Monthly Progress Report

Compiling & cleaning up Chainlogs from the newsletter into these monthly reports which will be used for filing proposals to the Seed Fund DAO.

:handshake:🏽 Community

  • CrisLeash hosted the first ‘Awkward Talks’ session—read about it on the MetaGame Forum.
  • Web Three Prophet and UniPuff got started on creating a Well-being survey, aiming toward helping MetaGame members, and Web Three Prophet made a Wellbeing and DAOs pitch deck.
  • CrisLeash made a start on the Exercise page in the House of Well-being.
  • joseacabrerav and PiedraDeMar hosted more Fractal Yoga sessions.
  • peth continued hosting Champions Ring calls with in the new Holacratic style.
  • vid organised the Questing align call. (See notes on that).
  • tommy hosted an Alignment Meeting for MetaFest.
  • Misanth hosted 4 more cohort onboarding sessions attended by luffysk , Maxwe11 , TYMED, LB Cole, ignacio.gonzalez6 & others.
  • See Prettysconeshams ’s notes on the Achievement Call.
  • Anna hosted the Shiller’s Align call (See notes).
  • Props to vid and simplect for subbing in as impromptu tavernkeepers.
  • Anna , Web Three Prophet , and tommy repped MetaGame at the DAOist conference in Mexico—a lot of work that paid off in fresh connections and links for MetaGame
    • tommy linked with local communities for workshops and intros to MyMeta and MetaFest
    • Anna expanded her network and shilled MetaGame; look out for talks and workshops coming out of that
    • Web Three Prophet presented at the conference, including an intro to MetaGame and mentions crypto jobs in MetaGame and the MetaAlliance; check out the presentation on Youtube (in Spanish)
  • Misanth made an outline of the fest preps & tommy booked more guests
  • peth brought in Matt of WGMI and jkey of SafaryDAO for community calls, hosted the monthly MetaAlliance call & did the final Season 5 roadmap check in call
  • PiedraDeMar and joseacabrerav introduced Bards Night and continued the Fractal Yoga streak
  • Web Three Prophet presented the job fair to the MetaAlliance

:iphone: Technology

  • Polimyl , Alec , Michiel, and Luxumbra figured out a solution for the minting issue - and got this month’s distro out, check your wallet!
  • Polimyl & Luxumbra reverted the Seed contract trasfer bug & Polimyl rented server space for faster SourceCred calculations.
  • vid and Dave made the first version of the Seeds page :eyes:
  • Dysbulic did several upgrades and refactoring on the Player Profiles page of MyMeta, through an all-nighter & doing pair programming with tenfinney in the builders dungeon for an ungodly amount of time
  • Dan13 made the profile blocks modular & added link embed custom blocks.
  • Alec made the new guilds join page & fixed the onboarding bot.
  • Alec added a speed increase by optimizing caching for the DAO, Guild, and Player relationships.
  • Dave designed & vid implemented v1 of the Quests Dashboard
  • Luxumbra got into the Achievements code with dekanbro .
  • Gearing up for MyMeta launch, vid & dan13 cleared up a whole lot of issues
  • Dave made a customized MyMeta profile example to pitch prospective clients and help with the fundraise, also jumped in with nice new MyMeta opening & closing screens
  • tenfinney and dysbulic worked on post-launch bugfixes and improvements
  • Dave designed new opening & closing screens for MyMeta Profiles
  • vid hosted the weekly meet for the Questing system raid. (Meeting notes)
  • Quest data was migrated to the MetaOS backend courtesy of vid , tenfinney , and dan13ram
  • dan13ram and vid worked on Proof of Completion for quests
  • Misanth upgraded Dynobot (type .mgcmd in a MetaGame server channel and see what happens) and Hydra (now with volume control!)
  • Michiel worked on minting and kept Zenhub and GitHub issues up to date
  • luxumbra and dysbulic worked on the MetaFactory wearables UI and contracts
  • Luxumbra found three.js people to build the 3D version of the landing page :eyes:
  • peth ’s text, biux ’s graphics & Luxumbra ’s computer whispering words took the landing page to a whole new level

:cake: Content

:seedling: Growth

  • Web Three Prophet made a start on collecting information about the MetaAlliance members who will be part of MetaFest’s DAO Job Fair.
  • tommy and Web Three Prophet confirmed the DAOist workshop, and will give MetaGame some love during the presentation.
  • Web Three Prophet introduced a new designer (Hi, Cami !) and a technical shiller (what’s up, Anosh ).
  • Anna onboarded a new shiller.
  • Web Three Prophet shilled MyMeta, MetaMenu, and MetaSys to Request Finance.
  • tommy talked with project owners about using MyMeta profiles with achievements.
  • Anna tweeted on a bunch of MetaGame news.
  • peth needs your eth finished the video pitch for MetaGame patrons. See it on Youtube.
  • Web Three Prophet made a pitch deck for the MetaFest JobFair
  • Share UniPuff’ s MetaGame YEETER pitch
  • Anna Wrote the strategy for shilling the fundraise
  • luxumbra got MetaGame set up on Giveth; dysbulic and Musashi13 were the first to donate.
  • peth spoke at MetaFactory’s community call
  • UniPuff put MyMeta and MetaSys in front of RnDAO
  • Anna did promo, planning, and tweets for community calls and gatherings
  • Web Three Prophet linked with PrimeDAO and TEC for community calls
  • vid and Web Three Prophet wrote a proposal to get funding from NEAR for the Questing System raid, with assistance from UniPuff and a strong showing from vid and tenfinney on the pitch (Hit up Web Three Prophet if you want to work on funding proposals for your own MetaGame raid)
  • ApeironCreations sent the fundraising shill into all the embassies

:sun_with_face: Highlights

  • All New
  • MyMeta Profiles flow polished & product launched
  • 1000th MyMeta Profile created
  • $230k raised in funding