Monthly Progress Reports

Compiling & cleaning up Chainlogs from the newsletter into these monthly reports which will be used for filing proposals to the Seed Fund DAO.

:handshake:t4: Community

  • CrisLeash hosted the first ‘Awkward Talks’ session—read about it on the MetaGame Forum.
  • Web Three Prophet and UniPuff got started on creating a Well-being survey, aiming toward helping MetaGame members, and Web Three Prophet made a Wellbeing and DAOs pitch deck.
  • CrisLeash made a start on the Exercise page in the House of Well-being.
  • joseacabrerav and PiedraDeMar hosted more Fractal Yoga sessions.
  • peth continued hosting Champions Ring calls with in the new Holacratic style.
  • vid organised the Questing align call. (See notes on that).
  • tommy hosted an Alignment Meeting for MetaFest.
  • Misanth hosted 4 more cohort onboarding sessions attended by luffysk , Maxwe11 , TYMED, LB Cole, ignacio.gonzalez6 & others.
  • See Prettysconeshams ’s notes on the Achievement Call.
  • Anna hosted the Shiller’s Align call (See notes).
  • Props to vid and simplect for subbing in as impromptu tavernkeepers.
  • Anna , Web Three Prophet , and tommy repped MetaGame at the DAOist conference in Mexico—a lot of work that paid off in fresh connections and links for MetaGame
    • tommy linked with local communities for workshops and intros to MyMeta and MetaFest
    • Anna expanded her network and shilled MetaGame; look out for talks and workshops coming out of that
    • Web Three Prophet presented at the conference, including an intro to MetaGame and mentions crypto jobs in MetaGame and the MetaAlliance; check out the presentation on Youtube (in Spanish)
  • Misanth made an outline of the fest preps & tommy booked more guests
  • peth brought in Matt of WGMI and jkey of SafaryDAO for community calls, hosted the monthly MetaAlliance call & did the final Season 5 roadmap check in call
  • PiedraDeMar and joseacabrerav introduced Bards Night and continued the Fractal Yoga streak
  • Web Three Prophet presented the job fair to the MetaAlliance

:iphone: Technology

  • Polimyl , Alec , Michiel, and Luxumbra figured out a solution for the minting issue - and got this month’s distro out, check your wallet!
  • Polimyl & Luxumbra reverted the Seed contract trasfer bug & Polimyl rented server space for faster SourceCred calculations.
  • vid and Dave made the first version of the Seeds page :eyes:
  • Dysbulic did several upgrades and refactoring on the Player Profiles page of MyMeta, through an all-nighter & doing pair programming with tenfinney in the builders dungeon for an ungodly amount of time
  • Dan13 made the profile blocks modular & added link embed custom blocks.
  • Alec made the new guilds join page & fixed the onboarding bot.
  • Alec added a speed increase by optimizing caching for the DAO, Guild, and Player relationships.
  • Dave designed & vid implemented v1 of the Quests Dashboard
  • Luxumbra got into the Achievements code with dekanbro .
  • Gearing up for MyMeta launch, vid & dan13 cleared up a whole lot of issues
  • Dave made a customized MyMeta profile example to pitch prospective clients and help with the fundraise, also jumped in with nice new MyMeta opening & closing screens
  • tenfinney and dysbulic worked on post-launch bugfixes and improvements
  • Dave designed new opening & closing screens for MyMeta Profiles
  • vid hosted the weekly meet for the Questing system raid. (Meeting notes)
  • Quest data was migrated to the MetaOS backend courtesy of vid , tenfinney , and dan13ram
  • dan13ram and vid worked on Proof of Completion for quests
  • Misanth upgraded Dynobot (type .mgcmd in a MetaGame server channel and see what happens) and Hydra (now with volume control!)
  • Michiel worked on minting and kept Zenhub and GitHub issues up to date
  • luxumbra and dysbulic worked on the MetaFactory wearables UI and contracts
  • Luxumbra found three.js people to build the 3D version of the landing page :eyes:
  • peth ’s text, biux ’s graphics & Luxumbra ’s computer whispering words took the landing page to a whole new level

:cake: Content

:seedling: Growth

  • Web Three Prophet made a start on collecting information about the MetaAlliance members who will be part of MetaFest’s DAO Job Fair.
  • tommy and Web Three Prophet confirmed the DAOist workshop, and will give MetaGame some love during the presentation.
  • Web Three Prophet introduced a new designer (Hi, Cami !) and a technical shiller (what’s up, Anosh ).
  • Anna onboarded a new shiller.
  • Web Three Prophet shilled MyMeta, MetaMenu, and MetaSys to Request Finance.
  • tommy talked with project owners about using MyMeta profiles with achievements.
  • Anna tweeted on a bunch of MetaGame news.
  • peth needs your eth finished the video pitch for MetaGame patrons. See it on Youtube.
  • Web Three Prophet made a pitch deck for the MetaFest JobFair
  • Share UniPuff’ s MetaGame YEETER pitch
  • Anna Wrote the strategy for shilling the fundraise
  • luxumbra got MetaGame set up on Giveth; dysbulic and Musashi13 were the first to donate.
  • peth spoke at MetaFactory’s community call
  • UniPuff put MyMeta and MetaSys in front of RnDAO
  • Anna did promo, planning, and tweets for community calls and gatherings
  • Web Three Prophet linked with PrimeDAO and TEC for community calls
  • vid and Web Three Prophet wrote a proposal to get funding from NEAR for the Questing System raid, with assistance from UniPuff and a strong showing from vid and tenfinney on the pitch (Hit up Web Three Prophet if you want to work on funding proposals for your own MetaGame raid)
  • ApeironCreations sent the fundraising shill into all the embassies

:sun_with_face: Highlights

  • All New
  • MyMeta Profiles flow polished & product launched
  • 1000th MyMeta Profile created
  • $230k raised in funding

Funds requested

4.6eth ~ $16k


:handshake:t4: Community

  • A bunch of MetaGamers met up at Devconnect in Amsterdam for the biggest MetaFam irl gathering which lasted 10 days. Including Unipuff, Misanth, eowulia, polimyl, penguin, geleeroyale, Young Kid Warrior, Bau, peth & a bunch of other less active players & patrons.
  • Misanth & Tommy did 8 more onboarding sessions
  • A bunch more community calls organized & shilled by tommy, Web3 Prophet, Anna, peth & others. The community calls & events featured:
    • Yash, Keneeze, Heramb of DAOHQ—“Fuelling the decentralized future by building the original DAO marketplace”
    • Victoria P—“Decentralised scientific publishing and peer review”
    • s_ben from SourceCred
    • Richie Bonilla from
    • superpatx_ of Giga R&D , talking about the vital importance of marketing in web3 and how play the market-fit game
    • st0icescu, jphfritsche, and corinnaschlicht of LifeLiveDAO talked about borderless, decentralized entertainment, showcasing their live streaming platform and letting everybody’s jaw drop to the (dance)floor
    • cyberWarlock did a Blender workshop with help from b0gie , facilitated by tommy, which ended up in cyberWarlock and b0gie nerding out with each other’s blender wizardry for a good 2 hours :joy:
    • Theobtl of Vita DAO , talking about how $VITA holders fund longevity research
    • A Product Launch workshop from 9tails from Meet With Wallet
    • MatterTurbulent from PeopleDAO
    • 0xjackson presenting , a web3 CRM
    • joseacabrerav has been taking care of the community’s well-being with another session of Fractal Yoga, with PiedraDeMar
  • Web Three Prophet found time to get the Well-Being Survey going, and made mini-quests to help part-time Players pick up some xp. Check’em out: Promote the Job Fair, Make a Shilling Strat, Async Onboarding
  • peth and Vanilladelphia have made a super slick form for collecting info & booking guests for community calls.
  • UniPuff has been experimenting with new open-review processes turning the writer’s guild channel into a collective editing space!
  • eowulia has started doing some necromancy rituals.:skull: Will you be revived from the dead or will your soul be purged forever?
  • :1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal: Polimyl, Eowulia & Web Three Prophet ascended to the Golden Fam :1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal:
  • A big welcome to newly official Players arsenijesavic, PiedraDeMar & prettyscone shans!

