MIP Making it Official with DAOHaus

So I have been operating as the Metagame delegate to the UberHaus DAO2DAO for several months. It then was a surprise to me that their governance mining proposal, which pays $HAUS token to contributing DAOs, did NOT include us.

There are a couple reasons that this happened:

1.) Our DAO is on Aragon.
2.) We didn’t follow up with plans to officiate the partnership back during UBERHaus launch.

Since our token contract that runs on Aragon is - well highly inefficient in several regards - we are already planning to relaunch our token in a different format. This means that we can relaunch the token and utilize it for governance within the DAOHaus framework. We are already operating more efficiently than a traditional DAO in many ways. However there’s two big ways we can improve:

!.) Displaying growth signals by earning into our treasury.
2.) Using some of the traditional DAO tools like proposals, with community participation.

In the interim before we get a new treasury and governance structure - I want us to become an official UberHaus DAO. This would give us a say in the proposals that are happening over there - which are largely designed to support the whole ecosystem. They have asked me to formulate a proposal for us over here at Metagame.

The format for writing that proposal can be found here : https://forum.daohaus.club/t/dao-grants-thread/

I would love to hear people’s suggestions as to how this proposal could be sculpted.

My personal take on how we should format this proposal:

Membership Grant : 500 $HAUS tokens

Swap : 250 $HAUS tokens (these we would pay for with equal value in our SEED token)

Governance mining : 200 $HAUS tokens for my participation in governance over there the last 3 months.

There are still other questions that must be answered:

1.) Do we create an interim treasury on xDai for these $HAUS tokens?
2.) How do we structure this interim treasury so that we can still participate in governance on UberHaus?
3.) What do we want to pledge in return for our 500 $HAUS membership grant, and who will be accountable for delivering on that pledge?
4.) Who is going to write the proposal? (I will if we don’t have a volunteer but I am super busy.)

Ideas on #3 - We can headhunt for DAOHaus as a pledge.

Thanks for your time guys - let’s get all of our voices together and figure out how we want to move this forward! <3 <3 <3

  1. I support leaving Aragon, ping me for venting but high level, lets leave Aragon.

  2. HAUSparties, so hot right now.

The amount of pain I’ve experienced with Aragon daos versus the relative simplicity of the daohaus proposal/voting/token minting functionality is huge.

It has been a pleasure migrating to and using daohaus versus Aragon with Shenanigan.

It was mentioned we should begin bridgebuilding activities with the Hauspeoples, how might we go about this? Curious as a more neophite octo.

When we say Pledge, do we mean assets?


You can bridge build with them at will ser - they’re our frens. This plan has been in the works - we just want to make it official.

When I say pledge; I mean more of a pledge of support. That is separate from the swap which is essentially us buying their token, and that helps us diversify our treasury.


I support, wholeheartedly. This is more of whats needed!



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Yo, somehow I missed this @Kyle_stargarden.ai. I think it makes sense for MetaGame to get a distro, but how did you come up with 200 HAUS, that would be higher than any DAO on DAOhaus received for the month. (~177 HAUS was the most for MetaCartel who has 6542 shares)/1000 HAUS.

We still haven’t completed distributing HAUS, so let’s get this figured out so we can get you guys included for your participation in raising the haus of DAOs. (it was not my intent to miss MG :heart: you guys, ty)


My bad - I didn’t realize that the the column marked “Shares” was for current ownership - I thought that was the distribution rewards from here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xtttCkz_VEW-68uKhqR3WOJGJ8hTNwFzDTMIpKUzkZs/edit#gid=232884312

Okay I see - that the entire reward amount this quarter is 1000 - haha yeah 200 seems like a lot. I somehow missed that part.

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