NeXP - Whats next for XP

Following the discussion from discord - opening this thread to see what we could do about XP in the post-SourceCred world. As its been noted, XP & the leaderboard are still a big part of MetaGame, worth preserving.

In some ways, I think moving away from SourceCred actually makes the XP system more flexible & adaptable. It becomes easier to integrate with other bits like Coordinape or whatever else. Also makes it stop changing so much, which has been a huge source of confusion when people were checking their XP.

What I think we should do:

  • Freeze the current XP numbers for everyone (not sure if the leaderboard is pulling it directly from the SC ledger or are they being stored in Hasura as well?)
  • Make XP going forward based on Seed payouts, “for each 1 Seed that an address receives from the multisig address, the address gains 3.25XP” (the number is based on total XP & total Seeds in existence)

We could make this number stored on Ceramic or make it an actual token, soulbound (now possible because the number would never be going down as was the case with SC). Would also make XP more interoperable, easier to make it used for voting, gating etc…

I think this would be the way to go because it would make it much simpler to integrate any other system into it. We could make people gain XP through Praise, Karma, direct bounties or whatever else we might implement at a later point.

There are other ideas worth exploring, like certain things being able to get XP but not Seeds (eg. onboarding paths & playbooks). The design space is big but I think we should keep it simple at least for the first version. Do share any & all ideas tho!

Thoughts on this? Any more suggestions?
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Created this ticket to track changes needed in the codebase Fix XP accumulation to match current rewards systems · Issue #1551 · MetaFam/TheGame · GitHub