Phases of MetaGame

Here’s a high level overview of how I see phases of MetaGame,
any kind of feedback welcome!

Phase I - Seed Phase (The Decentralized Factory narrative)

This phase is all about:

  1. Building the initial community.
    The community of people strongly aligned with the MetaManifesto. The idea we should build a bridge between the high-tech world and the new-economics world, and use Web3 & other technologies to build a better world. One revolving around problem solving rather than profit seeking.
  2. Building the initial knowledge base.
    The Interspace, built into a gamified connection making resource hub. With everything one needs on their path to building a technological solution to some of the problem our community or the wider world is facing, or unplugging from the global economy.

We should focus on attracting as many disconnected idealists out there, and help them find their way & build whatever it is they want to build.
Other than the people, we should also be absorbing smaller teams & communities aligned with our ideas and doing cool things that fit into the bigger picture of what we should be doing.

The token is Seed, and it’s on a bonding curve.

Phase II - Growth Phase (The Web of Opportunity narrative)

This phase is all about expansions:

  1. Making alliances with bigger organizations.
    As we have grown as a community and built a track-record of doing cool things for the people, we should now be able to attract attention of organizations bigger than us.
  2. Build a global army game-changers & game-changing guilds applying pressure to any problem we are trying to solve. Far from being a Web3 community, this army is about using any cutting edge technology, from machine-learning to 3D printing. Far from being a technological army, this army is about using any means necessary to create a better world.
  3. Start building the 2.0 version of MetaGame.

Sometime during the Growth Phase, we should do a big fund-raising campaign.
So far I think it should be either a proper security token sale, or simply a land offering for guilds that want embassies or HQs on our Great Octopus.
If we choose the latter, the token should now be called “Skin”, as it will quite literally be skin-in-the-game (on the Octopus). Maybe “Apples”? Who knows we’ll figure it out in due time.

Phase III - Sustainability Phase (The Web of Life narrative)

Of course we keep on-boarding people and guilds, but this phase is mostly about:

  1. MetaGame being a self-sustainable effort. Whether through subscriptions, fees or sub-projects, MetaGame should now be making enough revenue to stay afloat without relying on volunteering power.
  2. Focusing more on the real world problems.
    If that’s what we’ve been doing by now, we should by now have built a big enough community to start tackling actually big problems such as global warming & poverty.
  3. Solving real world problems cannot easily be made self-sustainable.
    This means we should be using our big MetaArmy to apply pressure to all the big corporations & rich people claiming to be philanthropists.
    Making a lot of noise and calling everyone out.

Phase IV - MetaNet?

You thought the previous phase was a moonshot, but now you’re here. By now, MetaGame is bumping shoulders with developing countries - it’s economy is bigger than some of the third world nations. This doesn’t mean we can now start absorbing these nation states into MetaGame, but simply help them deploy their own metagames using the MetaFrame.
Of course, they would all be discoverable through the MetaNet, people playing MetaGame can simply use their existing profiles to log-in to other metagames etc.


I like it, shall we publish it on our wiki? I can take care of migrating it there.

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Thanks, let’s give it a bit more time though.
Would love to get more feedback on it before we push it there…

Curious how can we do that. I’m currently in kinda both positions – I can build and I can ideate. I’m confused about where to go with that %]

Many ways!
If you don’t know what you want to do, maybe you just need to be shown more of what needs to be done (navigation board). Maybe you need to learn new things about the technology (different wikis) or upgrade your skills (skill tree).
We can help you simply by being there for you. Providing community and other well-being resources, by providing general information & directions such as above, or more specific advice to what you’re currently doing. Help you by directing MetaGame players to help you build. Promote what you’re doing through our internal and external channels.
If your project is cool enough, maybe we can take it under the Seed minting umbrella.
And some day we’ll hopefully have more funds to directly deploy :man_shrugging:

Any other you can think of?
What do you need people most need help with?