Patrons Conversion Page

Patrons being a big part of metagame, we need somebody to design a patrons landing/signup page.
A user should get to this page by going through the main flow of profile creation & then being given a choice between “continue as a player”, “continue as a guild” & “continue as a patron”.

This page should include:

  • A paragraph or two & a few bullet points on why one should become a patron
  • List of top 10 patron cards with “load more”
  • Different tiers & requirements
  • A way to subscribe to buying Seeds or at least buy Seeds

Problems to solve:

  • What step of the normal user journey does fork into patron-specific
  • How to combine or reconcile the general Seeds page with this without duplicating info
  • Nice design of the elements & of the page combining these elements together

Useful links:

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You can count on me on this project :rocket::grinning:

Awesome to hear. Have you seen the new 1.0 launch?

Idk if you’re being sarcastic but yeah, this page exists now Join as a Patron! :joy:

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