MetaFest2, June 9-23 2022 :tada:

The planning and organizing for MetaFest2 has made the MetaGame community vibrant once again! MetaGame alumni and inactive players have once again reactivated to help MetaFest2 become as lit as possible! MetaGame has once again become one of the LITest communities to be and the energy is contagious!

  • Calendar and schedule set up, planning docs outlined, tools investigated, tommy, Misanth, UniPuff, Musashi13, luxumbra, and tenfinney are making it happen.
  • tenfinney, Musashi13, luxumbra, and UniPuff did an unauthorized home improvement session at 63 Addy Gardens.
  • tommy chaired a 6-hour mega-sesh to cover shill dates, find core crew members, work on text for the landing page, and start on promo material
  • Other, pretty much daily, sessions were happening regularly to make sure planning goes smooth.
  • UniPuff has been at all the meetings despite being at DevConnect, and made the forms for MetaFest applications and sign-ups with the assistance of Misanth , tommy and tenfinney
  • Musashi13 has been working on the promo and ideas for performances during the festival
  • Web Three Prophet has shilled the MetaFest Job Fair to MetaAlliance members multiple times
  • prettyscone shans is out there shilling MetaFest & MetaGame as a whole through newly accessed twitter account
  • Web Three Prophet has been working on one of the most important aspects of MetaFest2, getting people in web3 in contact with available positions and utilizing the talents of the ecosystem!
  • tenfinney recorded a tour of our CryptoVoxels virtual space with tenfinney ’s Youtube walkthrough.
  • Big props to festival maestro tommy and metaverse maven Musashi13, as well as luxumbra, tenfinney, prettyscone shans, raw szab0gie, UniPuff, Web3 Prophet, TYMED, Misanth, cyberWarlock, CrisLeash, Bagholder McFomo III, ohnevie, ApeironCreations, Anna, FearlessThompson, WonFiddy, peth & everyone else who contributed to MetaFest — the amount of work going into the preps means the festival is sure to be spectacular.

:iphone: Technology

Pair Programming :computer:

dysbulic and tenfinney have started to really get serious shit done with their pair programming sessions! :fire:

  • They have been hacking away at NFTs, Achievements, MyMeta Reward Systems and co-learning in the process.
  • They worked on a Hardhat script to distribute tenfinney 's personalized Season Ⅴ NFTs to their recipients.
  • They are now working on integrating Coordinape into our contribution system.
  • They built & deployed 'Chievemints v1 :eyes:

:link: The QuestChains questing system

Another project incubated in the octo lair, QuestChains will allow MetaGame & other DAOs to create smoother onboarding paths & quest sequences.

  • vid, beti and dan13ram gave birth to a new, more slick version of the questing system called DAOQuest for past weekend’s ETHGlobal hackathon, which runs like butter. Check it out and leave some feedback!
    vid , beti , and dan13ram entered the ETH Global DAOHacks 2022 Hackathon and won the ‘IPFS—Pool Prize’ for their DAOQuest app—“DAOQuest makes the onboarding process a breeze, and does so with a snappy UI—what’s not to like?” :1st_place_medal:
  • dave joined the team helping with UX, mapped the user story & made the first wireframes
  • dan13ram worked on cross-chain interoperability
  • vid committed to hosting weekly meetings for working on DAOQuest
    vid, dan13ram, Dave, UniPuff and biux continued working on the questing system.
  • Landing page design work by biux
  • dan13ram set up and deployed a site with its own domain
  • vid did a presentation of this app to MetaGamers
  • UniPuff started working on the grant proposal for the app
  • roadmap defined for next release & prepared for the following 2 releases

:alien: MyMeta

  • A round of fine-tuning by dysbulic, peth, dave, vid and luxumbra resulted in improvements to the profile creation and updates flow, and the landing page.
  • dysbulic has set a robot to work collecting artwork to use in MyMeta custom themes :robot:
  • dysbulic fixed a long-lasting recurrent issue with MyMeta profile information not updating correctly when changes are made.
  • :spiral_calendar: 9tails has worked with Alec and dysbulic to add Meet With Wallet to MyMeta profiles. Go to MetaGame, click to edit your profile, and scroll to the bottom of the form to see how you can add an easy booking link to a Meet With Wallet calendar :spiral_calendar:

’Chievemints :leaves:

What are ’chievmints? :sparkles::sparkles:They are NFT achievements you’ll be getting as you do cool things & rise through the ranks of MetaGame. This way you can have hard proof of your progress and showcase your leveling-up to the world! Shoutout to dysbulic and tenfinney who have been ceaselessly working on them through their pair programming sessions.

  • The first version of the the ‘Chievmints website/tool was launched just the other day by dysbulic, tenfinney has already used the tech to drop MetaFest2 NFTs to active MetaGame players.
  • Talking about MetaGame NFT drops, Season V players, check your OpenSea wallet for your Season V NFT , crafted by the Designers Guild and distributed by dysbulic , luxumbra , and tenfinney !


Planet Positive NFT hackathon :earth_africa::green_heart:

MetaGamers were also part of a crew that won Challenge #5: Create NFT infrastructure and tools that automatically offset the carbon footprint in the RefiDAOist Planet Positive NFT Hackathon. This way they also brought new life to an abandoned raid; enacting regenerative practices !

If you are interested, check out their work on ReVesture —take a look at the ReVesture website, big up tommy, luxumbra, Musashi13, ApeironCreations, raw szab0gie, arsenijesavic, and tenfinney .

  • :man_mage: luxumbra attempted to dodge praise and props for all the programming magic over the last fortnight—ser, we disallow all such modesty :grin::grin:

Random Logs

  • Polimyl resurrected our poor old Ceramic node.
  • Alec applied more general tech wizardry – Moving the MyMeta staging and production frontend deployments to Google Cloud Run in order to escape from the damp clutches of Vercel, amongst other things. Do you read Pull Requests for fun? Take a look here
  • luxumbra continued refining and fine-tuning the MetaFest2 landing page. Now you are able to remove all kinds of text and take a peek at the pure 3D experience!! Designers all over the world tremble!
  • Props to arsenijesavic and m9p909 for being willing to tackle Github issues on their own volition & jumping straight into action!

The Mint :leaves::leaves::leaves:

  • Michiel and luxumbra have been battling the army of bugs that gathered around the SourceCred instance. Then SourceCred Master s_ben came and squashed them all with one blow from his mighty mace. This mint has been victorious! :100: Enjoy your Seeds everyone! :seedling:

:cake: Content

  • The latest podcast is a chat between peth and Mike Gilliland (co-founder of Future Thinkers and The Portal DAO) that goes in on Mike’s vision of regenerative living and how to make bridges between the virtual and the physical realm. Produced by eowulia , show notes by PiedraDeMar .
  • eowulia produced an episode of MetaRadio, with peth talking to Felipe Duarte of the DAOist on the Path of a DAOist, Life Meta & MetaHubs. (Show notes by Rose )
  • peth wrote a Bridgebuilding Playbook for onboarding DAOs. Check it out and give your feedback in the comment and if you find it useful, share it around!
  • Raged , a new octo, shared a machine learning generated image of Nova. Super cool stuff Raged, welcome aboard!
  • prettyscone shans is killing it as a new Writer/Shiller :fire::fire::fire: Now with Twitter admin super powers. You’ve seen the tweets, you’ve read the words, now you know. (Powers unlocked by Musashi13 , solid recruiting ser)
  • CrisLeash made posters and artwork for MetaFest2 and Sunday Funday, using bespoke graphics from luxumbra ’s hands. :raised_back_of_hand::raised_back_of_hand:
  • prettyscone shans and tommy worked on a new Twitter strategy and UniPuff jumped in to add some wits to the tweets .
  • Web Three Prophet yet again teased MetaGame swag—this time a sweet tee
  • chair & Bacon recorded, then eowulia edited the latest episode of Share What You’re Making with Cup’o’Joseph
  • Your ol’ newsletter buddies UniPuff and HHH :notes: are on a solid newsletter-making streak right now :notes: …how do you like em? We’re fine-tuning a pre-publish review system—send us your thoughts, praise, opprobrium, etc., etc.
  • And of course, raw szab0gie keeps on spawning 3D stuff at an ever accelerating pace! Have a sneak peek below :wink::point_down:
  • Bogie might be responsible for all this 3D coolness, but the dude is already on 4D!

