MetaStories, Close-fetched Fiction

More powerful than current-plans articles, I think are the sci-fi utopian stories we could be telling.
It not only helps people really envision what our plans are, but also inspires & motivates them to help us achieve it.


  • As realistic as possible, short stories of what the world should look like if MetaGame is to succeed.
  • Similar to Cellarius, I’d like for us to end up with a bunch of stories written by a bunch of different people & compiled into a book.

This could later also be used for people to build memes & comic books out of, inspire them to build components of MetaGame, and who knows; maybe some day we even film a series or a documentary :man_shrugging:

I wanted to call it MetaStories 2025, because I would like us to first focus on predicting near-future rather than far out spaceship-riding, star-trek-living future.
But I didn’t want to make it restrictive.

Here’s mine: