MetaGame Roles & Character Art

What do you want to do?

I want to see all the MetaGame character art created by @meemurbit adapted into vector art for the MetaGame character profiles currently in development. I believe there are 6 so far ( Cultist, CombatMage, Warrior, Shadow = Hound? ,Bard, Wizard)

The goal is to take the above images and translate them into the below image:

With the only few specs to be the following: all images must be in PNG format on a transparent back and all the skin colors must be green ( for starters ) they skin colors can change as players level up.

Who cares?

This is something we need, something that Meemurbit has put a TON of time into and something we all love. We also have a talented artists in @c0mput3rxz & wife who are willing to do this work for the community but they deserve compensation in SEED for their work on these characters.

~I think we only have 200 in the fund so I suggest we spend the entire amount on this.~ *Edit

Since SEED will be minted for these tasks in addition to what is allocated here I suggest 25 SEED per character for each delivered image. That’s a total of 150 SEED for 6 characters.

What does the :octopus: mean to you?

  • We have the meme, let’s SEED the scene !

The idea was to deploy SEEDs in 50 SEED chunks. Why would 50 SEEDs not be enough here? (esp if more XP/SEEDs is coming in the future and this is just a bridge)

shouldn’t they be matched with skill trees? I took Pet3rs initial roll character, resolved some inconsistencies (hound?) and then combined with other MetaGamnig concepts of identity.

Combat Mage was considered FullStack Dev
Warrior == DevOps
Wizard = Smart contract engnieering

cultist is a faith not role … shadow??? what’s that??? Druid = commuity and rogue = cybersecurity so are you proposing a mix?

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Oh, well if this is on top of XP that will be minted in the future then let’s go with 25 SEED per character. How do people feel about that ?

With a back payment of 25 SEED for the CombatMage which has already been completed.

Correct my understandng but is XP unlimited? You can spam tweets … so if you have XP-seed conversion (what’s the curve for that?) in the long run wouldn’t you risk monetary inflation? Anyone done the cryptoeconomic modelling for the mini-DAO?

I think you’re mixing RaidGuild roles with MetaGame roles, but that also brings up a good point. Should we have the roles be uniform across the MetaVerse :face_with_monocle:

You’ll have to refer to a wiser folk than I to answer this Q, I know @METADREAMER knows the answer and maybe @burrrata lol

That’s 175 SEEDs total right?

Yeah we’re rolling this out via AraCred, but there’s many components in development so it’s a WIP. TL;DR: SEEDs will have supply schedule so while they are unbounded, they will inflate in a consistent and predictable way.

Hurrah … someone finally got going on the 3rd stage of management … the current Harvard/etc crowd consider

  1. up to dozen odd people - allocate by tasks (traditional small team project)
  2. hundred or so (< Dunbar number) - allocate by responsibility (traditional internal dept or division)
  3. 1000 … manage by pseduometrics like score cards or KPIs … this is effectively what the mix of XP, SEED and AraCredi is doing but in an engineered sense based on consensual mechanisms (mini-DAOs).
  4. past 10k the opinion has been culture is the thing that holds groups together so you’d all be testing new ground in scaling

if you are hiring you do want that Bard to be a community manager and not bullshit arketing artist? To some-extent you need enough internal consistency between skill trees and MetaGame character cards but I also note that past Level 2 it is all custom … nobody would have predicted SearchEnginer optimiser as a job position 20 years ago.

The characters are indicative but you also want internal resonance … this is a matter of identity and here I’d note that Tolkien mindscape might not be an easy fit for India or china. So have a few basic archetypes but be prepared to add more at higher competency levels.

150 for all 6 images I posted above, including the one completed.

Have you read Reinventing Organizations ?

You’re immediate turning off female coders who think this is a really bad hair day … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

referencing Acra

The most important part is that this process of measuring value creation happens here. It has to happen before the token minting process. This way the minting process can take into consideration all the different value measurements a community might choose to create, and then tokens can be representative of that process as a whole. If you arbitrarily mint tokens outside of this system (say via a random vote in the DAO) you will likely disrupt the link between token supply and value creation.

So is diversity of viewpoints and innovation important? Or just source code and kool 3D graphics? Or is it the skill level of participants (reflected in XP pool)

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That’s many SEEDs. If it was 50 I would happily throw down, but dropping most of the commons pool on a single proposal, that’s also the first proposal, and that will also earn future XP/SEEDs is a lot. As a bridge would be happy to see a 50 SEED proposal, but no more considering that it’s just a bridge.

@METADREAMER @pet3rpan @peth What do you think?

Some questions

  1. Are people allowed to have more than ONE character (or reflect reality)
  2. Can character profiles (via their cards) be SOLD (with implication of identity cloning)
  3. if someone quits the game, do characters disappear for good or just fade away?

I think you’re mixing RaidGuild roles with MetaGame roles, but that also brings up a good point. Should we have the roles be uniform across the MetaVerse

I thought it goes without saying that the roles should be the same across the board, otherwise WTF are we doing? Especially if we can’t even get them aligned between MetaCartel, MetaGame & RaidGuild…

The more I think about these roles names the more I think they’re too impractical to be useful at all.
They’re not really intuitive and there will need to be memorizing for the new people to understand what they do. Not even I understand all of them.
In explaining it to non MetaGame people, we’ll always have to resort to “old” names if we want anyone to understand us.
Also, there will be way more important roles than there are basic RPG classes.

Just seems like they’re raising the learning curve without much benefit.

They seem to be mainly useful for helping artists come up with illustrations, and making things sound cooler.

What we could do instead is closer to what @drllau is suggesting.
Instead of having them as roles primary roles, have them be titles to specific levels & branches of the skill tree or “hats to wear”.
Tavern Keeper - Community manager level 2
Inn Keeper - Community manager level 3
Bard - Community manager level 4

Also definitely do think that people should be able to play & dynamically switch between multiple roles @drllau

That’s a fair Point of View, it is not exactly female friendly. What would you suggest instead ?

Okay so as it stands here are the roles being used by Raid Guild:

  • Apprentice (New Players)
  • Archer (Design)
  • Cleric (Account Manager)
  • Druid (Data Scientist/Analyst)
  • Healer (Internal Ops)
  • Hunter (Biz Dev)
  • Paladin (Backend Dev)
  • Monk (Project Manager)
  • Necromancer (DevOps)
  • Scribe (Content Creator)
  • Tavern Keeper (Community)
  • Warrior (Frontend Dev)
  • Wizard (Smart Contracts)

There are no “roles” for MetaCartel members as it stands. We do inhabit multiple roles at once though but I think most people have one main thing they do (example: I’m always Tavern Keeper 1st, then a Hunter, then a Cleric) so that could be the same way it’s handled in our profiles.

Why is the Metagame Character Cthulhu?