:seedling: Growth

  • Web Three Prophet proposed recruiting as a possible answer to Metagame’s challenge of sustainability and immediately jumped right into action, researching recruiting strategies
  • Web Three Prophet worked with Misanth and experts on new approaches to recruitment. Check the proposal, and play back a recording of a talk with Dalila, an expert on how companies can become “Great Places to Work”
  • UniPuff, FearlessThompson and tommy have been working on getting MyMeta into use outside of MetaGame. See Alec’s notes from a recent call on that topic
  • Subscriptions to the MetaGame Substack went up and to the right thanks to shilling on podcasts by METADREAMER :chart:
  • vid has continued talks with NEAR on funding
  • Web Three Prophet has continued work with Dalila and Murillo on a recruiting proposal, and hosted a call on onboarding with UniPuff , Misanth , Doug Kirkpatrick, and Daniel Ospina
  • Musashi13 has been working on cross-DAO pollination
  • Lots of “IRL shilling” went on at DevConnect Amsterdam. Nice one, peth, Misanth, UniPuff , and eowulia
  • DAOQuest (now Quest Chains ) funding application with NEAR is changing to Aurora grant proposal
  • Web Three Prophet continued to work on recruiting and well-being
  • peth put the aforementioned bridgebuilding playbook to use and linked with TEC, RnDAO, Banyan DAO, Ethernaut DAO, Safary DAO, ScribeDAO, Eden DAO, Ethichub, Atlantis World, All For Climate DAO, d0rg, and WGMI
  • … and also held the monthly Roadmap check-in call to ensure things are going towards the right direction
  • tommy spread the memes of MetaGame at Crypto Fest and made sure MetaFest2 got some eyes on it :eyes::eyes:
  • UniPuff & others did a review of open roles at MetaGame and ensured they are up to date (See the open roles at the end of this update)
  • :link: Misanth made links and got MetaGame listed on DAOHQ
  • Anna and Web Three Prophet built bridges at the ReFi Unconference and found people hyped to be part of future community calls :fire:
  • Web Three Prophet brought in Dalila to power up recruiting :wave:

:sun_with_face: Highlights

  • A bunch of MetaGamers met up at Devconnect in Amsterdam for the biggest MetaFam irl gathering which lasted 10 days. Including Unipuff, Misanth, eowulia, polimyl, penguin, geleeroyale, Young Kid Warrior, Bau, peth & a bunch of other less active players & patrons.
  • luxumbra created this amazing new MetaFest2 website :fire::fire::fire: Want to join as a participant, speaker, sponsor, performer, or use the Job Fair to make links? Apply here!
  • dysbulic & tenfinney built the first version of 'Chievmints
  • vid, dan13 & Betty built the first version of QuestChains
  • eowulia & peth represented MetaGame at BlockSplit & gave a presentation about what Web3 & MetaGame are about.
  • MetaFest is mostly organized
  • There was a 69% increase in newsletter subscriptions

Funds requested

8.8eth ~ $15k

:handshake:t4: Community

  • On recent community calls
    • Smart Digital Payments from Meta Builders – a team that can build, develop, and manage your NFT projects
    • dBag from Krause House DAO – a DAO that wants to own an NBA team
    • Web Three Prophet invited Pedro Parrachia for a talk on creative solutions for ReFi DAOs
    • Misanth brought in Maria Magdalena Neu from Mintbase for an AMA on eco-friendly NFT infrastructure
    • :point_right: …and a no-guests-only-us MetaGame call :point_left:
    • Props to Musashi13 for lining up Smart Digital Payments as a guest, to TYMED for bringing in dBag and props – as always – to Anna for shilling it.
  • tommy, Musashi13, szab0gie, wonfiddy.eth, and scone set up a Twitter live space with Louie C Rhymes, and rocked out with a crew that included UniPuff and TYMED.
  • tenfinney took MetaGame inkeeping into Voxels for virtual onboarding and education—see what you can find at Quests, Treasure Hunt, and the MetaFest2 popup booth
  • Props to Misanth for the roles review, and to Alec, dysbulic, NotSoBot, s_ben, tenfinney, UniPuff, woodmurderedhat, luxumbra, scone, vid, Musashi13 and sza for putting in their 2 sats … errr … cents.
  • luxumbra, scone, tommy, peth, Misanth, UniPuff, penguin, TYMED, Anna, eowulia, Musashi13 all took part in the wrap up and learnings sessions on MetaFest2.
  • Most of them also took part in the initiatives discussion call for rewarding MetaFest creators
  • Misanth continued up with the cohort calls, wrangled us a dev & a strategiest and made time for a separate briefing to onboard a designer :wave:
  • Web Three Prophet gave Dalila more of an intro to the workings of MetaGame
  • Newest players activated: s_ben & lanmower

:iphone: Technology

We’re making some tech moves :man_surfing:

  • biux has designed the new landing page for QuestChains & its already been built!
  • Questchains continues to move towards its final form, with extra planning and preps by vid, dave & dan13ram for the ongoing Encode x Polygon Hackathon
  • ‘Chievmints is fully operational—‘Chievmints NFTs will give special access at MetaFest2, and you can catch tenfinney telling you how it all works in a special presentation at MetaFest2.
  • MyMeta rides again— FearlessThompson, UniPuff and mZ have given MyMeta some fresh legs by going in on user personas and setting up a raiding schedule before disappearing into the woods again
  • dysbulic did a few pair programming sessions with tenfinney & provided tech support to soon-to-be builders who needed help getting a local repo running :heavy_check_mark:
  • 9tails worked with Alec and dysbulic to get Meet with Wallet integrated into MyMeta :date: - now integrated & finished. World, we are coming for you!
  • Shoutout to backend paladin Polimyl who continued fine-tuning the Ceramic node :zap:
  • dysbulic has been keeping up with new developments at Ceramic that may help (or hinder) our work with MyMeta, plus helping with code reviews and akig ’s on-chain carbon sequestration scheme.
  • vid and crew have kept Quest Chains moving forward, now with a completed NFT awarding system, Polygon chain support, plus its own Discord & Twitter and an approved FileCoin grant proposal. The team is preparing necessary material to launch a Yeeter campaign, which will very likely happen in about 2 weeks. Quest Chains also got the first non-test quest chain created last week by $DOWN Social Token organisation! Upcoming features: 3D NFTs (thanks, beti and dan13ram ) and a revamped quest chain page view by Dave.
  • tenfinney worked with dysbulic on extras for the Chievmints site :leaves:
  • The Quests section of MetaOS has had a major update with some wrangling by peth and the Builder crew—much clearer than the old Notion pages :+1:
  • Questchains … now with 3D NFTs for all who complete a full quest chain.
  • luxumbra has wrestled with a particularly difficult mint including the MetaFest initiative, helped out by s_ben and Polimyl :hammer_and_pick:

:cake: Content

  • luxumbra flipped this out in Blender for MetaFest
  • See some serious creativity on the MetaFest trailer from Musashi13 (Neos clips), tommy (direction), scone (curation), lanmower (music), szab0gie (graphics), wonfiddy.eth (VR) and tenfinney (Cryptovoxels) in the MetaFest2 promo video
  • Props to eowulia for producing promotional banners for EACH AND EVERY GUEST! Check them out here
  • Web Three Prophet and Anna got 9tails set up to show everyone how Meet with Wallet fits in with MyMeta profiles. See 9tails ’s extremely clear video walkthrough here.
  • 5 new episodes on the MetaRadio:
    • MetaView #23 brought in the infamous (not-a-psyop) The Blockchain Socialist to talk with peth about the anarcho-libertarian problem of crypto, anarcho-syndicalism as the default political philosophy of DAOs as well as the production of the upcoming documentary Crypto Futures . Listen to the podcast here, and hit us with a retweet if you vibed :100: Produced and prepped by eowulia, with show notes by PiedraDeMar | Vanessa Gil
    • Share what you’re makin’ with Chair and Bacon podcast made a return, with cupOJoseph in to chat about HeroDAO, the first community-owned super hero franchise. Listen in here (another eowulia production :movie_camera:, with show notes by PiedraDeMar)
    • Share What You’re Makin’ episode 7 , with our own penguin , covering MUD (Multi User Dungeon) games, the NFT and NFT game industry, evolution of gaming, and his NFT gaming project Battle of Evermore**, prod by eowulia :point_right: Listen here
    • Share What You’re Makin’ episode 8 , with a true Ethereum OG, Texture! The episode went on about his origin story as a designer and developer, the concept of success, contributing in Web3 vs. extracting value, the genesis and early days of Ethereum, the Texture Punx NFT project, and more. Listen here :point_left: (Produced by eowulia, show notes by PiedraDeMar | Vanessa Gil )
    • Share What You’re Makin’ episode 9, featuring 0xdawg’s knowledge on ocean conservation, regenerative action, and more. Edited and produced by eowulia , promoted by Anna and the shilling team, show notes by PiedraDeMar | Vanessa Gil
  • Also, weeks full of content at MetaFest, including great panels & talks, workshops, performances & whatnot. Missed out? eowulia is working on editing all of 130-odd MetaFest2 recordings – keep an eye out for when they’re ready for a re-run

