MyMeta Adoption Call Meeting Notes

Occurred 4/7/22 @ 6p UTC. Attendees: @P_V_F, @peth, @luxumbra, @alec

MyMeta Adoption Call

  • Decided to use Notion to track outreach efforts:
    • who reached out
    • person contacted
    • organization contacted
    • last outreach date
    • comment / status
  • Peth to appear on dOrg community call on 4/21
  • Alec to find Discord post summarizing call with Bloom
  • UniPuff outreach
    • Omega group TEC (Sebnem is our champion)
  • Alec will add GitHub tasks
    • split up bot into mymeta / metaos to minimize required Discord permissions for guild onboarding
    • Allow guild onboarding without Discord
    • Automatically pull in daohaus DAO members when onboarding guilds with a daohaus DAO but no linked Discord server
  • Best path for “integration” at this point is simply sharing Ceramic basic profile schema plus our extended schema so that other orgs can also use it
    • No clear path for a UI-level integration, not even white labeling
    • People can always fork away
  • In Alec’s opinion, TheGame codebase should be split into modules, such that other orgs can take what they want and leave the rest
    • MyMeta Profiles
    • Quests
    • MetaCollab
    • etc
  • Should probably focus primarily on getting traction with our own MyMeta:
    • Continue onboarding our own guilds
    • Consider opening up guild onboarding to any guild and having them appear immediately
      • How do we shill this functionality?
      • Add links from elsewhere to the /guild/join page?
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Where can I find the Notion for this?

I like the idea of splitting the code base into modules that other orgs can choose and use. If white label at the moment isn’t in the cards, it would definitely help if it were split up to fork.

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