MetaGame SEED Claiming Guide 🌾

Claim Your Seeds!

So you feel entitled to some SEEDs. Well that’s GREAT !!!

First things first, you’ll need to check the Seed Sheet to see how many seeds you’ve earned.

Then you can head on over to the MetaGame DAO, open the Tokens app, click SEED, click Add tokens, then add your Ethereum address and the number of SEEDs you’d like. This will open a vote in the DAO for current SEED holders to read and review.


Turns out, SEED holders are busy planting for the future. If you want SEED holders to give you SEEDs, give them a good reason to! Go shill yourself. Do it on Discord. Do it on Twitter. Shill here, shill there, shill yourself everywhere. Let everyone know about all your SEEDs that are coming. The more you shill, the more likely you are to produce SEEDs! Shill! Shill! Shill!

More specifically, drop into the MetaGame Discord, navigate to the #claim-seeds channel, and shill MetaGame whales like @Hammad,@PEth, and @Yalor with the following mesage:


  • Note: if you’re claiming SEEDs from the primordial meta-ledger, please also link to said ledger in your claim.

If your request is legit, you should see your tokens in your wallet in the near future. Haven’t gotten your Seeds yet? We recommend obsessively checking the status of open votes in the MetaGame DAO :octopus:

Btw, if you have any questions feel free to ping @burrrata or @yalor on the MetaGame Discord (@Yalortackson here) to ask questions and get help :slight_smile:

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