Proposal #0: Minimum Viable Proposal Procedure

The Goal of this proposal is to provide clarity about how the community makes decisions that impact the entire community. A minimum viable proposal procedure is required. Loosely, a minimum viable procedure will meet the following requirements.

  1. There is a means of making a proposal
  2. There are rules about how can make a proposal
  3. There is a means of discussing, and or iterating on the proposal
  4. There are rules about how a proposal is ratified or not ratified
    –a) who gets to participate in the decision
    –b) how is that support aggregated as a decision
  5. There is a means or method by which ratified proposals are transparently executed upon.

This Proposal sets forth a specific suggestion for such a procedure. (indices match the above)

  1. Any MetaGame Player may make a proposal by drafting a Forum Post detailing a proposal.

  2. Details required to make that proposal actionable may vary, but it is the responsibility of the proposer to champion, or find a champion, who can resolve blockers to proposal execution, should it pass.

  3. The Forums will serve as the default point of discussion and reflect the current state of the organizations opinion. Discussion in discord text chats or in calls may contribute to the discussion but do not constitute the official record of the discussion. Please put your thoughts in writing.

  4. Decisions will be made by rough consensus, facilitated by the Diamond Founders
    –a) Every MetaGame player gets an equal say in decisions, and insofar as votes are called, they will be one player one vote, but they will serve as information collecting rather than formal decision making mechanisms.
    –b) The final resolution of a proposal will be decided upon by the Diamond Founder group by interpreting the results of polls and the merits of the discussions in the forum. When the decision is made the diamond founds will write a decision post, explaining their decision to the community. The preferred outcome is that the 7 diamond founders agree unilaterally on what decision best represents the will of the community. In the event that they do not, dissenting members will also write a minority opinion.

  5. When proposals are executed proposers and/or associated champions are to take all reasonable actions to fulfill the proposals. Updates should be posted in discord and/or discourse. In the event that blockers arise New Courses of action may in some cases require new proposals to be considered.

Please note that this process is
A) Intended primarily to codify the existing manner in which decisions are made, rather than to construct a new optimal decision making framework
B) If accepted, this is still intended to changed in the future as the organization evolves.

I have written this out to lay the ground work for some specific proposals that relate to the regulation of the MetaGame treasury and the supply of Seeds.


Thank you @mzargham love it!

My thoughts:
To allow for maximum autonomy of MetaGame players, I think all the proposals for “improving MetaGame” should be “yes” by default.
If you want to do something inside MetaGame, you would start a suggestion thread & write it out as a proposal. If no feedback in 3? days, proceed by implementing.
I’d do this for anything that affects many people or it isn’t obvious whether it should be implemented.
(inspired by Colony’s decision making system, imo the best “doing things DAO” framework.

I see voting the last resort.
This is how I see decision making hierarchy:

  • Come up with an idea, if small - implement, if big - ask one of Diamond or start a thread.
  • If no negative feedback, implement.
  • If negative feedback, improve the proposal.
  • If subjective negative feedback from Diamond fam, start a vote.

And this would be the main difference between how I think it should be done vs. what you wrote above: in this case, the vote would have the final say, not Diamond fam. But the vote only happens if proposer claims Diamond feedback is subjective/biased or whatever.
What do you think? A bit more dangerous but might be worth it.

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I agree with this for ‘I want to build something’ proposals but i think it falls short for proposals about actions that need to be taken by the DAO itself. These including things like minting seeds or spending treasury funds, which are the subjects of my proposals.

So maybe we just need to be clear that the proposal process i outlined exists for the extreme cases that require DAO level actions that will impact everyone, including the people who don’t know about or did not support the proposal.

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Right! True…
For the things that we actually need voting for, I prefer to keep it simple with polls on Discord and 1 player 1 vote.
But that still doesn’t really work with minting. We can vote on discord, but it still really depends on what happens on-chain…

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