Proposal #35 - Core Team & Coordinape // Building Inflows for the community

Core Teams & Coordinape - A Bear Market Proposal

With the ensuing Bear Market & faltering Seed Economy… we need to build and support a Core-Team on a particular project to retain Capital & develop the MyMeta platform or other product namely:

  1. MyMeta
  2. Chievmints
  3. Quests apart of MetaOS
  4. MetaCollab

It would mean limiting other components of the community. Until we can bring in the required funding or income to create the revenue needed for the full community.

I’m trying to be realistic about how we can survive as a community with the recent crash in Seeds.

We’d basically leave the old system momentarily & utilise Coordinape to find the core contributors on each of the 4 projects. Builders, Designers, Marketers & BizDev in each product. We can already see on a case by case basis who we believe has the skill-sets to monetize these products, protocols & platforms.

To ensure fairness in this climate the core-team would be determined by factors such as historic, intentional contribution and source cred on high impact projects in the MetaGame ecosystem. If agreed, and in order to ensure the longevity of the community we would use these metrics to fund a core-team across the aforementioned four products.

Across all markets in the current climate, a raise will be difficult & with disposable income at a low for most. Preserving the potential of these products should take paramount importance. So as we are in this new environment, measures should be taken to further focus & establish community sustainability until this rough period has surpassed for greener pastures.

We have the history, the connections & the ability to make these products useful to the wider DAO ecosystem. This is a Blue Ocean with the potential for a greater outcome long term but a sacrifice must be made to preserve the economic needs of high impact contributors on core products. In doing so, these products would sustain the wider community and support access to opportunity. This temporary measure would ensure a rebalance of funding, to promote the future capacity of the community via these protocols.

I propose that we hold a vote, utilising a For & Against Criteria with a call to discuss in a timely manner.

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