Open Roles!

So, you’ve joined MetaGame and are ready to take the next step?

Now you try wearing some hats and see which ones fit you best.

Passive Roles

These are the roles anyone can/should be playing at any time regardless of what their active roles are. You can think of them more like “wanted behaviors”. Eg. part of the “Innkeeper” description is “making friends” - this is really something everyone should be doing here :slight_smile:

The Innkeeper
  • Welcomes new members & helps them find their place.
  • Asks them about themselves and how are they doing.
  • Active on the forums & Discord, always trying to be helpful.
  • Meets many cool people & makes many friends.
The Bughunter
  • Fixes or reports all broken links our outdated info.
  • Reports misalignments, inconsistencies or contradictions in articles or other content.
  • Reports what’s incoherent or hard to understand
  • Reports it in the I-did-this channel on Discord.
The Fundster
  • Likes accumulating & planting Seeds, more on this soon.
The Bridgebuilder
  • Always on the lookout for overlaps between communities & networks
  • Identifies people & groups of people with similar aims & goals as that of MetaGame
  • Mentions them in the forums and on Discord.
  • Mentions us in their channels
  • In short, acts like a bridge; cross-promoting
The Follower
  • Promotes MetaGame anywhere & everywhere.
  • Comments “MetaGame brought me here” even on random songs on YouTube.

Main Roles

The Builder

We do consider community building as building, but here we think mainly of technical builders - the programmers of all kinds.

  • Scroll below to see the ongoing raids.
  • Go to our Github, find what picks your interest.
  • Ask any question about the codebase or whatever in the #build channel on Discord
  • Find the Issues you want to deal with, or features you want to implement.
The Artist

This role fits all kinds of artistic and designing souls. From entry level meme lords to complex systems designers; there will be something for you to do:

  • Get into the Memebox or the Meme section on the Wiki
  • Check the Art section on the Wiki
    a) Upgrade any of the existing art (ask for .psd file if not there)
    or b) Use it as inspiration to make new memes.
  • Memes may come in the form of new art, traditional memes, articles, music, videos, anything really.
  • If you’re an UX/UI artist, this is also for you. Talk to us on Discord.
  • If you like to think yourself a systems designer, you may find your place in #the-tavern, in the suggestions thread or in #the-strategery channel (if you’re a high enough level)
  • Report what you did in the I-did-this channel on Discord.
The Shiller
  • Shiller’s role is to promote MetaGame in any way possible.
  • Take any existing MetaGame article or memes
  • Distribute to other sites, eg. Reddit, steemit, hackernoon or wherever might be suitable.
  • Retweet things from the #shill channel.
  • Report in the I-did-this channel on Discord.
  • Go to the Shilling Academy or ask around on Discord for more ideas on what to do.
The Rogue

This role is here for the advanced players and those who like to run wild on their own. Feel free to disregard all guides and asking for questions; just step into the unknown.

You’re talking about all these roles, but I don’t see no rewards.

Right! That’s the magic part!
If you’ve been completing the quests, you’ve earning XP as people positively reacted to your quest completions! Check your XP here! If you think you have not been rewarded fairly, get in touch here; if you want to help with implementing a notification system for XP rewards, also get in touch there.
There will soon be a process in place on how to redeem XP for Seeds, which you’ll be able to trade for Ether. Read more about the whole system here.

Good luck out there! :crossed_swords:

Don’t hesitate on ask for help in #the-tavern or better in “The Questions” thread; we don’t bite :slight_smile:

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Would be really nice to have a short 1-2 lines intro to on all these raids. How & when they started, why, who is ‘leading’/point of contact?

Also imo could be interesting to split Raids and Open Roles into two different posts as well

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Might be able to take care of that let me know!

That would be great!