:seedling: Growth

  • peth went on the dOrg community call to let ‘em know what MyMeta and MetaOS is all about
  • peth and eowulia power duo did a kick-ass presentation at BlockSplit injecting the memes of MetaGame into the Balkan Zeitgeist.
  • peth onboarded new organizations to the MetaAlliance: Safary DAO, Atlantis World, RnDAO, EthicHub & d0rg to the MetaAlliance group. Welcome to the fam :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
  • Anna put out the word about the MetaGame Gitcoin grant :currency_exchange:
  • TYMED hit up WTF NFT and the NFT Street Fair, all niced up in MetaGame finery to start some convos on MetaGame, bumping into penguin at the street fair. You can see a replay of some of the talks at WTF NFT on the Hammer Museum website :hammer:
  • Anna promoted the podcasts and community calls :baby_chick:
  • peth set up & held the Season 7 roadmapping call, compiled tasty perks to tempt new guilds to join, and sent thanks and MetaGame invites to the MetaFest2 speakers
  • Newsletter subscriptions & twitter followers both hit 5k

:sun_with_face: Highlights

  • MetaFest2 was wrapped up, retrospected & organizers rewarded
  • Season VII is ON! Check the roadmap
  • Newsletter subscriptions & twitter followers both hit 5k
  • Quests are operational
  • QuestChains
    redesign & 3D achievement NFT minting finished, gets a $50k grant from Filecoin
  • Web3 Onboarding Game is underway


Reason for more funds requested: Majority of the extra funds will go towards adding the extra patron Seeds to the pool (Seeds that have been bought on mainnet to avoid opening arb opp) & something like $2-3k will go towards increasing the price as with Seeds at $4, people are currently getting paid shit.

:handshake:t4: Community

  • There was a weird bug kicking people from the server. Props to Misanth for getting vid and HHH back in the game. :point_right: MetaGame missing in your Discord server list? Click here to come back and go to #:interrobang:-ask-anything to get your roles back :point_left:
  • joseacabrerav hosted Bard’s Night in the #townhall channel, with guests including Elamental and Stick Up Boys. See a replay here, stay tuned for the next episode.
  • peth had a call with 10+ of the Web3bridge builders, trying to help them join MetaGame or find other roles in the ecosystem
  • joseacabrerav and Vanessa Gil teamed up to bring you three more episodes of Bard’s Night, with guests Stick Up Boys, Guido Corleone, and Darren from nft_tunz

  • peth , eowulia , Alec , Musashi , bacon , Kyle , penguin, ApeironCreations, TBURD & vict0r, along with long time patrons like Ven, Dekan, James & a bunch of others all met up & hung out at MCON - making it one of the biggest if not the biggest MG IRL gathering yet.
  • Besides hanging out with people they already knew, peth & eowulia spent most of the week prospecting potential new guilds & patrons to onboard :eyes:
  • joseacabrerav kept the Bard’s Night streak going :microphone:
  • Props to promo maven Anna for gaining enough XP to reach GOLD STATUS :1st_place_medal:
  • :8ball: peth hosted the 8th Seasoning, going over Season 7, the plans for Season 8, and the upcoming launch of MetaGame 1.0. Finalized the 1.0 checklist & migrated the tasks to Dework to further incentivize them.
  • Anna organized a twitter space about DAO onboarding with Lonis of Dework, Humberto of Urbanika & peth of MetaGame to promote the 1.0 launch.
  • Anna also got in touch with Penguin , Luxumbra , peth & others to come give a brief talk about MetaGame, their domain & involvement on the 1.0 Launch Party.
  • Misanth updated & prepared Discord & Notion for the new onboarding flow that now goes mostly through the website rather than Discord & Notion. :eyes:
  • Thanks in no small part to 1.0 launch, the community reactivation is in full swing.

:iphone: Technology

  • Polimyl fixed a bug in the Gnosis safe that was preventing mainnet Seed transfers and bridging then helped luxumbra deploy the fix and accompanying multisig transaction.
  • Questchains … now with 3D NFTs for all who complete a quest chain.
  • dysbulic and tenfinney kept fresh ideas coming in the Builders Align meetings, and their pair programming work on Chievmints is almost complete.
  • The Quest Chains team showcased new features and a swish design.
    • dan13ram implemented purchasable premium quest chains, currently supporting updating of the quest chain’s NFT badge
    • Welcome to their new Solidity dev Parv , who upgraded smart contracts to support simultaneously accepting & rejecting multiple quest submissions and creating & editing of multiple quests
  • vid added the possibility of uploading custom NFT images as a premium feature
  • beti created an awesome 3D NFT for patrons of the upcoming Quest Chains yeeter
  • Alec tweaked the xp calcs to make sure xp is counted season-by-season. :abacus:
  • dan13ram fixed an issue in the uploading flow for 3D NFTs
  • tenfinney and dysbulic helped with user testing of the app :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Quest Chains has ran a Yeeter campaign & became a DAO, officially becoming MetaGame’s first free floating octobaby.

  • peth finished writing text for the onboarding game & Luxumbra built this sexy UI for it - go play with it & get an NFT!
  • dysbulic and tenfinney spent a bunch of time on the ’Chievmints app, switching over to Vite to make the token-specific pages load properly and pulling an epic session to get it building right
  • Alec flagged an issue with the Infura requests failing, dan13ram came through with the fix
  • dysbulic , luxumbra , and peth helped HHH work through a mini-quest that added a new slide (and more rainbow text) to the MetaGame landing page :rainbow:
  • Alec completed work on caching of DAO memberships to speed up the MetaGame Players page—try it out at MetaGame Players
  • dan13ram wrote an SDK for Questchains, which was immediately used by vid to pull a sample quest chain into MetaOS
  • Dave revamped designs for the quests review flow, which will enable bundling multiple reviews into a single transaction. This should make the dApp usable on a much grander scale!
  • Gitcoin grant for Quest Chains got approved!
  • luxumbra and Alec sent through another Mint, and switched in Polimyl for multisig ops :point_up:
  • tenfinney and dysbulic kept up the work on ‘Chievmints—redeployments, integrations, and a token for testers of the Onboarding game
  • fiyin worked on new designs for MyMeta’s Patrons, Players, and Guild Pages
  • dysbulic started making preps for his version of a pair-programming sprint, with plans to make a context forest version of a filesystem. You’ve heard of an all-nighter, yes. But what about tag-team pair-programming for three whole days, 24/7?


  • luxumbra ’s work on the Onboarding game (now with WalletConnect!) continued with assists and reviews from Alec , peth , dan13ram and dysbulic .
  • As a side-effect, MetaOS now has this pretty new login screen & Alec did his own run on the Onboarding Game, fixing bugs & refactoring some of the code.
  • The Onboarding Game is now live on the website, go check it out & grab an NFT!
  • dan13ram has made the Dashboard more modular to prepare for “custom blocks”, made the saving of the template persist, changed the default layout & freshened up the overall design.
  • dan13ram also did similar for MyMeta - refreshed the design to make it look cleaner & aligned with the dashboard & implemented custom backgrounds :scream:

  • vid , Dave , and dan13ram teamed up to implement a revamped design for reviewing Quest Chains quests.
  • Together with dan13ram & Dave , they proceeded with putting up the rest of the onboarding paths into Quest Chains and integrating Quest Chains into MetaGame along with a new design & a path selection screen :fire:
  • We are only able to describe what Polimyl and dysbulic have been doing as ‘mysterious computer stuff’ and ‘providing esoteric insights’.
  • Alec ’s code reviews and merges keeps the MetaGame website up to date with the fresh new features worked on by the Builders. Special props to Alec and dan13ram for bug-fixin’ a login issue.
  • Alec made the patrons leaderboard display $ value of their pSeeds so we can make ranked league requirements more legible & allow our new builder 0xMaker to pull this data into the brand new patrons conversion page he’s building :eyes:
  • Enabled by new functionality implemented by dan13ram mentioned above, further functionality was added to the dashboard & profiles - adding custom blocks that lead to a quest about building custom blocks.
  • Thanks to dysbulic , Quests are now fully functional with their formatting fixed, design aligned, more of them loading by default etc.
  • Also thanks to dysbulic , guild profile formatting & design has been updated.
  • Quests are now appearing on the dashboard, both for the applicants as well as quest makers, making it a lot easier to stay up to date.
  • A Raids page also exists now inside MetaOS, along with an updated Navigation Board & additional info about the raids written below, thanks to Hhh .

