Proposal #27: Organization of the Holiday Memeathon

Hello everyone!

During the Shiller’s Align, the possibility of a Holiday Memeathon has been discussed.
Dropping here some details.

IMPORTANT: There will be a discussion about the Memeathon as well. On Wednesday, December 1st at 5 PM UTC (during the Mid-week storming call) in the Townhall channel.

Possible date of the Memeathon: Sunday, 12th of December
Possible time of the Memeathon: 6 PM UTC

The idea would be to start with a pre-memeathon (from Monday to Saturday prior to the event itself) where people could create and share short meme videos.
The live memeathon would take place on Sunday. The hosts (to be defined) would present the meme videos, talk about memes and guide the whole memeathon event.
During the event, participants would have the possibility to create and share their memes live.
The best 3 memes (video ones included), with the most votes, would be awarded with $SEEDs. (quantity to be defined).

The budget will be distributed in the form of prizes for the 3 best memes.
Would request 15 SEEDs and 8pSEEDs as prizes (to be divided between the 3 winners).

Why would it be useful?

  • community building: having fun together
  • content creation: we will use the memes in the Shilling strategy

This idea is still a work in progress, and any constructive feedback is welcome!


What are the meme videos format? How long in length? A video of memes in order or?

Is there somewhere where the discussion of this has continued?

Have the winners of the video contest been decided yet?
I saw no talk about this when the meme-athon ended.

What is more, I think it would be cool to have some more planning for the next meme-athon in terms of themes, duration and determining winners.

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Ye, i announced the dispersion today although it was distributed some days ago
Absolutely, this one was a little disorganized and there wasn’t a huge interest in organizing it at the time. The next one will be a lot better :slight_smile: