Proposal#34 Regen Guild

This is a proposal to create a Regen Guild.

This Guild would include raids such as Carbon Offset NFTs and Doing Good.

We also currently have a #permaculture channel. It’s a decent drop of links sharing regenerative, sustainability, and permaculture snippets from everywhere.

We have a MetaGame powered crew working on the project ReVesture participating in the Planet NFT Hackathon by the RefiDAO. Potentially edging MetaGame into ReFi. Opening many opportunities for more integrations to MetaOS and mymeta profiles.

ReFi is on the rise. It’s good for MetaGame to be a part of this wave. Especially as we move into Phase 2 and work towards physical space in the future. Currently, there are many EcoVillage projects starting to use or seeking to use web3. We can be helping.

This guild would continue to seek new opportunities in ReFi and Regenerative Movements. They would manage the Doing Good fund and do some good with it. They would, for example, support and highlight awesome Giveth projects.

The guild can expand into many new things that haven’t even started yet.

Whatdya think?


It’s got my vote. :ballot_box_with_check:


I would join the guild!


Good to see a newcomer jump in the forum! Good to have you on board. :beers:


We can also include well-being inside the Regen Guild. Would that make sense? Well-being is not restrained to individuals, our individual well-being is very affected by our environment. I’m imagining that we could use a measurement (like ina game) to measure the WB levels of a system. Well-being levels, so instead of XP we could have WB (the higher your WB levels the more chances you’ll have of doing good or contributing to anything, because you are feeling well :)) just brainstorming here - there is no max lvl of WB, because it can be very broad and measured in many diferent ways.