:cake: Content

  • A new MetaRadio episode went out, featuring Stefen Delev talking to peth about the importance of DAOs for crypto adoption. Click here to listen.
  • Latest Coordination Frontiers episode with Stefen Delev edited by eowulia , show notes by Vanessa Gil , promo by Anna and the Shillers Guild⚡
  • peth & vid have coordinated with PageDAO to craft up a batch of onboarding quests which will be used for the first integration of Quest Chains into MyMeta

  • :point_up_2: Aleatory made some dope art, used for MCON & Devcon merch :octopus:
  • peth wrote the new, general version of MetaOS. Started sending it out to people for thoughts & feedback. Wanna adopt it? :upside_down_face:
  • peth interviewed Ven Gist, touching on frontiers of coordination in DAOs, pioneering in DAOs, growth vs. sustainability, and more. Production by eowulia , show notes by Vanessa Gil , promo by Anna. Check it out: Pioneers & Settlers; Going Fast & Far
  • eowulia did a 1.5-month mega-session to cut, edit, and upload more than 100 of the sessions recorded at MetaFest2. Start making your way through the playlist.
  • peth went on a Twitter space with Grace Rachmany’ of Priceless DAO & cameron of Kong to talk Metaverse & Real World.
  • peth also added 8 missing guild pages as well as more info & links to the existing.
  • Then, peth went on the Greenpill podcast to talk MetaGame 1.0 with Owocki.
  • Hhh built the new Guilds signup page & 0xMaker built the Patrons conversion page, both designed by fiyin - making it easier to understand the value prop.
  • With occasional help from builders, Dave & Alec , peth migrated the Engaed Octo as well as a few other paths into Quest Chains - completing the onboarding flow.
  • peth also made sure the full overhaul of the wiki happens. Luxumbra jumped on it, removed the navigation bar & set redirect for the old landing page, making it better fit inside MetaOS. New intro post was written & all other posts were updated including Great Houses, by experts of their domains.

:seedling: Growth

  • Anna kept on tweeting all of the newsletters & podcasts. Props for the promo magic :sparkles:
  • Twitter following finally well over 5k
  • peth put in a funding proposal at MolochDAO and got on a call with ebunayo and the builder team at Web3bridge
  • peth & eowulia came back from a crusade of shilling MetaGame and finding new guilds & patrons at MCON & beyond
  • A proposal for additional funding for the 1.0 launch passed & so did a proposal to use Coordinape & Dework next. New comp. structure proposal coming next.
  • MetaGame Croatia, a non-profit, was submitted for registration in Croatia by eowulia - to be used for organizing MetaFest IRL next summer & more :eyes:

:sun_with_face: Highlights

  • MetaGame 1.0 Launched along with the Onboarding Game & Quest Chains integration
  • MetaFest IRL was announced for next summer in Croatia, date TBA
  • Newsletter subscriptions hit 8k up >3k since the last proposal.

Funds requested

  • $19k for the past 2 months of work, including the additionally incentivized 1.0 Launch bounties.
  • $2k for dysbulic’s & metadreamer’s hosting & other MetaGame bills
  • $2.2k for reimbursing peth covering merch back at Devconnect & MCON with 50% of items remaining for future conferences
  • Total of ~$23,200 or 17.522 eth; rounded up to 18.

:handshake:t4: Community

Welcome welcome welcome

:handshake: Maxwe11 , ApeironCreations , Premeditatio Malorum , whatsinaname , fate ccc , krzysu , katerinabc , 0xmaker.eth , and Fore Too-Oh all showed up (or made a comeback) and got into the action.

Community calls

Anna , peth , and the crew got the community calls going again.

Recent guests have included:

  • Jaxcoder, talking about BuidlGuidl and TalentDAO
  • Ross and Shiv, on LexDAO and (cheers to tenfinney for the linkup)
  • Katerina and Raimova did a session on Self-care & Wellbeing
  • wasabi from KokonutDAO, on Web3×Agriculture

Props to peth for hosting calls and the explainer sessions on the MetaGame roadmap

And also …

  • joseacabrerav and VanessaGil have continued the popular Bards’ Night event.
  • Polimyl , joseacabrerav , peth , and luxumbra have been helping out with Innkeeping :beers: welcoming newcomers & starting conversations
  • Props to penguin for hosting the launch party :tada:

Community calls are back big time with more topics, guests & participants than ever!

Not only have we continued with having at least 2 guests/projects per gathering to come & share their experience, but also, the first half now reserved for community topics - checking in, talking about whatever any of us want to talk about or whatever floats up through :brain:-brain-exchange :eyes:

In November, the calls featured:

  • epicdylan from PageDAO on NFT books & collabs
  • Daniel from RnDAO , talking on innovation in DAOs
  • Louis from , with info on mental fitness in web3
  • Ada and Ori from Adawell & Katerina from RnDAO , talking about wellbeing
  • Rome Ives from MetaGammaDelta , a DAO supporting women-led projects
  • SDR from the DoinGud NFT ecosystem
  • AL3C from Mochi , a team-based goal setting & accountability game
  • Syntonikka from Agartha , talking about regenerative intentional communities
  • …with plenty in the pipeline for December :eyes:

Props to peth , Josea & Anna for getting the Community Gatherings rolling again. Props to tommy for jumping on booking, Musashi for becoming the new host, and dysbulic & B0gie for starting to record them for y’all who can’t come!

  • Know any cool DAOs we should host on our community call or onboard into MetaGame? Comment below! :upside_down_face::scream:

Other than that…

  • joseacabrerav and VanessaGil put together another 4 sessions of Bards’ Night. Check it out next Thursday on Discord!
  • tommy reactivated and got busy with planning gatherings & workshops, cleaning up & updating things around the wiki, forums & Dework
  • peth reviewed quests and Quest Chains completions
  • Josea had a bridgebuilding call with CRE8R DAO , Giveth , PageDAO & TokenEngineering and peth had one with 1Hive, Mochi , Agartha , Atlantis World & Ethernaut DAO to talk about more ways to plug in
  • peth did the first Coordinape distribution, set up more Coordinape circles & explained how it works on every Align call over the week
  • Luxumbra did the second Coordinape distribution & started championing it
  • peth hosted the first “Community & Content Align”, which is about to be split into “Community” & “Content” Align, along with corresponding Coordinape circles

:cake: Content

Welcome, Space Octo!

:iphone: Technology

  • luxumbra added a feedback box to the MetaGame website. Any problems with the site? Look for the Feedback button at the bottom of the page. Plus, the preps for the next mint are underway, with assistance from Alec and Polimyl .
  • dan13ram finalised the Quest Chains × MetaOS integration, and gave a presentation on Quest Chains on a Giveth Meet the Makers call.
  • dysbulic kept the servers on :seedling:, also finding time to start on a taxing upgrade to the codebase and help Maxwe11 get set up.
  • 0xmaker.eth got the tricky Patrons page upgrade done, coming soon to the main site near you.
  • Polimyl fixed up the deploy process. Ever get an error when trying to get on the MetaGame site when we were doing a new deployment? Not any more! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:
  • Alec made the Patrons leaderboard display pSeed holdings (:eyes: see who has the most) & the patrons signup page display $ requirements for each rank. Want to get into the :3rd_place_medal: Bronze League for Phase II? You’ll need at least $83.24 of pSeeds for that … unless someone else bids it up higher.)
  • The Quests list now has a tidier look, thanks to luxumbra :badger:
  • Maxwe11 and krzysu have started getting their hands on some of their code into the repo :fire:
  • peth worked on the player/guild/quest/playbooks card redesign

Some big things from the Builder crew this month!

