Playbooks Raid

Playbooks raid is ongoing in discord via Notion.
Discord>active raids>Playbooks

Reviewed and ready playbooks push through GitHub to our wiki.

Should these threads even exist since the raids are being ran through Notion now?
I personally only see the downside in that this is an additional place to maintain with latest info & additional thing that needs to be done when a raid is started, without a clear benefit.

Yea sort of agree. Wasn’t really sure about this whole category group. Definitely doesn’t reflect live or passive current raids…

Yeah, I was looking around wanting to clean up the other day but wasn’t sure what to do so I just archived a few threads & gave up…
Thought about removing the whole kanban board thing & retiring the idea.
Though also might not be a bad idea actually to keep them for call notes & discussions but its messy because each also has a discord channel & notion board.
Maybe instead of saying who the champion & deputy are, it should just say what it is and link to Notion & discord?

Yea that’s what I was leaning towards and starting to do. Just somewhere to direct to where it’s found?

The categories need some adjusting. I started a thread for us to discuss all this and make it happen

So I just linked this to tenfinney who is now leading Playbooks Raid. Be good to liaise with him on this stuff fo sho fam.

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I think that page is where the final product shows up when the final step takes place.

On Thursday I can go over that “last step” that is taking the final product and queuing as a GitHub pull request. It’s just an academic step that once merged will show up on the wiki (or wherever we want it to show up in the master branch.

I thought that was out of the scope of Playbook creation but I would love to see the final result to be displayed in something more cool.

Let’s briefly chat about it in the Innkeepers meeting and discuss if it can be a go-to page for new player engagement.

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Yep. All playbook still on playbook page. This category of guild and raids will get a slight rehaul

The go to page at the moment is portal room in Notion by @misanth, and the raids on Notion.

This category here in discourse hasn’t been used in some time,

And is probably a repetition of information not being seen be people, @peth

The goal here is to condense and streamline yea?

So what’s the purpose of this category? No work or discussion is happening here. Should it be? Maybe. Seeing as Notion doesn’t track anything, and people do plenty there that is almost redundant to post on did a thing. If comments and responses, edits, reviews, feedback are all tracked on discord… yet the work is done in Notion…

which was created after this was…

Then we probably can merge them or delete one. But seeing as we praise discourse as sourcecred tracking…

We should probably use it more. And wiser

Or if we have discord channels for all passive and active raids, why does this even exist?

Don’t really have the answers but one thing I want to say is that Notion was added because the kanban & threads are kind of a nightmare to keep updated. On notion, you just click & edit.
I like discourse for posting meeting notes & discussing raids better than on discord

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I’m not sure. I saw they did exist, so I tried to update their info in case people landed here. :man_shrugging: