be a tier system where they would earn from one or the other? Also, I think the difference in allocation is that Sourcecred is more algorithmic and Coordinape is community vote driven, correct? Would both tiers have the same inputs?
  • If the intent is stable income for tier 3, would it make sense to pay in stablecoins? Or does the treasury not support that? What needs to get to $50k to implement, treasury?
  • Option 2 and 3 aren’t really exclusive of the tiers above, it could all coexist, so do we really need an option 1?

I am still learning and finding my way how to contribute correctly and make sure to document all that I did to get rewarded for the efforts. I think it is a learning curve and process we need to keep educating people on how to go down the path together and collaborate to make this work effectively


I kinda feel the same. They don’t need to be exclusive of each other.

Yes to Option 1 but also yes to options 2 & 3. We can run bounties through Dework when we have bounty type work and contracts/proposals for kick-starting Coordinapes for internal guilds/one-off projects.

Not sure I understand “the same number as distributed through Sourcecred” - you mean the same number of seeds each player gets from the mint would also be added to Coordinape?

Thanks for putting this together @peth :pray:

Good to see a new face in the forums @Maxwe11 :green_heart:

Keep at it @Disciple-TYMED. The path will become clear… :octopus:


Yeah, definitely not exclusive.
I see it as with perks, tier 1 has tier 1, tier 2 has tier 1 & 2 & tier 3 includes tier 1, 2 & 3.

Correct. They would have the same input as in the same amount of Seeds but not necessarily the same output.
It would make sense to pay in stablecoins but we dont have stablecoins & no way to attract stablecoins as Seeds “can only be created through labor”. I think people should still be paid in Seeds except either be able to sell it to the treasury at a fixed price or get extra to account for slippage etc.

The total number of Seeds distributed in a given month through Sourcecred would be taken & distributed through Coordinape, effectively doubling the distro.


I found this post regarding compensation. Thank you

I agree that a combination of all of them could coincide and would maybe work well. I’m curious how the Coordinape is working out so far. Is there a link available for Coordinape or Dework boards? Where are these normallty found? (within one of the onboarding flow paths?)


The Coordinape wasn’t started yet & the Dework boards have only just been created so I dont think they’re even linked to from anywhere actually…
They will be linked from & probably mentioned in the quest chains

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I’m starting to get a feel for how the dework is working. Are we eventually adding little quests to quests chains like sub quests to each general path? or will that be through the other boards?

Not sure what you mean by adding little quests to quest chains but some normal quests (not dework but .wtf/quests) are already linked in there.
But overall, mainly plan on using Quest Chains for onboarding paths & playbooks.
Considered using them for workflows eg. “Community Gatherer” but ended up writing the checklist in Dework board… Thoughts on this? Should it stay as a checklist in Dework or turn into a chain?
Also cool thing about Dework is that it has a Coordinape integration so the tasks completed in Coordinape will automatically be appearing under person’s contributions in Coordinape.

I like dework. Coordinape integration is great too. Makes sense quests as onboarding.

Thanks for the words of encouragement @luxumbra

I get a little confused with the working from coordinape and Dework so appreciate to all you do as well as everyone in MG