  • dysbulic did the upgrade-the-whole-codebase mission worth over 60 hours in total. You want details? Now with ESM compatible libraries, Next 12, React 18, non-wonky Ceramic - ready for the big Ceramic upgrade

  • infinite conflicts
  • dysbulic also did more pair-programming with tenfinney , code reviews for vid and crew, setup assists to get Beyondr and Nitegeist running
  • Alec came back from holidays just in time to catch up with a bunch of PRs and fix SourceCred so the calculation can run for the mint
  • Polimyl backed up & redeployed MetaGame forums on the latest version of discourse, now freed up from the unknown host & open for addons :eyes:

  • peth designed & Nitegeist implemented the guidance screen for new players :point_up_2:
  • luxumbra reviewed and approved PRs, provided VPN support for joseacabrerav , and persisted with the preps for a particularly difficult mint.
  • Based on peth’s design, vid did a complete overhaul of the menus in MetaOS, taking the whole thing to another level by replacing the current player, patron, guild & quest cards with the animated new card design :fire::fire::fire:
  • Vid then created a brand new Raids page also based on peth’s design
  • Meanwhile, Beyondr made quest images

:seedling: Growth

  • peth set up a new Bridgebuilding board on Dework - accessible only to those with the Bridgebuilder role. Interested? DM peth & become a bridgebuilder!
  • peth talked with Dework about a MetaOS integration
  • peth also talked with BuidlGuidl about getting them their own Quest Chains up
  • Tenfinney & peth moved to get TalentDAO and LexDAO onboarded into MG
  • joseacabrerav invited PeopleDAO peeps to the next community call
  • Newsletter kept breaking up
  • peth submitted a funding proposal to Ethereum Foundation, CultDAO & Ceramic
  • New compensation proposal went forward with the integration of Coordinape
  • peth reached out to TokenEngineering, got connected with a bunch of token engineers & hosted the first call to discuss finalizing MetaGame’s tokenomics :eyes:
  • peth had a call with Dekan & Ven from DAOhaus to discuss how MetaGame DAO 2.0 will be utilizing DAOhaus v3
  • Quest Chains sends a $1.2k payment to MetaFam, being the first DAO that spun out and the first to pay some back to the Seed economy.
  • The newsletter subscribers hit 10k subscribers!!! :tada:
  • Welcome new players: 0xmaker , Katerina , maxwe11 , Beyondr and Nitegeist :hugs:

:sun_with_face: Highlights

  • dysbulic for completing the massive upgrade-the-whole-codebase
  • vid for taking MetaOS to another level with pretty new cards & animations
  • joseacabrerav for becoming the MVP bridgebuilder
  • tommy for reactivating & instantly improving things all over the place
  • peth for extreme amounts of everything

:moneybag: Paycheck

With news & distribution cycles now in sync - we’ll be adding distribution amounts at the end of each monthly Chainlog update.

This time:

  • Distributed 4464 Seeds for the past 2.5 months, totaling ~$17k
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:handshake:t4: Community

:tornado:Experimentation Zone

In the last month we’ve been trialling Coordinape as a supplement to SourceCred XP-based compensation. It’s going good!

A bunch of the crew have been using Mochi to help them stick to goals via proof of work. Check out the :muscle:-stick-to-goals channel in the MetaGame Discord to see who’s on a streak :fire: Big thanks to AL3C for the intro to Mochi in that December community call.

  • Anyone else want to start a Mochi team to help them stick to their goals?
    Please do! Write about it in :muscle:-stick-to-goals.

Community calls📞

The community calls were super-busy last month, thanks to a lot of hard work by tommy , joseacabrerav , Anna , Musashi13 , Maxwe11 , eowulia , and peth .

Guests in December included …

  • Niran from Panvala, a network of communities who cooperate and share perks
  • KarmaticAcid from Giveth, who talked about transforming public goods funding
  • Cryptomastery.eth from Buidl Guidl, who did a workshop on Scaffold-eth
  • Dhannte of Ethernaut DAO talked on bringing web2 devs into web3
  • Richie from, a “socially verified portfolio for contributors”
  • Anna put on Urbanika hat and talked about Urbanika & the Solarpunk awakening
  • Wolf from Sage Valley Eco Village

Thanks to the artist currently known as MetaGamer 𝕓❍𝕘𝕚𝕖 you have replay options for the community calls on LensTube and YouTube (see December 2, December 9, December 17)

And …

  • Bard’s Night continued, with three shows promoted and hosted by joseacabrerav and VanessaGil , along with a chill one to finish the season. (Bard’s Night … now with upscaled audio/visual courtesy of 𝕓❍𝕘𝕚𝕖 )
  • tommy helped out TYMED and joseacabrerav with bridgebuilding tips and tricks
  • … and made Twitter banners for upcoming community calls

Mega-props to luxumbra for expanding his involvement to become Community Champion as well as running the Mint and ‘Chievmints!

:iphone: Technology

  • vid worked with peth on updates and images for The Great Houses—now moved out of the MetaGame Wiki and converted to Quest Chains in MetaOS. Try some quests, get some NFTs … maybe try the House of DAOs, for starters?
  • Polimyl kept working on the transformation of the MetaGame forums, getting email notifications and the Discord↔forum bridge going
  • Polimyl also fixed the SourceCred XP calculations :exploding_head:
  • … and helped peth with an important pre-presentation bug-fix for DAOcember.
  • vid also sharpened up the quest titles after dysbulic found a bug
  • … and reviewed PRs from dysbulic and HHH
  • Beyondr continued to contribute, working with dysbulic to get images into the quest creation flow
  • luxumbra helped to review PRs, and did the needful for the latest mint, activated new players, and replenished Seed stocks
  • Alec did a team-up with peth and dysbulic to snap up a grant from Ceramic to get us working with ComposeDB, worked on updating the sign up for new Guilds, and gave out some Git tips for n00bs
  • dysbulic got the search filters for players and quests lists working again
  • … and fixed a hard-to-spot bug in the display of player tiles
  • … and cleared up a hydration error in the site
  • Alec wrote a post & stepped up as the Tech champion! :muscle:

:cake: Content

Working with Mochi got peth on a writing streak!

  • New Playbooks champion Cami got into playbooking, setting up a Playbooks workspace and database on Notion
  • Dave put a lot of thought into design adaptations for various updates to the website, and provided impeccably polite feedback to the Builder crew on the design-to-code process :coffee:
  • A new Frontiers of Coordination episode is out! With peth talking to Grace Rachmany on Decentralization and Regeneration. Edited and published by eowulia , promoted by Anna , with show notes by VanessaGil , and a new Youtube podcast outro by 𝕓❍𝕘𝕚𝕖
  • tommy got busy on our Dework boards, making templates and reviewing task completions by Musashi13 and 𝕓❍𝕘𝕚𝕖
  • Maxwe11 reviewed Quest Chains submissions, checking who qualified for NFTs on quest completions
  • peth hosted alignment calls for Content and the Champions Ring
  • … and did all the preps to hand the Coordinape keys to luxumbra
  • … and cleaned up the forums for an easier-to-read experience

:seedling: Growth

  • Anna and Web Three Prophet gave MG a mention in the ReFi DAO newsletter :beers:
  • Anna also wrote a thread on our collab with rnDAO, and helped Giveth coordinate the GIVpower launch
  • peth presented as part of DAOhaus’s DAOcember, sharing updates on MyMeta and MetaOS.
  • tommy made and shared a Bridgebuilding rolodex, with notes on potential community call guests, contact info, image resources and more, and brought back and shared learnings from DAOcember talks and calls
  • joseacabrerav , TYMED , and Maxwe11 reached out the tentacles for more community call guests and collabs, including chats with TEC, Bloom Network, and Opolis
  • Anna shilled every piece of content & event we did
  • Newsletter about to hit 12k subs - overshooting the “10k by 2023” projection

:sun_with_face: Highlights

:handshake:t4: Community

Community calls this month have featured:

  • Jan Yo from Happily Ever After
  • CBob of Metokens
  • Dakota from Cohere Network
  • 0xJustice

Thanks for dropping by! MetaGame hosts Community Calls every Friday. Check out the #announcements channel to see who’s on the guest list.

