Opening a Web3 Guild in at least one MMORPG

Part of the Headhunting strategy is headhunting in MMORPGs.

I’ve started that by going into Elder Scrolls Online. Here, one cannot freely shout to the public any type of message that involves financial gains. However, one can create a Guild which filters are:

  • Having a Web3 wallet
  • Having a Discord account
  • Being a professional in Software development, Design, Marketing, Communications, Management, Arts, or any other business area.

Then, we can shout out a message to the global server about the Guild. Something like:
“Are you looking to level up your skills in Web3? Join MetaGame’s Guild”

While playing and exploring the chat I saw a similar message but summoning all those ppl interested in leveling up their Spanish speaking skills.

Well, I can do it alone but would be 100x better and funnier playing with you guys. So, if anyone would like to join ESO, lvl up together while headhunting for some players, pls DM me.

I am planning to do the same within NEOS to replicate the same strategy but within VR.
Let’s have fun together and slay some other monster while also getting inspired by the narrative and experience of classic games.


Interesting idea here @HBesso31. I recently started playing ESO (currently lvl 25) and funnily enough, joined a guild (Viking themed) the other day. I’d be up for joining a MG Guild and being about to innkeep or whatever in the chats.

Have you been on any of the sunday funday sessions in NEOS?

I will start playing again when my screen arrives. I have a PC but without screen xD.

About the Sunday Fundays, I am those weird kind of ppl that on Sundays close their laptops and go swimming in the Caribbean sea, so no, bro. However, pls share your knowledge on where and how should I start headhunting/playing there?

Oh, BTW! do you know if we can hold a guild even if we are in diff servers (I am in NA and I assume u are in Europe)?

I really like the idea of having our digital footprint in various different places. This is good not only for headhunting but also for bringing awareness and spreading the meme, which can also be an organic kind of marketing.
I think the Elder Scrolls vibe is really fitting with the MG premise and aesthetics.

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After a quick google, ESO doesn’t support cross-platform or cross-region/sever play. So no, NA / Europe can’t play together and the guilds won’t exist on both regions. I am not precious about which server I am playing on but would have to start again with a new character to play & be in the guild on NA servers.

Having the Guild in both servers would be great. However, innkeeping it would require lots of time. So we can start with one and then expand :smile:

I’ll go where the majority is. @P_V_F are you in Europe too?
Also, what are you playing times @luxumbra and @P_V_F? The fun part is actually playing together :slight_smile:

I think its a great idea as its both fun & bonding to existing players as well as headhunting/marketing potential!
God damn it guys, making me want to buy ESO…
Been a huge fan of Elder Scrolls since Morrowing but kind of annoying there’s no cross-platform play, I hate sitting on my laptop any longer than necessary & would love to play on PS…
Also afraid in the end we won’t be able to meet & play at right times :sweat_smile:
Still thinking maybe I should give it a go :thinking:


hahahahaha let’s do it! I will create the European character today. Let’s see when is the best time for everybody
@luxumbra, @P_V_F, @peth

The base game is only like $12 lol

Yeah, lack of cross platform play does suck! You’d think in this day and age…:man_shrugging:

Poor excuse ser.
I played in the eves a bit over xmas hols and joined @Gnomeski & his partner in a game the other night…and about to do the same now. It is a fucking great laugh, playing with mates, so I think as a bonding thing its worth a go! And of course, MG having skin in the game from a headhunting perspective is pretty on point. :smile:


God damn it guys, you got me…

Add me as a fren necrod217


I’ve added my availability. I am @arbmuxul. Feel free to add me.

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What is your ESO username? I am informed that there’s no user account necrod217 in ESO. Did you create a character yet and are you on the EU server?

I am Web Three Prophet in EU server.