Proposal #33: Tester's Guild

What is Tester’s Guild?

A guild dedicated to:
a) Finding newly emergent dApps and protocols (hopefully alpha).
b) Testing them out, exploring their functionality and pushing their limits.
c) Reporting about the UX and deciding whether Metagame can make use of it.
d) Operating as decentralized QA testers and reporting bugs or pain points to the communities behind the projects.

I know what you are probably thinking. “We are already playing around with various projects and this is pretty much what happened with SourCred! Why the need of a whole guild and raid?”. Here are some good reasons:

  1. First come, first serve: Metagame can be early birds for the adoption of projects with very big potential which can be good both reputation-wise and funding-wise (getting airdropped tokens and being whitelisted, getting projects to be patrons for supporting their project etc).
  2. Facilitating Player Onboarding: Having an easy-entry way for new people to get involved and start contributing right away in a very valuable manner while also ensuring that a multitude of perspectives is present that can enrich the UX reports.
  3. MyMeta Stewardship: Finding ways of integrating MetaOS and MyMeta with projects before their launch thus ensuring a substantial advantage for Metagame branded products in terms of interoperability.
  4. It’s a heckin fun way of work!

It is also good for this to be both a role and a raid with its own channels for communication. What is good about this is that anybody can contribute easily based on their own experience and skillset. But even if this doesn’t become an active raid it is still good to have a dedicated channel for all projects because right now people share them all over the place in Discord and it is hard to find them again.

That said here is a cursory suggestion of projects worth testing:

Let me know what you think and if you got any suggestions for testing :wink:


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