Props to the Community Call crew for getting all the calls set up, with extra props to Musashi13 , joseacabrerav , luxumbra , 𝕓❍𝕘𝕚𝕖 , cami , vanessagil , and Apeiron Creations —there’s a lot of work behind the scenes to make it seem so smooth.

BTW! 𝕓❍𝕘𝕚𝕖 archives most of the calls, you can catch a replay if you missed it:

  • January 6 Community Call , featuring Jan Yo (HEA) and CBob (archived on YouTube, on Lenstube)
  • January 20 Community Call , featuring Dakota and 0xJustice (archived on YouTube, on Lenstube)
  • January 27 Community Call , with a MetaGame crew team-up (archived on YouTube, on Lenstube)

MetaNews … in 3D.

:tornado: Experiment Zone

The Experiment Zone returns …

And …

  • joseacabrerav and vanessagil put on Bards’ Nights every thursday
  • joseacabrerav also booked a bunch of guests for the community gatherings, and kept the Discord events calendar up to date
  • Musashi13 and ApeironCreations took their turns to host community calls
  • Musashi13 also set up the first Community Circle call with luxumbra
  • … and held a LogiX class
  • … and organised 1+1 calls to keep the events organised
  • … and stayed active as an Innkeeper
  • Community Champ luxumbra was also busy Innkeeping, welcoming newcomers and gently prompting players to add Coordinape contributions and #did-a-thing s, plus coordinating Community Circle alignment calls
  • peth did some cleaning up of the intro & onboarding channels
  • Thanks to Cami and Jan Yo for the pre-community-call games and meditation session!
  • Props to [cryptoKoH.lens] for the server boost!

Welcome KoH - newest member of MetaFam!

:iphone: Technology

The tech team were extremely busy last month.

A few of the highlights …

  • Beyondr made updates to the Guild profile pages
  • nitegeist worked on the onboarding guidance page
  • vid helped with PR reviews and code suggestions
  • dan13ram added support for custom blocks in MyMeta profiles. Does your guild need a custom section for your MyMeta profile? Contact the Builder team
  • joseacabrerav gave Guilds pages a once-over and found a bunch of things to fix
  • peth did reviews of completed tasks in Dework
  • The Timeout bot in Discord got some updates from Misanth
  • Sero built the ENS integration for MyMeta
  • luxumbra contributed code reviews and ideas for fix techniques, and (with Polimyl ) did the calcs for December distributions of Seeds
  • Polimyl noticed a missing a payment needed to keep everything running

Some of the updates to the Guild page—Guild links before vs. after.

Special mention

As busy as the tech team was, dysbulic and Alec were at the next level up.

Alec ’s month included:

  • Work covered by the Ceramic grant: attending check-in calls with Ceramic and giving them a MyMeta mini-explainer, working with the Octagon and Bridgebuilder Guild to step through more of the milestones
  • Helped bridgebuilders make updates to Guild pages on the website
  • Made a Proof of Concept to send MyMeta profile data into a ComposeDB node
  • Set up and managed the Tech board on Dework
  • Updated the Great Houses and Discord bot
  • Made updates to the Guild signup process. (Do you have a guild-ish organisation that should be part of MetaGame? Get started here)

dysbulic did all this (and probably more):

  • Hosted the Tech Align call at the start of the month
  • Implemented a test of the members-only features
  • Dropped in on a SourceCred call to get info from the … err … source, and worked on making the Coordinape to SourceCred conversion calculation more accurate
  • Took a good look over Alec ’s model for moving MyMeta data into ComposeDB
  • Various work on MyMeta bits and bobs, including bringing ETH address display back, fixing blurry titles, and speeding up page loads on the players list
  • Saved us money by spotting bills for unused services
  • Helped keep the code flowing with reviews and help on 10+ GitHub issues
  • And casually dropped the Coorditang website, where we get an overview of the Seed payments


And welcome to new Builder Sero , who built the ENS integration!

:cake: Content

A new episode of the 𝔽𝕣𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕠𝕗 ℂ𝕠𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕒𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟 podcast featured Dekan Brown talking to peth on the future of DAOs. Play it back here! Produced and published by eowulia , with promo and show notes by vanessagil .

peth ’s 𝕄𝕖𝕥𝕒𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕖 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕄𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕄𝕠𝕕𝕖𝕣𝕟𝕚𝕤𝕞 𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕥 𝟙 post might already have illuminated your inbox, but it’s here to read if you didn’t already.

Rika , the MetaMedia Champion, got busy. For e.g. (but not limited to):

  • Made a deep dive into MetaGame with a focus on Playbooks.
  • Met with Cami to talk Playbooks, and sought out great playbook examples of
  • Met with joseacabrerav to talk about the bridgebuilding × playbooks process combo
  • Started scoping out a DAO Research Collective collab for a Quest Chain/Playbook on Decentralization

The MetaGame 2023 NFT design.

Plus …

  • Cami worked with joseacabrerav on playbooks and bridgebuilding
  • Cami also migrated & updated all the Playbooks from the wiki into QC :eyes:
  • luxumbra made banners and templates for Community Call promo, plus NFT designs for Player of the Month, Player of the Season, and MG2023.
  • dysbulic SVG-ified the NFT designs, adding animations and player names.
  • peth wrote a How to Champion Things playbook, now on Quest Chains
  • peth also wrote the MetaGame Purplepaper :eyes:

:seedling: Growth

  • vanessagil completed her apprenticeship with Anna and has now taken on much of the promo posting
  • tenfinney (what’s uppppp) promoted the MetaGame Guilds concept to LexDAO members via Web3Skills

peth officially started championing the Growth Ring!

  • Went on the Impact DAOs podcast to be interviewed about MetaGame
  • Updated our Gitcoin grant & sent an email to donorsDrafted the whitepaper
  • Talked to more token engineers, answered questions & continued ideating the tokenomics as well as supplying data to token engineers
  • Spent time talking to all of The Octagon members, wrote a short post & talked on the call to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of priorities
  • Created a new bridgebuilding database in Notion, migrated & updated the bridgebuilding questions template
  • Wrote, submitted, voted & processed the final proposal for the Seed FundHosted the first Growth Ring call
  • Had a guild onboarding follow-up survey call with dOrg
  • Put together all championing proposal roadmaps into a single roadmap, sent it out to a bunch of people for feedback & discussed at the Octagon call. Created the new channel & roles
  • Went to Panvala 's community call & presented MetaGame to their community
  • We’re making preps for ETHDenver. Are you going? Say hello!

:sun_with_face: Highlights

  • We continued doing bard’s night, organizing great community calls & added player profiles, so people get to meet more of players of MetaGame
  • We continued fixing bugs on the platform, dysbulic made MyMeta load like 5x faster & Alec is making great progress on the new Ceramic migration
  • We have two contenders for MetaNews video version :eyes:
  • Shipped 2 great podcast episodes & a post about WTF is Metamodernism , which is kind of a cornerstone in MetaGame
  • Passed the final Seed Fund DAO proposal & drained it. Not a positive highlight buuut!
    • It’s actually not a bad thing! We stretched these $200k to last pretty much a full year, shipped 1.0 etc.
  • The new fundraise is officially kicking off at ETHDenver, there’s this Purplepaper now, there will be a pitch deck soon & I hope you’ll have some leads!
  • If you’re going to ETHDenver & want to meet with a few MGers for whatever reason, DM @petheth on telegram or twitter

:handshake:t4: Community

Community gathering guests in February featured:

  • MVMURTHY from KarmaHQ
  • Chair from Infinity Keys
  • Nick from FactoryDAO
  • Zach from Coordinape
  • Anna from ReFi Spring
  • … and cameos and special features from MG regulars josecabrerav and Penguin

MetaGamer 𝕓❍𝕘𝕚𝕖 continued to archive the calls, with assistance this month from koH . Replays are available on Lenstube for February 3 (with joseacabrerav ), February 10, February 17, February 24.

For a text-based recap of the community gatherings this season (so far) check out vanessagil ’s post about it on Substack.

