Proposal #36: Proposal to Design Patrons and Guilds Pages


This proposal aims to design patrons and guilds signup pages as a big part of Metagame. The design will create an interface allowing users to navigate properly and relate well to the gaming environment.

I’m a high-level designer specializing in Product, Visual, UI & UX. I propose to design the patrons and guild landing/signup pages. The design would be executed in these directions:

  1. Discovery and Research
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Detailed UX Design

Metagame is an approach to a game that transcends or operates outside the prescribed rules of the game and which uses external factors to prescribe the game and uses external factors to affect the game.

Scope & Contributions

  • Create a friendly user interface and experience for the Patrons and Guilds pages. These pages will include:
    • A paragraph or two and a few bullet points on why one should become a patron
    • List of top 10 patron cards with “load more”
    • Different tiers & requirements
    • A way to subscribe to buying seeds or at least buy Seeds
  • Define an engaging experience on how users should get to this page
  • Design Icons and Visuals

Link to the design:

Proposed Compensation

So I designed it but only got 1.84 Seeds. I request for a total compensation of $500 for designing patrons and guilds signup pages.

Address: 0x2753c791bCA3667f10800262FCB0168269e12DC5