(Physical) Building Resources

Things that will come in handy at some point:

  • Evergreen Cooperatives - A global innovation model for creating more sustainable regional economies. Local residents earn an ownership stake as they create thriving businesses, while playing a transformational role in building vibrant neighborhoods.
  • Transition Network - Exists to encourage communities to come together and rebuild our world. Step up and address the big challenges we face by starting local.
  • Global Village Construction Set - an open-source set of blueprints enabling fabrication of Industrial Machines that it takes to build a small, sustainable civilization with modern comforts.
  • Open Building Institute - an open-source effort in making ecological, affordable housing, widely available.
  • Open Source Circular Economy - about the development of open source solutions and methodologies to create a shift to a global sustainable circular economy.
  • One Community for Highest Good - open-source and free-sharing resources and solutions for all aspects of sustainable and globally-regenerative living.

This is like literally why I got into blockchain/crypto years ago!!!

Thanks for the resources

One thing I think can be done in transition is developing food-based products that act as drivers for a distributed agriculture network and better local circular economics.

Will post more details in ideas spot.


Project I was involved in 2017: https://astralship.org/

2020: https://basexisland.com/

If there are lessons coming from the Astralship - cashflow. Companies do not run on karma or good vibes.

I think I blew all the 2017 crypto gains into that church… Survived crypto winter, rebuilding myself, hack the planet,

Name: BaseX, instilling human values before spreading out to outer space.

Hey, I remember that project! No idea that was you, what happened with the church?