Stayed tuned to the the MetaGame Discord and Twitter for updates on upcoming community gatherings.

Props to the MG community crew for keeping it rolling, especially to Musashi13 for large amounts of orchestration.

Also in Community

A double, nay, triple portion of props goes to Musashi13 for being absolutely everywhere in February—behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, beside the scenes, and, as the host of the February 3 community call and Lens/Chainjet demo session, in the scenes. Salute.

And …

  • MetaGamer 𝕓❍𝕘𝕚𝕖 provided some new assets for the community call and video promos, “kept to the agenda” as the host of the February 24 community call, and linked up with Musashi13 and koH on a Lens/Chainjet demo/AMA (replay the demo on Lenstube)
  • peth booked three of the guests for community calls
  • smartdigitalpayments , vanessagil , joseacabrerav , and Musashi13 helped keep things cool with friendly innkeeping
  • joseacabrerav helped with planning and onboarding, helping new Octos get set up with Mochi
  • vanessagil and joseacabrerav hosted four more Bard’s Nights gatherings

:iphone: Technology

Alec kept hitting the milestones on the ComposeDB upgrade and migration, standing up a demo environment for 3Box Labs to shill during ETHDenver

  • … and kept the Dework tasks ticking over by organising bounty-hunting builders
  • … and fixed failing GitHub actions
  • … and pulled 0xmaker ’s PR into the new ComposeDB branch

dysbulic fixed an extremely well-buried bug in the MyMeta Meet with Wallet integration

  • … and added new contributors to GitHub
  • … and investigated options for computer-updated SourceCred scores
  • … and fixed bugs in the SourceCred and Discord tasks
  • … and kept a keen eye on the quality of code going into the repo

Plus …

  • Polimyl took control of the mainnet Seed Pool and got ready to shutdown swaps, with an assist from Rika Goldberg
  • … and scaled up the K8s cluster with a new Ceramic/ComposeDB testnet node for Alec’s demo environment
  • … and did a pre-mint review of the XP repo for luxumbra
  • Sero kept working on adding ENS support for player names in MyMeta
  • 0xmaker finished up adding a profile picture step in the MyMeta profile wizard
  • And a relatively quiet month for luxumbra saw wiki links in the onboarding game corrected and updated

:cake: Content

peth was all over the content section again in February:

Content Champ Rika kept things moving in sync, working on calls and meetings and plans, grant applications, content reviews, social strategies, tweet ideas, and playbook plans.

Two episodes of MetaRadio were edited and published by eowulia , with peth interviewing and vanessagil helping with show notes and promo.

And …

Big props to vanessagil for putting on the Writer’s hat and publishing the Community Gatherings post in the MetaGame Substack

:seedling: Growth

Experimentation Zone :tornado:

The Experimentation Zone moved into the Growth section this month, with Musashi13 getting plans set for a MetaGame pool at Good Ghosting, “a DeFi pool which rewards regular saving”.

More Musashi13 action:

  • Got MetaGame a mention at MeTokens by being an early adopter
  • Worked with DAO Research on setting up a Quest Chain
  • … and did an onboarding call for bridgebuilders

Rika got busy

  • Wrote and put in a grant application at DAO Punks
  • Pitched DRC on a playbooks project
  • Helped peth fine-tune the pitch deck and Purplepaper
  • Started work on a presentation for ETHPorto, and got deep into tokenomics to prep for fundraising

And what’s peth been up to?

  • Worked on completing the Purplepaper—after several more rounds of writing and editing and feedback, it’s nearing completion
  • Worked on the Seed Fund—a proposal, then exchanging, bridging, and depositing funds
  • Hosted four Tokenomics calls
  • Talked about MetaGame and MetaOS on the dOrg community call and podcast
  • Worked on finishing the text and visualizations for the pitch deck
  • Wrote and designed a new version of the Player sign up page
  • Designed a flyer to promote the ETHDenver raid
  • Created the Raiding ETHDenver and ETHPorto board, tidied up the Rainmaking board
  • Wrote a grant proposal for funding from ENS
  • Wrote a post all about helping people promote MetaGame at IRL events


  • koH helped us link with Bloom Network
  • Lahcen-KH gave the MG Giveth proposal a boost
  • DJ_Rostein wrote a tweet thread about MetaGame from the new Octo perspective
  • vanessagil promoted all the things: Bard’s Nights, Community Gatherings, Substack posts and newsletters, the MetaView podcasts, and more

:handshake:t4: Community

:telephone_receiver: Call me

On the community calls in March we had Ernani from Orium Network, Chrisarella from Charmverse, Kyler Handler from DRC, dunks411 from CRE8R DAO/Amplifi/Velocimeter, Ada from AdawellDAO, TokenTrip , Osioke , and Mariano from Chainjet, with MetaGamer Musashi13 calling in live from ETHDenver.

Tune in to the community calls in the MetaGame Discord server, every Friday.

Props to joseacabrerav for community call organisation and promo, including bookings, flyer design, and concierge services for guests to our Discord server.


  • luxumbra helped b0gie recover from a hack
  • joseacabrerav and vanessagil brought the Bard’s Night vibes every Thursday
  • peth hosted approx. 8 hours of calls—including the 10th Seasoning!—and booked two community call guests, and brought back old Octo shep for a bit of work on a special bot for our #sum-ai-stuff channel
  • Player: b0gie edited and archived more of the community calls—replay the March 3 call here
  • koH got busy:
    • Put the Lens/Chainjet info session on Lenstube
    • Helped Nundahbelly onboard
    • Helped vanessagil fix up a Chainjet issue
    • Booked in the call with Mariano from Chainlink
    • Plus a server boost! :zap:
  • Rika Goldberg helped DJ_Rostein get deeper into The Game
  • Musashi13 hooked up Lens access for more Octos, made the MetaAlliance DeMO meetings, set up a content flow between MetaGame and Token Smart, and was in the server 24/7 to help with welcomes and onboarding

:iphone: Technology

dysbulic took care of the latest mint and started work on process-ifying it, and…

  • made the MyMeta profile custom background image a member-only feature
  • … which included the “STOBF” as part of the PR
  • helped Sero with the ENS usernames feature

Plus …

  • Sero integrated ENS into MyMeta profiles & made good progress on the meToken integration
  • :trophy: Alec helped with code reviews
  • dan13ram made a quick fix to keep the Quest Chains code working inside MetaOS.
  • Polimyl cleaned up unneeded Ceramic and Kubernetes nodes, and enabled ComposeDB for the MG mainnet

:cake: Content

MetaView #26 had Jim Rutt on to talk with peth about Complexity Science, Game A background, Game B, network technologies, and more.

Share What You’re Makin’ (with Chair and Bacon ) made a return, with Episode 10 covering ETHDenver highlights, Texture Punks, MetaFest, and more.

Both podcast episodes edited and produced by eowulia , with show notes and promo courtesy of vanessagil .

Plus …

  • Alkholm.eth put the WTF is MetaGame vid on Lens
  • vanessagil stepped up to lead a Content Align call
  • peth wrote up the ETHDenver recap you saw in the last MetaNews
  • … and hosted several big names for upcoming podcasts :shushing_face:
  • Rika started work on a Quest Chain for DRC, scribed notes for weekly syncs, started on a post for cross-promo with 3Box/ComposeDB, and wrote a proposal for continuing as Content Champion

:seedling: Growth

peth did the rounds at ETHDenver and made a bunch of helpful connections, met investors, collected contacts, and made it to SPORKCastle, and …

  • snapped up a Dao Drops grant :sunglasses:
  • hosted calls for the Octagon and Growth Ring
  • cleaned up the Coordinape circles
  • increased the advisor team count (hey Hanzi)
  • :open_mouth: talked with lawyers about legal entities for the fundraise
  • and worked on the tokenomics situation

Rika Goldberg presented on MetaGame and Gamification at ETHPorto, making a bunch of contacts for potential investors, sponsors, and players, and…

  • organised a call with Coinshift for a demo of their treasury management tool
  • made plans to keep in touch with contacts made at ETHDenver and ETHPorto

Wait, there’s more …

  • b0gie made a brief appearance at the Metaverse Expo
  • BOLTEVM repped MetaGame in several podcasts and talks
  • vanessagil continued to expand the promo reach for MetaGame content, and took on the responsibility of keeping the MG Giveth page up to date