MetaMaps - Web3 Whiteboarding

Last updated: 14.9.2020

We started building this new world in the cloud, now we need to start mapping it before we get lost :scream:. MetaMaps is a web3 mapping tool for visual knowledge building & sharing.

We have a few initiatives that require it:

Basic features:

  • A blackboard with the ability to drag & drop sprites onto it and change the wallpaper.
  • There should be a few default shapes to use, but the emphasis is on the ability to drag & drop pieces from the outside.
  • Every piece of the map can be a button, the button either:
    • Takes you to another page
    • or opens a small pop-up container giving more info & links.
  • Pieces of the map can be visually connected to others by drawing a line.
  • One should be able to edit the map by logging in with MetaMask.


At some point, MetaMaps should be able to display not just manually pinned quests & portals, but also load SourceCred initiatives, github repos, etc. Rendering human nodes as players and quest nodes as bosses we’re slaying or buildings we’re building.
It will be sick as fuck, I’m telling you.

Join the raid

  • If you want to help, there’s a channel on Discord for it.
  • If you can’t see the channel, contact petheth.

I would like to add a topic dump where people can quickly dump topic related information. Those topics waiting to be integrated into the metamap structure. Ai could help sort the dump. My thought is to make participation as easy as possible. If you just have a quick thought/ idea etc you can dump it with a few clicks and another can pick it up and refine it.

Yeah that’s pretty much what the “skill trees” channel on discord is for,
this thread is for MetaMaps as a tool

MetaMaps needs a “topic-dump”.

Skill tree is a MetaMap. Metamaps is a tool to create Maps like Skill tree