Open-Source Narratives

What is the story of MetaGame?

It reminds me of that game where you lose if you think about the game. Do you believe this metagame is about every game? Life is not a game for everyone. We can still have fun though. Each individual player is coordinating through various relationships. All of us represent one collective interpretation.

Your imagination is valuable. Help others understand what MetaGame actually means. For example: I’m asking myself, “Why do I create? How can I help? Why are you here?”

Perhaps we should focus on building complex, open-source narratives to make interdimensional connections between games and players. I assume that MetaGame is in the Metaverse. This platform and GitHub facilitate collaborative productions. How can the octopus metaphor be infused with virtual experiences? I’m loving the art I’ve seen from this community and looking forward to more :octopus:

Reminds me of this article on headless brands. Basic idea is that if there’s no central authority controlling a brand’s narrative (e.g. Bitcoin), it evolves as this multi headed-hydra nobody controls. Multiple narratives emerge that create different meanings for different groups.

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